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  2. How are the glass beads on the aluminum injectors ?
  3. The glass beads don't cloud the color very much. I still get good "transparent" colored baits.
  4. Tubeman

    Epoxy lure eyes

    Anybody looking for 3D epoxy lure eyes, we have about 20,000 13 mm or 1/2 inch and 10,000 11 mm or 7/16 inch for sale. Price is $20 CND ($15 USD) per thousand. Brand new, pupils are too small compared to what we normally use. Pm me if your interested
  5. Yak, I do a lot of fishing in the Gulf and here is how I would break it down,hookwise. First off the mold I use is called many things including the Sparky jig (Barlows) The reason I mention this is because most stand up jigs won't stand up in moving water(TIDES) The hooks used need to be saltwater(Corrosion resistant or treated) or any Black Nickle type coating. You can use regular hooks if you clean after use in freshwater but, usually only for so long.Then the rust sets in. Jimmyjigs
  6. Interesting but was looking for a barbed keeper to push into Gulp and/or ElazTec that rides above the worm hook.
  7. I've been wondering about the types of wire one can use. I've had very little luck finding actual marine grade SS wire, so I've been using dental SS wire instead. The stuff's tough and hard, and it seems to hold up, so I was wondering if anyone else has considered using it and what you think of it.
  8. Maybe I will need to just do a light dose of green pumpkin and add glitter called Ocean from Do-It.
  9. So you want a color like the picture. Going to be tough unless you think outside the box. That is really close to a color called Tiffany. Yes the jewelry company. There is a lot of different ideas on it if you google that word. We made one at work but can’t remember what the color family was. I can look and give you a better idea this week.
  10. I have one of the pancake grill it is about 12"x 16" i use it to heat injectors, set pyrex cups on, heat jig heads to paint, heat blending block, and if u want to heat molds it will do that, I don't heat molds as it takes too long for it to cool before u can open the mold but maybe u can just knock the chill off for like a min or so.Cub48
  11. @Baitjunkys what do you use to make your baits sink like a Senko if you don't mind me asking. I have both floating and sinking formula plastisol. The sinking formula doesn't sink fast like a Senko so I think an additive like salt or glass beads will be necessary.
  12. So I tried using table salt and now I know what you guys are talking about when you say the salt doesn't suspend. This made the weirdest feeling baits I've ever made. Soft on top and hard/salty on the bottom. If you pinch the bait, it leaves a dent in the bait lol. So for all the n00bies out there, don't use table salt because the salt won't evenly suspend the way you want it to inside the bait.
  13. Thanks for the link! So do glass beads not cloud up your baits at all or just a little less than salt? My goal in adding salt is to make my stick baits cast far and sink faster than normal plastic. Just like the Senko. I'm contemplating on whether I should buy glass beads and have super awesome looking baits or get a coffee grinder and grind my own salt and be more efficient. The cost of the salt plus shipping from the big online stores is just too much, in my opinion.
  14. Sure. Just I have a pontoon boat 1 hour away with no navigation lights ports like that. I'm would be blindly making a pole of sorts for a friend for their boat and port. It's a cheaper phone or camera holder with a USB hub.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Homemade custom cedar lures, 4 3/4 deep and shallow diver
  17. Sorry, I really can't help you with the color, but that is a slick way to add a tail!
  18. That is great advice! If you buy one that's close, but a little larger, it's easy to sand/file it to the size/shape you want.
  19. One thing I have to say. Before you start carving or cutting a lure start with the lip size, you can save a lot of work buying a lip already made and make a small change or none at to your lure there are many sizes out there and will save you time and money. Wayne
  20. Not so sure that TU is the best place for a self confessed lure addict, but you are in good company - welcome Dave
  21. My wife has one of these as well I may have to give it a try
  22. Hey 'm willing to make a deal on these, trade possibly... Musky baits or Do-it molds? I'd like to get rid of these. If interested email me at keith@chumslures.com
  23. I might have some molds made similar to these mock ups below...
  24. I use 20ga galvanized wire that I get at Lowe’s. Cut off piece lay it on the hook and wrap some thread around it. Put a little Krazy glue on it and you have a useable cheap bait keeper. I do that a lot with worm hooks and on some of my shaky jigs. i also make holders like the parasite clips.
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