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  2. I also do foil jigs. My method seems a bit simpler. I use a holographic foil designed for a Kingsley foil machine for greeting cards and such. For my adhesive I use a foil bonder designed for foiling on t-shirts etc. I did a write up on it awhile back. It is an extremely thin foil that bonds well but also requires a top coat. I use D2t before but now am using Alumi UV from Alumilite.
  3. Enforcer Molds 4 Cavity Frog Mold

    Enforcer Molds 4.5 inch 4 cavity frog mold new 129 Ill take 90.00 free shipping paypal friends and family contact
  4. Lure turners

    I was wondering if a guy could buy a lure turner to dry epoxy on hard baits or if he had to make one?
  5. BTS frog molds

    Bts frog molds,dont think these are made anymore single cavity 35.00 and 2 cavity 45.00 free shipping contact paypal friends and family
  6. Tackle Show Opinions

    Bring a hot chick to hang out at your table don’t hurt either lol
  7. Best wood for neutral buoyancy

    When I make suspending/slowsink/sinking wood glide jerkbaits I mainly use beechwood but I also like to use Siberian larch. I have also tried oak, linden tree (swedish basswood), maple, pine, american ash wood, and fir wood. But the first two I meantioned is perfect for glidebaits and super easy to work with if you compare to woods like oak and maple. If you have a saw machine like bandsaw and a router to round the edges you will be very very happy with beechwood. Siberian larch is easier to shape than beechwood but needs a bit more lead weight but nowhere near as much as you need with basswood. Hope this helped a bit!? /Pickadollbaits
  8. Hi guys I am trying to get a watermelon seed recipe for some worms. I am after the bass pro shops version of this color. Anyone have a recipe for me? I see some recipes start with school bus yellow but I’m not sure if we are talking about the same watermelon seed color or not?
  9. Best wood for neutral buoyancy

    I am far from an expert on gliders. I do know neutral buoyant lures can be very fickle. I have not relished the fact of making anymore. its truly truly a labor of love.. I will stick with cranks for toothy fish. but I'm sure someone here has been there done that. a lotta mad scientist here lol.
  10. Aluminum injection mold laminates?

    You might get interesting results with a dual injector, but I suspect it will mix the colors, perhaps some swirll. I have never used the duals on a multi-cavity mold, so perhaps someone else can chime in on that.
  11. Tackle Show Opinions

    Imagine if Al Lindner worked a tackle show. He would probably sell out by noon Being friendly and enthusiastic is everything
  12. Aluminum injection mold laminates?

    Ok thats kind of what I was think what aulrich said. I didnt realize the pictures didnt match the mold, thats kind of funny that I was fooled. I think what I can do is just shoot a color, take the baits out and cut them in half, put them back in the mold and then shoot the top color. Interesting, thanks guys. Would a dual injector type setup shoot both colors? I havent really used a dual injector so I am not really sure how that works but i will read up on it.
  13. spinnerbait blades

    Good information smalljaw! Thank you...Yes the blades i bought where all the same size. I don't have calipers but looking at other spinnerbaits i have they are thinner. They are just not a smooth willow shape.. Will Worth sell smaller quantities than listed on their website? What i have read they are the best but i don't need so many as of yet!!
  14. bears scuppernong

    thats what i was looking for thanks
  15. Copic Airbrush hose for canned air

    I have a Copic airbrush hose that is used with their 80/180 canned air for sale. I got a set as a present and I use a compressor with it so I don't have any need for the hose, it is brand new and in its original package. These sell for approx. $30 and I'm asking $14.00 TYD.
  16. Tackle Show Opinions

    I have sold a number of different things at shows and there is one huge factor in what you end up selling it’s salesmanship You can’t just sit there and let your product be your only selling point. If you have the gift to excite people when you talk it can double your sales. If you have a reputation as a good fisherman that’s huge. You also need to catch there eye and draw them in. Having a voice that is heard by others walking by as you promote to a customer in front of you plus If you just sit there don’t expect amazing results.
  17. spinnerbait blades

