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  2. As a supplier i see it very cyclical. One day they are here, the next gone.
  3. They look fine as far as the dent goes, tgere coukd numerous reasons make sure you top off your mold, certain senko molds need spru extenders. Search threads in here, lots of information.
  4. By the time the customers have discovered your lure , and the demand has reached a level you are proposing .. you will have long since resolved your production process flows. The hardest part is not production, it’s creating (and maintaining) the marketing to create such a high demand.
  5. Looks great! The dents in sticks are usually from shooting at to high of a temp. It could be other things , but that’s where I would start..
  6. Today was the first time making my own soft plastic baits, I did some injection and hand pour. For my first go I just went random on color and glitters, my second go I attempted an actual recipe for watermelon red. So 2 things... 1: how do they look and 2: one the stick baits one had an indent (you can see it in pic) what causes that?? Does anybody else have their rookie play to share?
  7. Just a suggestion. try thinning etex with denatured alcohol for the first coat just a little then when cured normal second coat. I put my lures in a hot box for curing. I do mine in a basement best time is winter for me nice and dry. My humidity gets down to 35% now in the summer its 60 to 70% that's why I use a hot box gets just to 90 degrees. Wayne
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  9. I forgot to mention a hand blender will mix it too but it Adds a lot of air . If I do it that way I have to cook off the bubbles in the microwave . Which can be a PIA in of itself.
  10. How can I give an exact pic of what I want when it's not offered anywhere?
  11. been a while since I have been on here, I remember trying to do a perch color stick bait and came out with fire tiger instead. I use to make these all the time about 11 years ago when i was doing hand pours. I will have to revisit it now that i'm back into making baits again
  12. I hear ya ,, but like I said , its hard to give advice ,, with out an exact picture of what you want .
  13. Thanks guys, next question. With these new alloys, does the slag break off like lead, or does it need to be cut off? I have ordered the release spray...
  14. BobP

    Etex conditions

    If you have tacky areas, there are 3 possible causes. A bad batch of epoxy, not measuring exactly enough, and not mixing well enough. Of the 3, mixing problems is the most prevalent. You can let Etex sit for 15 minutes before application if you want a thicker coating. Your humidity is not a problem as epoxy is formulated for a nominal 70 degrees and 50% humidity. Etex is good stuff but it contains solvents to thin it and promote bubble expulsion, which makes it more prone to fisheyes than other epoxies.
  15. As Smallie says, Plaster of Paris (or Durhams) is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the molding process without spending huge $$$$. Never pour excess down the drain or you will be spending huge $$$$. Dave
  16. Plaster is a cheap way to get into mold making and it is available locally. Go to Home Depot and get water putty. It works like plaster of Paris but is stronger. The bull worm is a good worm to start with because it has a flat side. This is what I do but there are variations that will work as well. You will develop your own process if you keep making molds. My process may take longer than others but being retired, I don't rush anything. Go fishing if you can't keep yourself from fiddling with the mold. Superglue the flat side down to a container. I use the Styrofoam containers meat is packaged in at the supermarket. Mix up the putty and cover the glued down bait. Let it dry overnight and carefully remove the mold from the rest of the pieces. The mold has to dry and then be sealed. Some people put them in their vehicle this time of year to do this. I usually set the mold on top of my oil fired furnace and wait a week. Once dry, you can seal it in a number of ways. I prefer to use Elmers white glue that is thinned with water to a 50 - 50 mix. Pour it in to fill the mold cavity, let it sit five minutes and pour the glue out. I like to take some of the glue being poured out and wipe it on the surface of the mold with my hand. I set the mold upside down on newspaper with wooden skewers as spacers to keep the mold off the newspaper. Let it sit overnight and remove the now stuck on skewers. Roll them to release rather than pull them off. Let the mold dry another day and it is ready to use. As I implied above, you can find ways to speed it up if you want to.
  17. I'm a little late to the dance, but better late than never. For my perch senko baits, I use Lureworks Scuppernong for the amber color, and a baby bass or green watermelon for the green. Light of course. For the amber side I have tried amber, mustard, and a few others. Scuppernong seems to work the best. Orange glitter in the amber part, and green glitter and a tiny biy of black for the green part. I think the glitter I use is Emerald Green. Weight is around 10.5 grams. About the same as yamo weight. The laminate comes out somewhere between a perch color and a pumpkinseed sunfish coloring. Has been deadly for me.
  18. Haven't been on in a while, but taken some advice from you all. I beat the hell out of it , stir and stir some more, and seems to work out ok. Not a fan of the stuff, but I have a quart and it will last me until hell freezes over. Once hell thaws out I will go back to the M-F hardener.
  19. Just bought some from Lure Works about a month ago. Is it discontinued or out of stock?
  20. Yes, I understand the trial and error... But I don't pour plastics. I'm trying to get this figured out so the guy I have make them for me has a starting point... Not getting much advice here.
  21. very hard to tell until it gets mixed and poured .. just make small batches til u get it rite .
  22. Thoughts on less green pumpkin colorant and some of this? It's not the hi-lite... https://www.lurecraft.com/Pearl-Turquoise-Powder-Pigment/productinfo/1X751/ This is the hi-lite https://www.lurecraft.com/Super-Hi-Lite-Luster-Pigment-TURQUOISE/productinfo/1X289/
  23. Possibly, but not likely we live in Tennessee and this is an older bait , we dont have a cabelas, I hate it when baits dont have brands on them, years ago I went through an old tackle box that my dad had and it had alot of baits I'd never seen before, they had nothing to identify what they where
  24. Welcome to free enterprise. It will peak and the numbers will fall off. Same goes for plastics. Repackaging is king in so many. It will be alright. The big boys have been doing it for yars.
  25. Man, I'm stumped. In the past I've used a drop of runny super glue on soft parts of baits. It works, sometimes.
  26. And the basketball courts are a joke with all of the players out there. Just like the golf course, the football fields, and the baseball diamonds. But the cream always rises to the top doesn't it? Most of us recognize true tallent, don't we? "How bad you want it?" Skeeter
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