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  2. Sealing Wooden Crank preferences

    I make some musky baits out of red cedar. I have never used etex to seal them. After reading up on it some I think I am ready to give a try. Do most folks cut it with denatured alcohol or is it ok to seal with straight etex. I realize that the cut etex would likely get deeper into the wood but just curious if people did it both ways.
  3. Tequila sunrise color

    Yeah there are many shades of red that weren't available when I poured. Lure Craft's strawberry worked for me, but cherry red sounds like a winner too!
  4. Balsa Flat Cranks

    Might be doing redwood ones after all of my testing is done.
  5. Doug Hannon style guides

    One local builder swears by them. He claims he can cast further with them too. I fished with him a couple times and I didn't see it, but I have been using spinning tackle my whole life. I might just be a better caster than he is. I'd be open to find out if he's right though. I did notice he didn't have his reels as full as I like mine.
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  7. Stupid and Easy

    Swimbait hooks. I needed some swimbait hooks (I put this here because its about lead) in a weight, size, and configuration I just couldn't find. I was going to make a mold to cast the weights I wanted on those hooks, but in testing the swimbait I didn't want to wait until I get to that, I used various crimp on weights, bullshots, split shots, and even took the rubber core out of rubber core weights. It worked for testing and I dialed in what I needed for weight. Yesterday I stopped at the local tackle store on my way back from picking up some bandsaw blades for my horizontal bandsaw and I decided to pick up some more misc weights when I found somebody already made the perfect weight. No its not a swimbait hook configured like I want. Its bulk packaged weights that are ideally sized and slotted to crimp onto hooks. Packaged by Bass Pro Shops. They were labeled at $3.99 for a package of a BUNCH. I grabbed 3 packages in two sizes. This way I can quickly and easily test different hooks in different styles and weights for any particular swimbait. I know a premolded hooks would be best once I have the right hook, but for some of the smaller baits I made I just couldn't find the right hook setup with the right weight. Either they were too big or they were the type where you have to push the weight thru the bait. That's ok for a giant swimbait, but it totally destroys a tiny swimbait. This weight designed to crimp onto a hook instead of onto much thinner line is just the ticket for testing. I haven't tested it yet, but I think a bowstring nock crimper might be just the right size. If not I am sure I have some other crimper that will do the trick.
  8. Proper Assembly For Pre- Cut Flat Sided Balsa Blanks

    The way I like to do flat sides, is a laminated blank. It’s very easy to get all the internals in place, and not particularly slow to construct
  9. Protech Curing

    Another thing is orientation. A tiny little drip bulge on the head is horrible, but a little sag down the shank of the hook is un-noticable. I clamp the hooks of my jigs between two pieces of aluminum square bar so that the are heads up and I only get bad looking jigs if the paint is to thick. Sadly I'm not that good so I often have the paint to thick. LOL. I hold the bars together while loading with heavy rubber bands, and then use tiny c-clamps to lock them firmly before putting them in the oven. Everybody is different, but I like to use a preheated oven for 20 minutes and then turn it off and crack the door slightly while it cools down. I get really hard paint that way.
  10. Chatterbait blades...bend or no??

    Its definitely a per blade (and even per jig choice) thing. I bought some bulk flipping jigs a while back on one of the FB groups that just kill with a flat blade, but other jigs I have tried died unless I bent the blade.
  11. Plastic from a 5 gal bucket

    I still get my plastic mostly from M-F although there are one or two blends I might get from Polysol now that I have tried it. I'm no muscle man, but I sometimes pickup the whole darn five gallon jug and shake it. Tires me out pretty quick, but turning it bottom side up is the best way to see that all the solids have been re-suspended. Then I set jug on the counter or if the counter is full on my seat that I never use anyway, and decant the plastic off into my cooking vessels with a plastic faucet type spigot I got from M-F. I used to set the jug on top of the microwave, but I have a toaster oven there now I use for powder coating. I got a couple spigots so I can leave one in each jug. Usually I use Pyrex, and when I use my stirring pots to make a whole summer size batch of something I use the larger Pyrex to transfer from the jug to the pot. That also give me good (good enough) measurement for expanding my color recipes to match the size of the batch.
  12. Minnow style blank

    How about making them? there is more than one flavor of kool-aid to drink in this hobby
  13. Plastic from a 5 gal bucket

    I use a Colman cooler drain on my 1 gallon container or you could use a boiler drain and to 1/2 conduit nuts to capture the boiler drain in the side of the plastic. I would think that should take the bulk of the plastic out of the bucket and by the time you get to the bottom of the bucket what’s left would be manageable i can lay my one gallon jug which is kind of square in its side and I can dispense from there. I can post pic later if interested
  14. DIY skirt making tool idea

    Why not just use brass or aluminum tubing from hobby store or a piece of new brake line from auto parts store? Copper could be used and the end tapered in some I would think as well.
  15. Tube tail cutter

    It’s the block, but. I made it heavy duty. Drilled into side of cutter block &. attached to shaft with set screws. Works. good. Theirs is high & flimsy in my book. That’s the reason I modeled mine after theirs, but a way more beefed up version. I’ve cut a bunch on it & replaced the blades once.

    Barry, I just tried some Loctite super glue and it seems to do a decent job.
  17. Tube tail cutter

    That's the lure craft unit right?
  18. Tube tail cutter

    Joel heres mine made ftom scrap.
  19. Tube tail cutter


    I have been using super glue gel with good results on ABT Glide Bait fins and tails.
  21. Chatterbait blades...bend or no??

    Thanks guys. Ill keep bending as i have been. Thanks for the info, i appreciate it
  22. Plastic from a 5 gal bucket

    Baitjunkies sells their plastic in 1 gallon jugs and I believe it's cheaper than some of the companies that sells t in the 5 gallon jugs. I want to say it like $24.99 per gallon.
  23. Tequila sunrise color

    For the back you need Black. For the belly you need a Hi-Lite Blue powder and a transparent red dye like LureWorks Cherry Red 120. Viola, Tequila Sunrise.

    I can understand that method as I have mine designed to be pinned or glued. I would prefer the glue if I can find something that will bond well to the soft plastisol rubber and the resin.....Thanks for your reply.
  25. floating head.JPG

    topwater floating head for use with plastic worms, twin tails, etc plan to modify to use with diving or jitterbug bill

    © kak

  26. whirligig mouse.JPG

    topwater whirligig mouse

    © kak

  27. Foiled popper diver.JPG

    foiled pvc popper diver, swims on retrieve

    © kak

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