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  2. 2 piece rod

    I received a 6'9" 2 piece veratas casting rod as a gift. Is it as strong as a 1 piece? This is the first 2 piece rod I own so not sure about the strengh, sensitivity, and so on. I bass fish so no real abuse.
  3. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    Thanks guys. Mark, would you mind sharing the length and size of the screw eyes that you are using? My target species would be 30 / 40 lb Stripers and Muskies. The one I did today I used twisted wire. Rich
  4. TwistechMagnum and R-bends

    Try contacting whoever you bought it from, and asking for their help. If they can't help you, they should have a contact for someone who can.
  5. Injection Molds

    I would be interested in the dual injector if you decide to split it up.
  6. TwistechMagnum and R-bends

    I just got my Twistech Magnum wire former and have been trying to perfect the R-bend part of a buzzbait wire using .051 wire and I'm not pleased with the tightness of the line tie bend so far. Also, it seems that the wire form won't lay flat on a table like a retail form will once I get it the bend somewhat satisfactory. It is twisting the wire form when I get a bend that looks even somewhat decent. Any videos on making the R-bend with the Twistech? Suggestions?
  7. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    I use .032 stainless lock wire just twisted,( about 1/2 " or so long finished shaft) then drill 1/16" hole and shoot etex in hole with syringe and push in.
  8. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a bandit 100 series blank bait to paint? Or something that is similar?
  9. WO4.JPG

    You have made "different" into a very workable lure. Paint scheme. Tail hook. 3 different line/depth ties. Might I add, a red hook would have been a better choice....for me. Not being critical. Well done!
  10. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    The Azek trimboard I usually use is strong enough to hold screw eyes, provided I drill a small pilot hole, and, after I've run the screw in and back out again, coat the threads with gap filling super glue before I run them back in again.
  11. How much floater to add to frogs?

    About 4 tablespoons per cup of raw plastic
  12. How much floater to add to frogs?

    What do you Guys think about micro glass balloons as floating additive? I bought a can of them a lot of time ago, when I poured cranks in epoxy resin, but I have never tried them in plastisol. If I am not wrong, in past I read something here in TU about their use, but I really don't know the correct amount. I'm just just planning, as Bowldsie, to pour some floating Frogs for next Spring and any help could be really appreciated. PS: I already know that micro glass balloons are terrible for our respiratory system, so mask is a must. Bye Cami
  13. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    Guys I really appreciate the feedback! Looks like I have another build to do!
  14. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    Solid set up there^ I have something very similar I use an attic vent (all metal) built a box over it in my attic that vents directly outside connected 12 duct to that and have a boxed in hood vent . I use it for lead/plastics. Very similar
  15. Injection Molds

    Bass Tackle Molds: 1- 722 Craw 3- 718 Craw 2- 3” skirt 2- 687 swimbait 1- twinjector w/blending block BTS Molds: 1- 4.5” bluegill 1- 4.5” jointed jerk Do-It Molds: 2- 5” double tail grubs 1- 5” senko 2- 4.5” beaver 1- swimbait (brand unsure. 4” It’s the white one.) 1- single injector Selling all due to lack of time. Selling as a group. Priced at about half price of new ones for quick sale. $600 shipped, firm. 530-551-5631
  16. Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    As mentioned, I ladle pour this mold making sure I keep the mold, ladle and soft lead hot for good flow. By the way, this mold makes a great chatter bait using the wire coming off the head to attach to the blade.
  17. Do-It Molds WEY375 Wire forms

    Given the price difference I thought it was worth the trouble. Plus if you ever hang the blade on something you will more than likely get loose without loosing the blade.
  18. How much floater to add to frogs?

    Joelhains how much do you add per cup? That was my plan, to just pour the belly
  19. WO5.JPG

  20. Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    You can also try increasing the flow on the pot. I heat mu hook and wire by laying them in the mold and waving a micro torch over them for a few seconds, close the mold and pour.
  21. How much floater to add to frogs?

    I shoot the caney creek croaker mold and have found I can pour plastic with a floating additive in just the belly of the frog and it will be buoyant enough to float a 4/0 hook
  22. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    Killntime.. so, I presume you do NOT use threaded eyehooks? I thought I'd buy some, but if twisted ties are the best, I'll try that. thanks
  23. WO1.JPG

  24. WO3.JPG

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