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  2. Anglinarcher

    Favorite musky lure?

    Tough question for sure. I am not sure that I have a "favorite", but several favorites. Top Water, Larry Dahlberg's Whopper Plopper. Top Water or slow sinking, a glide bait. Larry Dahlberg Mr. Wiggly soft plastic. Spinner, the Double Cow Girl. Swimbait style, a big bait like the Boot Tail lures. I don't get to fish for Muskie, or Tiger Muskie, often anymore, but the above were my my go to lures. I believe that improving any of them would be right on track.
  3. Chuck Young

    8 inch foiled glider

  4. Chuck Young

    Favorite musky lure?

    I am looking to start carving cedar musky lures. What are your favorite sizes, patterns, actions, etc. Attach pics if you will. I am not looking to copy what is out there. Rather, I want to develop some new ideas to improve what is out there. What kind of action should I look to create? What would you like to see?
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  6. ddl

    KBS too thin?

    perfect.i think i'll use that for my plastic lure that i want to repaint.was looking for something think and durable .thin as urethane but more durable
  7. ddl

    oil for silent air ?

    finally i'll chose the one made by them ,it's 50 bucks shipped for 24 oz. it's really pricey but i'll continue to use that one till i'll find a safe substitution . 50 dollars for a year is far to be the end of the world but i have principle and one of them is to don't give my money at guys that are obviously laughing at me. it's almost the price of cognac lol
  8. Jig Man

    BTS 4" Paddle Tail Swimbait

    If this is still available I'd like to buy one. Please pm me.
  9. AZ Fisher

    KBS too thin?

    I've had some in mason jars now going on a year. I've also had one go "Off" within a couple months due to my negligence and had to pitch it. Had some got a pretty good skin on it, removed skin and re-thinned and was able to use the rest. Have changed jars a couple times.
  10. Saugerman

    Best Bender?

    The one in the picture above is the one I have. I really like it.
  11. dsqui

    "cloudiness" in plastics from MF

    Try different color manufacturers I don't have an issue using lure craft and customer service is top notch
  12. Yesterday
  13. ddl

    KBS too thin?

    how long is the life pot once it's open ?
  14. whitaker201

    KBS too thin?

    Mark, I'll let some of the excess go back into the jar. I set the jar under the bait while I put a wire in the hook hanger. Then I move to the next bait.
  15. Waltie

    "cloudiness" in plastics from MF

    Some colors typical are a light orange, light red, light green, etc.
  16. Waltie

    "cloudiness" in plastics from MF

    several custom color blends we use which are all clear and transparent. Have tried remixing and re stirring drum contents but still get same problem, but not all the time. Could temperature of drum contents be the problem? MF has been re-contacted several times and does not know what to do and cannot or will not contact his manufacturer engineers with the problem. He suggested we go to this web site for info from others. Drum is kept in garage and is susceptible to temp fluctuations.
  17. Bass-Boys

    "cloudiness" in plastics from MF

    this only happens with certain colors ??
  18. Curt - RI

    lost banner options

    Was there previously a shortcut of this kind that you used?
  19. swimb8s

    Ahhh, Yes, The Never Ending Craw Pattern

    All those crawdad patterns are amazing !! Great paint
  20. alsworms

    "cloudiness" in plastics from MF

    All my years of using MF and never had a problem like this. I'd try contacting them again and see if they can replace the drum.
  21. Been using Plasticsols from MF and sometimes have a "cloudiness" issue rather then a clear, translucence with various colors. Any ideas as to why this may be occurring? Any others have this similar problem with MF plastics? MF can give me no clues as to why. They are not very helpful! Using from their large 55 g drums in unheated garage area.
  22. JBarlow

    Patent on Delta Blades?

    To the best of my knowledge the patent on these blades expired a number of years ago. The blades I have in stock no longer carry a patent number.
  23. LimpNoodle

    4oz Bottom Bouncer Molds

    You don't have to drill. Take a piece of .051 wire and place in in the mold. Now use a press or even a block of wood and hammer and compress the mold. I've modified several molds using that process. I'd use .051 wire as anything heavier is going to be very hard to work with. You can get a Twistech former that will handle .051. That will make the loops. Do your wire forming before you pour the sinker. It will be easier that way.
  24. ervin

    Keitech Noisy Flapper

    Try bait mold. com. try
  25. Hunter

    Keitech Noisy Flapper

    Anyone know where I can get a multi-cavity aluminum mold for the keitech noisy flapper frog mold? All I can find is one of the cheapy single cavity mold on eBay.
  26. mark poulson

    KBS too thin?

    Thanks Nate.
  27. Landry

    Painting plastics

    Copics work well but I have used them and SB Coat and SB Coat is far superior.
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