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  2. Don't worry yourself over things you cannot control, do the best work you can , be honest and fair and you develop a following based on quality work ethic and most likely will be busier than you care to be...best of luck.
  3. Glass beads can be a very satisfactory way to go also. Plenty of threads here on the subject. You get increased clarity with them, no storage issues, and a bait that is much stronger. It can damage and injector but from most accounts besides replacing an o-ring good go go for years. I forget who had a video (That Guy Skimpy?) comparing salt bait and glass bead bait durability. The glass bead senko will stretch some and doesn't break near as easy as a salt bait.
  4. Thanks guys. I have used these spring pins before and they work well.You can really get creative with them.I will try to search the old Mr Twister barbed keeper because it seems like the answer for the ElazTec and probably the Gulp too. Jimmyjigs
  5. Nice, I'll try Kosher salt out before I go buy a 50lb bag of glass bead media (I'm still thinking about glass bead media though). Thanks @mark poulson @TravisThanks for that explanation! I had a lot of questions in my head about Kosher salt and you hit the nail on the head on all of them. That flat surface area makes a lot of sense and a huge difference in everything. Plus the purity. I like it! Thanks again.
  6. A few things going on in regards to light transmission and suspension of salt. First all these salts are the same as in NaCl. Where they differ is purity/additives. Salt by it very nature is problematic in that it picks up water. NaCl is used to calibrate some instruments that measure water uptake based on its very well studied water adsorption. So unless you store your salt properly and dry it you are adding some water to your plastic during the heating process. Adding some cloudiness to the end product if not all removed (not a big issue as often gets boiled off during heating). Additionally to counteract salts water loving tendencies manufactures place anti caking agents in it to avoid it turning into a brick (and iodized typically). So you have impurities playing a role in regards light transmission. Other issues that cause cloudiness are result of tackling the suspension issue.. The salt crystal shape plays a role in suspension. Table salt and others are cubodial. The shape results in crystals that don't suspend readily. So guys grind it to make the particles smaller but in doing so exponentially increase the surface area and further cause issues with transparency (lack of). Sort of like fill a glass with ice and pour a margarita mix over it versus putting that same ratio in your blender. You also are adding defects in the crystal in the process. Think of safety glass: pre and after hitting it with a hammer. Kosher, Maldon, and other salts prized by chefs are different in shape. Kosher typically is forced into a flat shape under pressure to form flakes. So take two cubes the same size/mass. Take the second cube and compress it flat. Drop them in a liquid guess which one hits the bottom first. The shapes vary in regards to displacement. The flat shape will displace more plastic and will sink slower than the cube and is the reason Kosher salts suspend better in comparison to table (cubodial) salt. Cargill uses a process called Alberger process to make some of their salts. It results in concaved plate/flake. These salts Kosher, maldon, the Cargill select products are typically larger particle size to boot so often get the best of both worlds... larger crystals (less defects and less surface area) with a shape but do to the shape suspend better than cubes. Additionally they often don't have anticaking agents.
  7. Great recommendation, thanks! Joe
  8. Yesterday
  9. I buy mine here https://www.ebay.com/itm/100X-Soft-Lure-Baits-Hook-Pin-Spring-Fixed-Lock-Fishing-Screw-Needle-Worm-PipCYN/233235352329?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 My last order was for 500... Cheap.
  10. You can also find the old barbed keepers like on the mister twister keeper hooks with that search.
  11. Yes, But the elaztech plastic does not do well on these...
  12. Someone here posted here about how using Kosher salt didn't affect the color, so I tried it and found that it worked really well. I don't grind it, I just make sure there are no big clumps, and I stir it right before I pour, to be sure the salt is in suspension.
  13. BobP

    Suitable wire

    Both of these are good choices. The saltwater ss leader wire is more bendable than hard temper ss wire but is much stiffer than soft temper “bend and stay” ss wire. I’ve used #12 Malin ss leader, which is pretty thin (.029”) but I really prefer .041” soft temper ss wire on bass sized baits. It’s very easy to shape but strong enough to maintain its shape as a line tie or hook hanger. Buy it in 1/4 lb spools from McMaster Carr online for less than $10.
  14. Is there anyone here who could pour me some poison tail jigs with a wire keeper? I'm looking for 3/8 and 1/4 oz with 4/0 wide gap hooks. And it would be great if it could be done with an opened hook eye. TIA
  15. @mark poulson Thank you so much for that info! I kind of had a feeling it would cloud it up but I wasn't sure. Why do you use Kosher salt instead of regular salt? You don't grind your kosher salt?
  16. So I love to make YouTube videos and here is my latest and how I have started making vulcanized rubber molds. Yes, there are a couple of issues that are easy to fix (better master, proper hook size) but I am happy so for... Ned Rig Mold
  17. Mark - smart boy, it's a refraction thing, like adding a second coat of D2T to a scuffed bait. But, the densities of salt and plastic are not the same, so the salt is still slightly visible. With coarse salt you are adding a couple of hundred grains (guess), but ground salt, who knows, hence the opaqueness. Dave
  18. That is a slick way to rig soft plastics!
  19. I tried using salt flour, and it was the worst! Clouded up my plastic so much it looked like I had added white colorant to it. I would not recommend doing that. I use coarse Kosher salt, and just stir really well just before I fill my injector.
  20. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stainless-Steel-Fishing-Hook-Bait-Keeper-Spring-Lure-Holder-Fixed-Lock-Connector/273875145714?hash=item3fc43b13f2:g:pDoAAOSwruFc9ewM
  21. @mark poulson I'll have to try it out some day. Anyone ever used salt flour? I found this: https://www.webstaurantstore.com/morton-50-lb-bulk-salt-powder/102SALTPOP50.html?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=GoogleShopping&gclid=CjwKCAjw67XpBRBqEiwA5RCocR7DGFJ6AeT35OewTit28GpI-p8Gqootbzk45RDduudAzeioM3zWnRoCQ90QAvD_BwE I bought a coffee grinder last night too. Trying to get all this started!
  22. Is there purple glitter in that bait or is it my imagination?
  23. I don't make plastics.... I'm having them made and looking for a sure thing recipe. I don't want to keep paying for 500 at a time until I like them. LOL
  24. Last week
  25. I've never tried that, so I don't know what it would look like. I'd guess it would be slightly cloudy, because the glass beads have a different angle of refraction (meaning they would bend light passing through them differently) than the plastisol, due to their round shape. But I am a carpenter, not an optical engineer, so I could be way off base.
  26. Try McMaster Carr SSwire I think it is 304 bend and stay. Wayne
  27. I'm getting ready to do the same thing.... I think I'm going to use a small nail with a thin head. Just drill a small hole for the cut off short nail and glue it in with JB weld. Has anyone tried this method?
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