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  2. Mixing pearls with Intercoat

    I saw a you tube video on mixing epoxy with pearl powder. They say to mix the powder vigorously into just a small portion of epoxy first. That gets rid of any clumps. Then add the rest of the epoxy and mix. You probably already knew that. But I am sure someone out there does not.
  3. oil compressor ?

    An air tank is a great idea. It should provide a nice steady flow of air. It will keep the noise at bay. I work out of a small office in my home. No space for a tank, or for a small compressor. The hose can be rolled up in a loop and tucked up next to my miniature compressor. Not everyone has a lot of room .
  4. syringe 2 parts epoxy( more than 5 min)

    You know those cups that come on the top of liquid cold medicine? They are great for mixing epoxy. The #5 plastic that they are made of is epoxy-phobic. Epoxy does not stick to it. Once the left over epoxy hardens, you can pop it right out. My wife has a $200 dollar a week Nyquil habit - so I have plenty. JK My old disposable paint brushes get the hairy end chopped off and become stirrers. I like mixing with a round stirrer. Sharp edges cause bubbles. I can spin the round thing against the side of the cup to make sure that all the epoxy gets mixed. Sorry Glenn, but I would never mix with the brush I am going to use for coating. There is a lot of dead space in between those bristles. The only way to thoroughly mix with one is to press hard on the bristles so hard that you are then abusing your brush. Even then it is iffy.
  5. My Trip to the ER

    I've been using VMC short shank hooks since I started making lures but I've ended up with broken hooks nearly every fishing trip. Never while reeling in a fish but when I popped the hook out of a fish's mouth. I got pretty tired of replacing the hooks so I thought I'd try a different kind. I bought some KVD treble hooks believing that Mr. VanDam wouldn't put his name on an inferior product and I was right. My first time using these, I hooked in to a small bass, about 12", but it fought like a 10 pounder. Once I got the fish to the boat, I grabbed it around the belly, not wanting to put my thumb near the rear hook that was stuck in its mouth. The little bass still had a lot of fight left in it and it slid down my hand, sliding the front hook deep in to my left index finger. It was like a hot knife in to butter. I've been poked by the VMC's many times, and it hurt but this just slid in with no resistance and little pain. My friend and I were in his small, 2 seater plastic fishing boat when this happened and it was a long ride in this trolling motor propelled watercraft to the ramp, then the long ride to his house (10 minutes). Once we arrived to his house, we tried the fishing line tied around the hook trick to pull it out but it didn't work and I was close to passing out after the first attempt. I texted my wife to drive to my friend's house to lend a hand. She refused to try to help pull it out and drove me to the ER, laughing at my traumatic experience most of the way. 2 hours later, I went home with a bandaid and 10 days supply of antibiotics. The good news is that I am now up to date on my tetanus shot. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the KVD treble hooks are sharp and strong. Hopefully none of you have to go through the same ordeal that I have but if you do, hopefully your significant other won't laugh so much.
  6. I mix Devcon Two Ton in a small jar cap covered with tin foil. Don’t know if the foil helps expel bubbles since it’s the only way I’ve ever done it. I mix with a plastic strip from an old credit card and really go to town on it. After vigorous mixing I add a few drops of denatured alcohol and mix that in. It thins the mix slightly, extends the brush time by about a minute, and expels bubbles. I also brush with a fine bristle flat nylon artist’s brush which tends to pop any remaining bubbles as I apply the epoxy. Set any remaining epoxy aside in the foil to check hardening progress. that’s my routine and it has worked for18 yrs without a failure, in cold and hot garage conditions, 45 to 90 degrees. Your routine may be different but you need to find what works for you and stick to it. Good measuring and mixing are the keys.
  7. Lure eyes for swimbaits

    I don't know if adding eyes helps catch fish... but it can't hurt. I get my eyes from Barlows. I put the eyes on dip the head of the bait in clear hot plastic. Hang them on a rack and let it drip. Then cut the drip off,
  8. Yesterday
  9. Todays creation

