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  2. Solvent

    MEK should do it. I know acetone or butyl acetate doesn't break it down very well.
  3. Open pour molds.

    PM Sent
  4. Who's making a good injector now?

    You can also make a spacer to block off a few cavities & just shoot a couple of worms at a time.
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  6. Avid bass tackle

    Forrest owner of Avid has provided great products but I have tried every way to contact him including his personal phone for over 3 weeks now and nothing I know he was in a bad car accident recently and I hope he's ok if anyone has talked with him please let me no is was my best supplier but now I guess I have to find someone else plus my two best BAITS I get from him are and have been out of stock
  7. Avid bass tackle

    They have been great to me......... I still order from them, Even though I had a problem in the past.
  8. Bluegills on display

    I haven’t messed with painting baits for too long, being in Alaska, bass baits go unused. These are going to be used in Texas and Missouri..
  9. 3d printed lures

    Fusion 360 to design the lure, and makerbot replicator 2x... dont know the cost, I only designed it as a prototype in order to make a mold from.
  10. 3d crankbait

    Any chance you had an opportunity to print it out?
  11. Who's making a good injector now?

    You will never get the whole amount out of an injector. At the end you will get plastic that has started to cool to much. Your best bet is see if Basstackle will sell you two of there 10oz one with a Twinjector set up. It will be big but will work well and give you plenty of Plastic. Not sure what you use to heat Plastic but it will work in a presto just fine. Both of the injectors with the same color.
  12. Solvent

    What are you trying to do with it? Could be a few of them that might work for you
  13. Avid bass tackle

    Ha s anyone recently done business with Avid? First reviews were not good. I am wondering whether things have gotten better.
  14. Solvent

    What is an effective solvent for breaking down soft plastic ? Neither alcohol or mineral spirits paint thinner does the job. MEK, Tolulene, Naptha?
  15. Who's making a good injector now?

    Could you use a twin injector with the same plastic in both sides? That would give you 12 oz. of plastic.
  16. Best Keitech swimbait mold

    Okay, but not as good as the ES Ripper.
  17. 5 inch bug molds rat frog mold

    5 inch bug molds 0ne 4 cavity mold 20.00 2 2 cavity molds 10 each basstackle 305 rat frog mold 3.5 inch new 59 sell for 40.00 for more info
  18. 6 inch Fat Senko Mold lizard mold grub mold

    6 inch fat senko mold 50.00 4.5 inch lizzy lizard mold 30.00 I have 2 and then a small grub mold 3 inch open pour mold for 15.00 paypal friends and family contact for more info
  19. Making A Jerkbait Part 1 & 2

    G'day guys, I finally finished up a little jerkbait project I've been working on for quite some time. Here are part 1 and 2. Since the lure will be sent overseas to Australia to be tested on Barramundi, part three will be filmed by a good friend of mine to record the results with this lure. Let me know what you think!
  20. Best Keitech swimbait mold

    How are the open pour ones from lure parts online?
  21. Who's making a good injector now?

    I just unpacked my mold. taped the spru and filled half with water but the tails were mostly empty and i was ia 5oz of water. So a solid 10 oz might work but more than likely me a little short. Ill call bass tackle tommorrow and see if they will make one a little bigger 11-12oz
  22. Tackle Show Opinions

    I know of at least one site that tried that. It folded because there weren't enough builders who wanted to sell online, and not enough web traffic to the site to sell what was there. They eventually gave the site away, and it was renamed, but it didn't do any better. I think word of mouth doesn't work on the internet, unless it's on a social media website. We all love what we do, and we come here to learn and to share with other like-minded people, but I don't think the majority of members here are interested in pursuing bait building as a paying venture.
  23. Who's making a good injector now?

    I'm looking at making an all teflon injector in a few months, I just need to shoot some worms now for a trip to Florida
  24. Who's making a good injector now?

    I love my 6 oz. basstackle, but i'm gonna buy a 9 oz. too.
  25. Who's making a good injector now?

    Oh yeah. 6 oz. will probably do it.
  26. Anyone know what happened to bearsbaits?

    First the floods and now this....they got kicked while they were down never had a negative experience from them. I had to find another company forplastic. But that's hardly important I guess, I have them all in my thoughts and wish them only good. Cancer sucks.
  27. BTS 3" Soft Stick Molds

    Yes, still have them all.
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