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  2. Thanks NoMi baits Dave
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  4. Uncle Jay

    e-tex lite

    All I use is E Tex. The only problem I ever had was small dust particles landing on the lures when they are turning because it takes a while to dry. Years ago I started putting newspaper on the floor under the rotisserie and wetting it with a spray bottle before I do the mixing. problem solved. I brush it on very thin and normally do 2 coats. Great product as far as I'm concerned.
  5. I use the same resin, i pour part A and part B in a cup, add microballons, mix for approx 30 seconds or so and that will leave you about a minute and a half to pour which should be plenty of time. I poured several .40 oz part A, .40 part B, and 2 scoops of MB, they turned out really well, no soft spots using that method
  6. Vodkaman, i was able to use your calculator on my first ever pours this morning. I got a sinking, very slow sinking, and floating flat sided crankbait with only adding a very small amount of lead to stabilize it! Super awesome and easy to use! Seriously one of the most helpful tools I’ve come across since i started making baits!
  7. Good to know! And from an active duty to a vet, thank you for paving the way! jake
  8. Used your spreadsheet today on some flat sided crank baits, got one that sinks fast, one that just barely flutters down, and one that floats! Thank you so much for the sheet and it really is easy to use! jake
  9. I wish! Lol i live on post so my “workshop” is two folding tables on the front porch, a few tools, an airbrush, and a bunch of paint lol. But i just order some diamond clear coat and I’ve heard of people dipping that and hanging a wire off the bottom to keep it from pooling so i think I’ll give that a try and see how it goes!
  10. I have not. I don't really use chrome too much for my baits, so I haven't tried it. It looks like it is cheap enough to try, and see how you like it.
  11. Be sure the rounds have already been shot. Otherwise, you can get a really loud, onetime rattle. Hahaha
  12. BobP

    e-tex lite

    The working time is very long. Some experienced users let it sit for 10-15 minutes after mixing to get the thickness they want to apply. The rotation time needed is also longer, perhaps twice that of D2T. Users report it is more prone to fisheyes, so you should be careful not to get grease or oil on the bait before application.
  13. Cliffs Lures


    Lipless green and yellow fluorescent with black stripes.
  14. Cliffs Lures

    Wicked Black

    Createx Wicked Black with holographic pattern. lipless. Home made eyes
  15. I would appreciate it if all those that requested copies of the ballast calculator brought feedback and suggestions of improvements to the table, either by PM or posted here. Many thanks for the encouraging response. Dave
  16. hfcbaits


    loved the video for this one
  17. All Eyes

    jointed bait2.jpg

    7" cedar bait. This pattern was inspired by a leopard shark but with different colors.
  18. I like it I get to do some shooting and solve my problem Win Win
  19. Last week
  20. Urethane will hold up just fine. It does kind of depend on the type urethane your using but get that debate started and you will be deployed before it's over. Your not married to the bait. Clearcoat it and enjoy! Safe travels and cone home safe from deployment. From one veteran to another thank you for your service!
  21. .Empty .22 short cartridge with 3-#9 TSS Tungston shot. Pull the end cap out a #9 TSS shot shell to get the shot. Regards, Blades
  22. I don't inject anything like Frank does, but I have been using O-rings from Lowes for years in my home made injectors. McMaster is cheaper, but I can get the ones at Lowes "right now."
  23. Clear as glass is impressive actually. That's hard to do. Maybe you should document the process so you can repeat it. LOL.
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