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  2. Color issues

    So are you using a Jacobs injection press? And are you talking about the probe that goes in the base? Again it seems you are getting to hot.
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  4. High School Fishing Team Fundraiser

    One thing that has seemed to work well for us out west, is a boat dry/wipe down. We do have a lot of vacation and pleasure boaters, so that helps us a bit. However, all you need is spray bottles with vinegar/water, and microfiber towels. We offer to wipe any and all boats and accept a donation to do so. We've made over $500 in one day.
  5. Rotisserie motor

    I paid under 30 bucks for a Charbroil rotisserie motor about 14 years ago and have turned a few lures over that time with no issues. At one time I was looking at building a new set up with a high dollar variable speed motor they were going to throw away from work. Never built it as figured my set up works just fine for the 10 to 20 baits max I do at a time.
  6. ISO 3.5 inch junebug tubes

    Gitzit is essentially what BPS was copying to get the "tender tube". Haven't fished a tender tube in a long time however so may be different from what I used. Dipping is easy to do and goes really quick if you have thought out the process. Cutting the tails is the only slow part but nothing too bad even with rudimentary set up. Once you have a cutting block set up you can press them fairly quickly with consistency.
  7. Needing Heads Casted

    Thanks so much! I hope to put that information to good use.
  8. Homemade blade bait blowing out.

    Your eyelet (wire loop that you tie to) is coming out of the wrong side of the blade, or your weighted hook is upside down....... whichever way you want to look at it. You should also try less weight up front and use a heavier weighted hook, I think. Good luck!
  9. Microbaloons

    Thanks for the reply. If Alumilite isn't that good for floating lures what would you recommend? Am I correct in assuming that if you're using microbaloons you would probably want to pour from the mid point of your lure vs the nose or tail?
  10. Color issues

    So it's scorching the color? My machine I feel heats evenly and consistently. My temp probes are reading accurate, I'm just getting frustrated
  11. Color issues

    You're getting it too hot... keep it down closer to 310 - 320.
  12. I went out last night to buy a chatterbait. I thought it was redicules to pay $ 15.99 for one. So tried my hand at making one. I just can't figure out why this blade bait is blowing out. It has great action when retrieved at slow speed. Do I need more weight up in front ? Or do I need to get rid of the weight on the hook. The brass bullet weight is 3/8 oz. All comments appriated.
  13. Spinner bait blades

    I use Worthco Colorado blades with plenty of vibe!
  14. Color issues

    I cannot seem to get the color consistently with do it molds x2 white colorant. While mixing when the temp was around 280deg the color was perfect got closer to 340deg it took on a beige/cremé color. I'm using a Jacobs baits system and it's getting very frustrating to not achieve consistent color matches
  15. Rotisserie motor

    i know that subject have been covered quite a bite but i think an update would be good just to see how the supposed good motors have turned lol. i think some ebay seller have some good cheap model can you tell me who have them? for now this one is by far the nicest one i have seen,it look so nicely made.but is that a lil bit too slow or that's just me? tks
  16. Masking Around Bill

    I have the same issue ,but I haven't had the time to make one of these jigs I saw on YouTube . I hope this helps you out.
  17. Spinner bait blades

    Hoppys spinnerbaits they sell Emerald Blades the best thumping blade u can get period!
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  19. Masking Around Bill

    I have done some contact paintin where the bill/lip was covered with saran wrap. the cling wrap type. actually it worked excellent. for years we use the green/blue painters tape. it wont leave adhesive like normal masking tape.
  20. ISO 3.5 inch junebug tubes

    thanks guys. I'm looking to make a bait similar to the 3.5 Bass Pro Tender Tube.
  21. Createx Airbrush Thinning?

    why the new needle or nozzle would not perform like the original ? if it would came from china ok but i would not be afraid at all if it would be a japanese or german pieces.these guys can cut hair in 4 if needed
  22. Tube Diping

    Sold Thank You!
  23. Createx Airbrush Thinning?

    Yep and on some brushes they are a matched set adding to the cost
  24. ISO 3.5 inch junebug tubes

    I have always used hard, salt water, tube plastic or whatever the seller is calling it for tubes. I dip my tubes and usually make them thin walled like git zits.
  25. ISO 3.5 inch junebug tubes

    I use Baitjunky Hard de-gassed for everything. Still playing with temps. Sent Leonard a message asking for recommendations. Haven't heard back yet.
  26. Microbaloons

    Depends on the lure. Most of the time it is tough to get a lure to float with just Alumilite White and Microballons, even with equal volume of ballons and resin. But, it can make a slight difference and then it is a problem if you don't figure that into the design. I always just figure it into my design now.
  27. Masking Around Bill

    So, I realize this might be quite a bit late, but one of my favorite ways to quickly cover a bill is to use a water balloon. You can cut the round part off the mouth of the balloon, then just stretch it down over the bill and cut to fit with a small razor. Works like a charm and saves you from having a sticky mess if your bodies are sitting taped for a long time. If you have a problem with the balloon not fitting on the bill exactly how you want, take a painters q-tip and outline where the bill meets the body in your base color - then the balloon can cover part of the body without missing paint.
  28. Glitter/Clear Coat

    I bought spray on glitter from walmart - seems to work really well but hard to control if you don't want the whole bait plastered with ultrafine glitter.
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