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    KBS and MCU in general sticks well to plastic or circuit board lips but will peel off of polycarbonate lips.
  3. What colors are needed

    Start with a solid opaque white all over the bait to hide underlying shading of the plastic or wood grain. Shad and bluegill have a reflective sheen. You can use pearl white to get that effect or a fine silver flake in a transparent medium dusted over the entire color scheme. There’s no wrong way to paint a bait and there are many ways to get a particular effect. The truth is that no two guys paint a custom bait exactly the same way and the same goes for the specific colors they choose to do it. You just have to jump in, develop your technique, and choose colors that look right to you. If you goof it up, wash off the paint and try again until you get a scheme that is acceptable to you. It’s a learn by doing process. Check out some of the crankbait painting videos on YouTube to give you ideas on techniques and color schemes.
  4. glider\swimmer

    That's a kid worth keeping! Hahahah

    So far, so good. I anticipate grinding some rip rap rock this weekend, so we'll see how it holds up, but it has weathered both tules and grass so far.
  6. Like your videos a lot, keep making them. Not much to clean up after the mod, but I understand your point.
  7. Hello from Illinois

  8. foiled cranks

    Thanks! I've been on a foiling kick lately.
  9. Color for plastic

    Thank for the help.
  10. foiled cranks

    Really nice.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Color for plastic

    Mike, to start with i just bought junebug, green pumpkin sp 156 & various other colors from already made & added the amount of drops it took to how ever many ounces of plastic i was heating to suit me for my version of colors i like. After that i ordered white, bllack, yellow , orange etc along with watermelon & a couiple different blues etc & experimented making small batches of what i thought certain colors may have in them & finally figured how to mix a bunch of different recipies by doing just this. Now although out of practice this winter thanks to working so much i can figure most common recipies that i will use out pretty quick. You can spend a lot of time doing just this, but nailing a hard color to figure out is huge part of the fun. There is also the soft plastic recipie book in the stickys section at the top that has some great recipies that you can easily make. Don't let it drive you crazy & enjoy it & you'll have it nailed pretty quickly.
  13. What colors are needed

    Thank you both for the great information. I realized that I posted a broad question. To get more specific and it was touched on briefly. I want to buy a color kit but not sure if Opaque, Pearl, or transparent is better since I mostly wanna paint shad patterns and start to learn bluegill pattern.
  14. Canary Tilapia.jpeg

    They are actually the original Yamamoto eyes that was on the lure

    Just one more question. How do your bills or lips hold up if dipped with the lure. I can't wait for the ice to go out here so I can try out some lures. Wayne
  16. First time rod builder, with questions.

    What technique would you intend to use the rod for? Would you want to use micro guides? My typical casting set up uses Pac Bay Minima single foot guides, size 6, 5, 4, and size 3's the rest of the way to the tip.
  17. Who sells the most concentrated scent

    JB's fish sauce has some really great stuff and in several different variations. He's also a great guy to work with so give him a look.
  18. True, but I'd hate to mod a mold that im not going to use that much and have to cut extra lead every time. If i was to make a bunch of them I'd buy another mold mod it and to make it permanent.
  19. What colors are needed

    Take a look at the hardbait cookbook topic at the top of the page and it will give you an idea of some of the color choices used. Sort of overwhelming if you want a reasonable color palette and are just starting out, right? I recommend getting a basic set of the primary colors: white black green blue yellow red brown. You can mix intermediate colors from them and you can add a few flaked, pearlized and neon colors to round out a basic “bass prey” palette. Or you can peruse taxidermy colors to get ones specifically designed for prey species. As well as the basic colors, I tend to use taxidermy paints a lot and most of them are flakes and pearls. Other than the basic colors in opaque, I use mostly transparent colors so I can layer colors for more natural effect and color blending. After a few years, I ended up with about 50 colors. But starting out with a basic palette makes the most sense.
  20. glider\swimmer

    Well, yes, and no. What I did not say was that my youngest was the manager so she knew who I was. LOL As for the rest, NOT A CHANCE!
  21. I'd think it would be quicker to modify the mold and just cut the extra lead off.

    Try putting some clear nail polish over the hook rash areas. That stuff is tough. After I've painted a bait, and top coated it with Rustoleum X2 Gloss Clear, I put a coat of nail polish over the path of the trebles, and don't get hook rash. But I don't paint trolling lures, so I don't know how it would hold up to trolling.
  23. glider\swimmer

    Did you give them your real name?
  24. Need private label

    Pm sent hours ago.
  25. Help: Heating silicone molds for large laminates

    Hey there, just made these by letting the first color cool completly. I dont think you will have a problem. I use ABS 3d printed molds for these open pour baits so they are slightly more heat tolerant.
  26. Need private label

    Let me bump this back to the top. There must be someone on here that can help.
  27. glider\swimmer

    Ya, I am having runoff issues on the moving water and spring turnover on my still water. Can't see the details. LOL You might ask a motel with an indoor swimming pool. Some of them will allow you to swim test it in at night or during the slow part of the early day. I had a place do that for me in Spokane Washington a few years past, until people saw me doing it and it turned into a circus event. ROFLOL Everyone wanted to know who this idiot was trying to catch a fish in the pool.
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