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  2. Tutorial: Crafting Basic Trolling Spinners

    Almost like the spinner rigs we used for Steelhead. Only I used an egg loop knot so we could sweeten the lure with a bit of shrimp.
  3. something brighter than alu tape?

    i know an uncle that was using green buffing paste,and the pice of alu was like chrome.maybe it could be good for tape?
  4. JItterbug Frog.JPG

    Thanks for the compliment. The paint job/coloring is a flexible/stretchable photo transfer, which needs alot of work. This is the only lure I got it to work on so far. I was also trying to work with rear crazy crawler blades (to look like legs), but didn't get that concept to work yet. I am hoping to use the design and make flexible silicone legs as well.
  5. Newbie questions

    Actually, not that hard. Once you have a little experience get back with with us and we can help you with that one.
  6. something brighter than alu tape?

    guess what i have the heating machine but it's useless ? tks
  7. something brighter than alu tape?

    I have two different types coming in the mail now. Hope I can get it to transfer better then my deco tape. LOL
  8. something brighter than alu tape?

    Famous last words. LOL Sure wish I could learn to do it correctly. I will need to research the Aluminum polish.
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  10. How to get speckles on crank baits

    Google up "stippling effect with an airbrush" lots of info out there!
  11. something brighter than alu tape?

    Man, I’ve tried various glue-on foils including Mylar, gold leaf, etc and it ‘s just too finnacky for me to get it the way I want it. Which of the various spray adhesives to use? How smooth does the substrate surface have to be? When to apply the foil? How best to burnish it down? I defaulted to adhesive foil and think it has the right level of shine to mimic a real fish. I like Venture Tape because it has more shine than average hvac tape, is thinner, and has good adhesive.
  12. Sealing a chugger

    If you just need the holes to be waterproof a swab coated with epoxy will work. If the holes will contain hardware that needs to be fixed in place, I’d fill the holes with epoxy paste like Rod Bond which is both waterproof and very durable.
  13. Sealing a chugger

    I've recently made a chugger/needlefish style lathe lure as well as a few casting eggs. I know lots of guys on the east coast use thinned spar urethane and boiled linseed oil to seal deep into the through holes on these style baits, but as these are just one offs I'm not really looking to go buy a bunch of linseed oil or urethane as it would just expire after this project. My question is, how should I go about sealing in this case? I was thinking I could just use epoxy. The problem is these holes drilled all the way though might be hard to get at. Thoughts? Maybe a long piece of wire or tubing the diameter of the hole?
  14. Flicker Shad

    Dont know but I have a bunch I could sell
  15. something brighter than alu tape?

    How does top coat stick to the very polished surface. I am being convinced reconsider tape.
  16. IMG_20180221_211609707.jpg

    A few crankbaits I've been working on. I still need to work on lowering the air pressure before spraying the kill spot and gills.
  17. IMG_20180221_204536829.jpg

  18. IMG_20180221_204552661.jpg

  19. IMG_20180221_204613470.jpg

    I finished a spinnerbait mold last night. It is 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2oz cavities.
  20. something brighter than alu tape?

    heat transfer foil! Its used on Tshirts and such. Harder to use than alum tape but when done right end product is much better and tons of color options. I havce tried with just warming the lure but results were not good. now just spray some adhesive on the bait let tack apply the foil and use like an eraser or something to rub it down REALLY REALLY well.
  21. Stupid and Easy

    sometimes a picture will explain in detail.
  22. Flicker Shad

    looking at buying a bunch of flicker shad blanks and wondering what size eye a #5 takes
  23. JItterbug Frog.JPG

    There is no doubt that puppy will catch some fish...... That certainly is an original design. Well done.
  24. Newbie questions

    Sound advice thanks !!
  25. Newbie questions

    Hey thanks everyone for the input I'm ordering everything to get started next week so in a month or so should be all setup to get started and hopefully have some cool things by the time the ice is melted and get the boat in the water. Les rod building is my next adventure too. Not that I don't have enough rods already lol 20 gal of plastics is allot of baits , I fugure once I get dialed in I should break even on plastic cost in the long run. Now if I could just figure out how to make the Stanley frog double hooks I would be a happy camper. !! Thanks again for all the input!!
  26. Stupid and Easy

    Do you have a link from their website so I can take a look?
  27. How do you paint this pattern

    Google: Metallic Random Mesh Rolls Metallic Silver One of the links:
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