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  2. Defective Blanks

    No doubt ron, if someone did this to me I would be more than angry believe me.....
  3. Defective Blanks

    I can agree with both sides of the discussion. I won't name the company because this could be an isolated instance and I don't know what this issue is. As I would not want someone to post something negative on me that anyone can see. Also I am not asking for money back (as I told the seller), either I threw the noticeably defective baits out in disgust or they were painted before I realized the issue. Again the seller knows this. What kills me is the not replying to pictures sent and the word liar. I suppose I know to buy a sample next time.
  4. Defective Blanks

    I get it 21xdc, just not sure this is the right place for it ....
  5. Defective Blanks

    Genuine? LOL.... My money is GENUINE and if the problem is not solved..... Arms get twisted. On a forum or anywhere else I feel needed.... Sellers might consider this before they brush a customer off, While they keep my money.
  6. Defective Blanks

    Personally I'm not keen on the idea of guy's naming and complaining about specific companies on here, absolutely not doubting problems you had ron , but too easy for guy's with a personal chip on shoulder with some problem with a small company to ruin someone's reputation on Internet forums with no good reason whatsoever. Again, I'm absolutely not suggesting this is the case here ,and fact you never mentioned the companies name suggests to me you are being completely genuine , in my opinion you are correct not to name.....glider
  7. Basecoat rattle cans??

    I normally paint 5-10 baits at a time. I use rattle can Rustoleum 2X Primer in white for a base coat. I have had no issues. It seems to work well and is cheap. I mostly use D2T for my top coat. I sometimes use Rustoleum 2X clear. Last winter, I ran out of primer and did not want to run out to buy more. I used the 96 cent generic Walmart spray paint in flat white for a base coat. Those baits also turned out well and the paint jobs have held up so far. I like that this paint goes on very thin. The generic glossy paint does not work well as a primer. I primed a few baits with this and got paint interactions. It took me a minute to figure out the problem. I had one can of flat and one can of glossy. The cans were identical except for the small bar code sticky where it says gloss white or flat white.
  8. Fluid Bed??

    I made two the other day for probably ~$12. I already had the pump. A 3" ABS or PVC flat endcap, aquarium valve, aquarium tubing, knockout test cap, 3.5" piece of 3" ABS or PVC, and a Tyvek envelope from post office thats all you need. Easy build in 15 minutes or less.
  9. Yesterday

    In the end the only way to know you have made a great bait is let the fish be the judge Like stated above I too have created lures that look amazing action wise and paint wise to myself but the fish think otherwise

    OK, Old Man Winter is not so far away here in the mid-west. Ice will soon close down my field testing facility (AKA local boat ramp). I can't in good conscience sell a lure that doesn't run correctly. Mainly I'm talking diving baits here. How does the rest of the cold weather guys handle this problem? You warm weather types don't reply.

    Very, very well said Travis. Thanks for sharing.

    I think this idea is nothing more than wishing for some. I have no evidence of it occurring that I can think of since I joined in 2004. There are claims at times someone stole this or that but I think that is sort of living in a vacuum and not realizing how much is really being done by guys. Often one might find out what is "new" today wasn't new to some guy 15 or 20 years ago. I have come across it a few times over the years. I think we have to be very clear on innovation. Some guy in his garage whittling out some strange bait isn't necessarily innovation. Too many guys that make lures think that odd and different makes them cutting edge (soft plastic guys about the worst). The true test is the bait in hands of many, fishing different locations, conditions, etc... These baits are the ones that historically have driven the industry. For the small builder they grow a local following and spread out and are sought after. Any one familiar with bass fishing can see that individual lure makers, painters, customizers, etc.. have heavily influenced (heck lets be clear essentially created) much of what we see. Deep diving cranks...shallow cranks...flat sided.... they all have had significant gains from small guys. Hard to find any "history of crank baits" and not see small time guys named mentioned and several have had huge influence on crank design/build and many of the "big" companies weren't exactly big when they started and very much small guys pushing a dream. Big companies just have the resources and abilities to quickly take things mainstream to the public where the guys tucked away in TN, NC, and several other little hot beds made baits as quick as they could and had trouble meeting demand from those in the now. Most hobby builders have little chance of creating something innovative as simply they don't fish enough or understand what they are doing. No harm in that and they may luck out and stumble on something but simply they don't have the time on the water and ability to know what/how the changes they make are influencing the end product. A lot of self claimed experts that fizzle out quickly if we start to compare to others. Innovation is alive and well. Many guys on the site simply don't/can't share what they are doing . Sure we all can learn from each other but honestly (real world not PC) one reaches a point that the average guy isn't much use in regards to forwarding the process of learning. The most and best learning occurs from guys that are similarly skilled and driven. For several there is little to gain (lure making wise) from others they just simply share to help pass along information and I have enjoyed what they share. As far as cranks I like to build them because I enjoy it. I do think that fit/finish is just as important for me as I see it a reflection of my ability. If I spend the time to learn and build a crank I find it unacceptable to slap some half attempt at paint/finish. Some of the first cranks I made were some of the crappiest paint jobs I have ever seen, they caught fish, but I knew I was capable of doing better. If not I would have moved on to something else.
  14. unpainted fishing lure bodies

