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  2. Separating fiberglass molds

    J, I did that with the first gal of resin lol Each one is coming out better and better but sure did stink breaking the top half each time i went seperate the halfs UMR should be here in a couple days Thanks
  3. Best crappie mold with tail mold

    What do you all think is the top crappie mold , that has a tail mold? I'm pretty new, like 2 weeks into learning how to make baits, chose a few molds that are 4 and 6 cavity with tails that are thin and hard to put back in the mold.
  4. Separating fiberglass molds

    If you don't wanna waste money/time/etc... get a different hobby!!! LOL!!! Innovation cost money.... no matter if your the most frugal of people - just be prepared to have things go wrong and always buy a little more material/supplies than you THINK you'll need.... you'll need it!! LOL!! Good luck! J.
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  6. Bullet Weight Mold

    I think Hilts molds are still in business . That's where mine came from.
  7. Airbrush, Compressor, and Blank Questions

    Take a look at the Neo airbrush. Comes with a compressor. And, you get 40% off
  8. Painting dots

    The smooth end of drill bits work very good, as MJS said. A set of them, and you have about any size dots you need. You still can use them for drilling afterwards.
  9. betcha its not the epoxy lol.. crooked lip?.
  10. Airbrush, Compressor, and Blank Questions

    Of the three, I suggest the gravity feed Neo CN Gravity-Feed Dual Action Airbrush. I use a Talon and love it. I have a bottom suction feed and do not care for it unless I am doing lots of one color painting. That is the one I use. I have a second one for big jobs where I need to keep the pressure up all the time, but, almost never plug it in. I use the big one more to fill my vehicle tires. LOL Great question, but in the end, it depends on you. For example, I have tons of lures that have terrible paint jobs, some that are just worn, some that I touched up 30 years ago, some that were just not that good to begin with, but they all catch fish. Personally, I would rather have a bad paint job in my tackle box that works then a pretty lure that won't work. I can practice on something else, but if I am ready for lures, I plan on using them, or giving them away to someone that will. Again, another one that depends on you. I have never used any ventilation for water based paints, but legally, I won't take the risk of telling you that you don't need one. In this world, I can sue you because I don't like the color of your eyes, and if I get the right judge and jury, I will win. Sure, it is not likely to happen, but why risk it. Get the safety data sheets for the products and determine yourself. In most cases, they say non-toxic, then even they have 5 pages of disclaimers to keep the lawyers away. To play records, also called vinyl. LOL I have been doing lures in one capacity or another for 40+ years and that is one I did not even know of. One last thing Jake, welcome to the site. We need new people, new blood, new ideas. To see our past discussions, and maybe to check out bait suppliers, hover your mouse over ACTIVITY at the top right of this screen. On the drop down menu, go to search at the bottom and click on it. Once you have it up, enters the keywords and hang on.....years of great info.
  11. Help: Heating silicone molds for large laminates

    Hey just wondering - how do you get around the straight lines on open pour baits? I was thinking of adding an insert with the desired curve to the mold to set the bottom... Thanks and good luck!
  12. TR Fish Custom Lure

    Thanks a million, Daniel... sure appreciate it! Feel free to get in touch anytime... I've been making lures for 38 years and can't keep up with demand, as I make everything with my own two 50 year old hands, which look like 80 yr old hands... :-) but I love it! Thanks again, buddy!
  13. How to get crankbait to swim correctly using brush on epoxy

    X2 With Bob , AS well , I never have clear coated a lip.
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  15. Yellow Belly Craw