    Just shot a little batch of these guys. Royal Blue and Yellow Gold glitter. Green pumpkin base.
  10. You did $.02, so I'll up it a penny. Have any of you mixed your epoxy, then dumped it on aluminum foil? I know it removes bubbles from FlexCoat (rod building).
  11. syringe 2 parts epoxy( more than 5 min)

    My $.02, I use Bob Smith's slow cure epoxy and pour from the 4.5 oz. bottles into what looks like equal size puddles of epoxy and hardner. I stir the two puddles together with the same brush I am going to coat the lure with. I do this on a clean 4"x4" sticky sheet that I make notes on by the phone. Sure ain't rocket science, but it works for me. I don't measure anything.
  12. oil compressor ?

    I spray with a small Craftsman tankless compressor. I solved that problem by attaching a portable air tank in my air line then spray from the air tank. I added a tire valve to the air tank and attach an airhose to it when ever the air pressure drops low. I can usually spray on about three tanks of air per four hour session. So compressor only runs three times for approx 3-4 min each fill up.
  13. anyone know how to do this

    Nope, it's airbrushed
  14. Lee Production Pot for $14

    Link? Or it didn't happen.
  15. basstackle 910 tube mold

    I don’t know if it works better or not. I started out using the scented oil that I cook in them to lubricate them. However, when you go to use them they get the stink on your hands. That is why I prefer to use salt.
  16. Bulk powder paint

    I just got some from a Canadian supplier called "Emerald Coatings" a quick test showed it will work in the fluid bed. One thing I noticed on the web site is they gave what I think is the Specific Gravity of the powder. Has anyone noticed this and tried to connect SG value and a paint that is a PIA to work with in a typical aquarium pump fluid bed. Even as a baseline does anyone know what the value might be for the pro-tech paint , I did do a quick google and could not find any numbers
  17. Straight Shakee blades vs. Bent

    I bend mine and use a split ring *trokar swim jig mold* and mine have an erratic hunting action. And Jeff is correct the more I use them the better they "hunt". I do however power paint mine but I don't bake them.
  18. Punch press dies

    Hello! My name is Dee! Most of all I like computer games and fast food. I almost did not leave the house. Now my weight is 70 kilograms, and 2 years ago my weight was 93. I smoked and drank beer almost every day. I read many books on how to lose weight, limited myself to eating, but nothing helped. And then my mom moved with her cats. But it turned out that I have an alegre for wool of cats. I began to walk in the evening in the park, I bought special sneakers for walking with a rounded sole. I bought a new vacuum cleaner. In this I was helped by the resource I do not even imagine how people lived without home appliances that make life easier. By the way, losing weight was not my goal. Everything turned out by itself, thanks to mom and cats.
  19. Lee Production Pot for $14

    I stumbled on Lee Production Pots, the 10 pound one for $14 with free shipping on amazon. Grabbed myself one for a back up but there are more left. That's about a $50 savings if anyone is interested.
  20. Tube jig mold

    Can i ask what rattles do you use(were from) and are you glueing them in or how do they stay attached? I could not tell from the pictures on his site. Thanks for the feedback!
  21. anyone know how to do this

    Is it possible that the creator pulled black then orange then black plastic ETC. alternating until their injector was full and shot it into a mold?
  22. 901 ripper....048

    Did you make these? What mold did you use?
  23. Lure eyes for swimbaits

    Nope. Size it with a drill bit
  24. basstackle 910 tube mold

    I've been using oil on my tubes to keep the tails from sticking. Does salt work better?
  25. 32400752_951878204989677_2805785693618438144_n.jpg

    How did you create this pattern? Did you get two different colors of plastic ready and pull them up into the injector, alternating colors until it was full and then shot into a mold? I don't care how well they fish, they def. are easy on the eyes!
  26. Handmade Tubes and Splitter Advice

    Can you take a picture?
  27. Lure eyes for swimbaits

    Excellent picture for reference. Any guess on the size I need for the bait I've pictured above?
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