    Is this an ad?
  15. Defective Blanks

    I would do a Paypal claim if that is how you paid
  16. Artresin update

    Just wondered how the guys who tried artresin found it perfomed over time ? How do you rate it against E-tex in terms of durability ?

    Just curious Mark, can you name any lures that have been stolen off of this site and what is your source that these big companies have trolls.
  18. Defective Blanks

    There are some great bait body venders on TU. Look at it this way if you have a bad taste in your mouth and feel you have done everything you could I would post a pic or two here and say the name. I have seen a few sellers who get very appreciative of you once the word is out and it carries through our community, including Facebook.

    This is something that I have thought about from the beginning, about 10-12 years old. Either the TU members that have been here or the ones that have read a post that I have made, knows that I paint to mimic a forage bait 90% of the time. I mainly design my own shapes. However we are limited to a top water, stick or swim as far as hardbaits. I believe that action (includes depth) is the primary strike factor (this includes swim baits), paint scheme is the second (this includes eyes). I have several distinctive designs. One of these I am going to design it a little smaller. This one is productive and unusual. I understand what you are saying, but to me if one catches fish I don't care if it is a work of art. My grand won first place in the National Art Competition (local), 12 and under with a bait that was shaped by her hands and painted by a 8 year old. Her and I have caught fish with it before the competition. I had to put an clear coat on it. The bait is an unique design that she helped me with. On the other hand I have made a multi jointed newt baits that looks great in the water but catches only the air. Sooo...I only concentrate on the dozen shapes that produce. My thinking is, "heck how many can I work with anyways"? Its still something I just like doing. Dale
  20. Do-it style 9 shad 1/2 and 3/4 modifying

    The 6/0 7/0 and 8/0 is easy to bend. I cut the end finger off glove. Stick the bend and point in the glove. Put cutters on the eye and bend forward. The bottom part of the cutter goes on the shank and the top goes against the eye.
  21. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    Sorry for not answering Mark quickly, been fishing. Your right, just to get the run off at first. The dripping I allow to happen on the stand. Mark I was asking if you have seen Rustoleum Crystal or 2X Clears. I've been looking but I haven't seen any. I believe you and I are the only ones using these, but if anyone else knows any knowledge would be appreciated.

    Myself I am OCD about creating an action over pretty so guess I am an inavator lol I work long hrs stuck in trucks or equipment so my mind is non stop thinking about how to create new lures Probably have about 20 designs in my head I need to build and tinker with
  23. unpainted fishing lure bodies

    google luckycastlures/

    I think that many lure innovators here are hesitant to post their own ideas, because there are big lure companies have trolls who are constantly monitoring sites like this for new ideas they can steal.

    Great subject, I started with a 1/2" dowel put a hook on it and on the very first catch I caught a Smallmouth bass that was the start of a box full of lures that did not work, experimenting is every lure that we make more so out of wood. The plastic KOs are good some not so good, but the work is in the wooden ones, small or big like musky lures or a small popper. I really think the experimenting is in the color and I think we have painted every color that is made just different styles. Yes the lure is pretty much the same from one lure to another over the years and they are just there to mimic another fish. So where do we go now? Wayne

    I do sell my lures. The profit thing maybe not so much. Most of my "Pro Staff" is made up of 10 year old kids who come up to my table at sport shows and talk fishing. They get a lot of free lures to be field testers for me. The others are sold for $5 ( one ABE = 1 lure) But on to my point. There is nothing wrong with art but what if the thought process was out there to create something unique and innovative. Not just a shot term money making gimmick, but something with legs. Beings we are making lures from scratch anything is possible. This post was not made to make light of any ones vision of this hobby. It was made to create a thought.
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