    If you order from Worth and don't have a business or Tax ID you'll need to add 10% to whatever the total is for FET tax. That said, and I'm not sure if I'm getting this right, but you are saying that some of the blades are different than other or are they all the same just with a slight depression toward the edge? Also, spinnerblades are thin and the ones you got are brass blades, do you have a caliper to measure the thickness? I use only Worth blades, I believe LPO blades are made by Lakeland and that is a big deal because Worth and Lakeland are different in their sizes. That fact is important to know with making a good spinnerbait, if you simply shop around for the cheapest blades you'll end up with blades listed as the same size but will actually be a 1/2 to 1 size smaller or larger than the previous blades you purchased, remember, there is no real industry standard so there is variance from 1 manufacturer to the next. My blades are roughly 0.02" thick give or take but I use only Worth blades for 99% of the spinnerbaits I make so it is important to know the brand and all it takes is a phone call, most of the supply stores will be happy to help and will tell you what kind or who makes their blades.
  18. Anyone know if BTS is taking orders?

    I have an order from the 7th that's just simple plastic dye to test the waters. Money has been pulled and everything, but nothing yet... Fingers are still crossed though.
  19. What to use on last step of painting hard baits

    I am currently using both Etex and KBS Diamond. I thought the KBS would replace the Etex. If so, I wouldn't need a turner and I would be able to do more. Kinda didn't work out exactly like that. I have found that some bait's body style prefers Etex over KBS. For me jointed baits need the epoxy brushed on to keep out of joints. When using KBS, Wiggle warts (even with a drip wire) tend to leave a small build up on the tail, making it difficult for me to not screw it up trying to clean up any excess. Any other styles I've dipped without issues and the KBS works great. My opinion is Etex and KBS both harden about the same as I have not been able to see any difference in wear running 1.5s through the rocks testing both. Again this is just my opinion but the time to it takes to harden to the point I would fish it I give Etex 3 days and KBS 6. KBS stinks. It will stink up my entire work shop. Hope this help a little with your decision. I've only worked with these 2 products so I can not give an opinion on any other.
  20. Tackle Show Opinions

    One other thing the fishermen will tell us what they like and don't like so we can go in a direction that they give us, color mainly. Good Luck to you and your Son Wayne
  21. spinnerbait blades

    They will sell any amount with no extra charge. Divide the per 1000 price then multiply that by the number of blades you want.
  22. Tackle Show Opinions

    Doesn't really matter what I sell, if I sell, or how much. Gives me something to occupy my time and according to my son help make his brand as he wants to be on the FLW or BASS circuit on day. I was most concerned if I had enough stock because I didn't want to do this and not have enough product displayed to make us look legit so to speak. After talking to Rod on the phone (thanks), I know I over did it. Which is normal for me to overdo things. So I feel better now. LOL
  23. do it 3 and 4 inch croaker frog molds

    Just messaged you.
  24. Anyone know if BTS is taking orders?

    Last Friday I decided to take the plunge and order one of those molds to see if he was still in business. They’re only pay option was PayPal and I don’t have an account. I sent an email requesting other payment options and they still have not responded. I am thinking instead of trying the basstackle 736 crawl. It looks similar to the Bob’s tackle. 702.
  25. Aluminum injection mold laminates?

    I build laminate plates for my molds. I build them from aluminum flashing that at buy at Lowe's. I shoot a color (either belly or back) take the mold apart pull the plate, pull the color I don't want, put the mold back together and shoot the other color.
  26. Tackle Show Opinions

    I am going to a musky show with only 100 lures and don't expect to sell them all. We just want to get our name out and decide if we want to go retail which is putting out the lures into a store and hope they pay on time. Plus we will and are going to go online. I'm old but my grandson is young and full of energy, plus more money he works and I am on retirement. Wayne
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