    Wow .... nice work ..... would hate to lose that lure in a brush pile. I bet there is a bit of time spent painting that lure.
  16. I've been browsing the forums and trying to find more recent content. I am brand new to airbrushing and would like to start painting my own crankbaits. I am working with a somewhat limited budget and would like your advice on the below items. I'd also like to mention I will be working indoors in an extra empty bedroom so will be using water based colors. I was originally going to buy a kit from amazon for 70 bucks, but from what I'm reading it's not advised to start with the cheapest. I don't want to start myself off behind the 8 ball, so to speak. I apologize in advance for the long post, but would appreciate any input. 1) For the airbrush I've been reading good things regarding Iwata. I found the 40% off from Hobby lobby and have been eyeing the following guns: I've also found the following on Amazon: 2) For compressor, I'm thinking about the following: 3) Crankbait Blanks - I've been considering Shelt blanks from Amazon, but have also heard good things about dinger baits. Are these decent for painting and fishing? For a beginner, which I'm guessing needs lots of practice, would you advise going with a cheap blank for practice purposes instead? 4) Is it important to setup a ventilation system for water based paints? I didn't think they were harmful, but wanted to double check from experts. 5) This is probably considered a stupid question, but I'm asking anyways..... What exactly is the point of the lure turner/drying rack? Is it to get an even dry after coating? Thank you in advance for any help, it's greatly appreciated. - Jake
  17. Envirotex lite 30 min epoxy mixing

    The only way to remove cured epoxy is to scrape/pry it off or sand it off. Either method will leave the lip scratched or cloudy from sanding. You can fix that by dipping the lip in urethane finish, preferably MCU, afterwards, unless it is a polycarbonate (aka Lebanon) lip to which clearcoats don’t adhere very well.
  18. While it’s true that any little thing can change the swim performance of a crankbait, I would look at the things that have more basic effect before suspecting a thin coat of epoxy. Lip length, shape, position of the line tie, overall balance, ballast amount and position, and symmetry of the body and lip are major factors. That said, I never put epoxy on a lip because it has bad esthetic and performance effects. If you repainted a known good crankbait and now it won’t perform, maybe. If it’s an Asian knockoff bait or a custom bait you made, the problem probably lies elsewhere.
  19. Boy Howdy lure bodies

    Thanks, Anglinarcher. I did find one similar to the Boy Howdy at Shelt Fishing Tackle. It is Listed as 'Shelt's new quality tractors with 2 props.' The only thing is that the length of the body is given as 90mm (or about 3.5 inches). A Boy Howdy or a similar Rapala X-Rap Prop is 4.5 to 5 inches long. I've emailed Shelt's to see if it is an error or if they are planning to do a larger bait. A 3.5 inch prop bait seems kind of wimpy to me.
  20. Do it hyper hi light

    wow, thanks for all that info, im looking forward to using them.......
  21. Plastisol Recipe

    A gallon for 50.00? You can buy in bulk for under 10.00.... Or from any reseller for 50.00 shipped, Well most...
  22. How do I get my crankbaits to swim better? I have had trouble with my crankbaits not swimming correctly. I believe it is due to epoxy build up on the bill or maybe even on the bait. I use envirotex lite 30 min epoxy and I try to coat everything as even as possible. I do coat the bill but wonder if I should not do that?
  23. 41C0F84F-796E-4E5A-B035-DF4E56C2A55F.jpeg

    Beautiful work on all your new ones. I like this one a lot! Well done.
  24. Do it hyper hi light

    If you've never used hi-lites, they will change your life! Use them in small amounts (match head in 4 ounces of plastic.) I've never used Do-It brand, but I'm assuming they're all pretty close. They can be used in pretty much any color, but they are very effective in lighter colors. I used a ton of Lure Craft's minnow silver and added hi-lites to it most of the time. Light smoke is another one that hi-lites accent very well. Say if you're doing a laminate: pearl white belly and the top would be minnow silver with a touch of blue hi-lite. Voila.......Blue Ghost. Best thing to do is mess around with hi-lites and see what works for you. You can come up with some pretty amazing color combos!
  25. Painting dots

    Same here. Have 7 different sizes I use, but do cut off the end of a toothpick for the really small ones.
  26. Injection Molds

    No, sorry. They are all or nothing, as stated.
  27. 3D Printed Baits

    Here is sheet 1 of a PDF of a simple lure. It shows the float angle calculated in CAD. In reality, it was spot on. The other 3 sheets is the rest of the design. bawal lure 13_Sheet_1.pdfbawal lure 13_Sheet_2.pdfbawal lure 13_Sheet_3.pdfbawal lure 13_Sheet_4.pdf If the PDF does not work for you, message me your email, and I will send. This goes for anyone interested. Dave
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