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  2. I usually just start with some fluorescent yellow, and slowly add drops of fluorescent green till I get the color that I'm looking for. I don't have a formula for it exactly. I'm curious to see if some else does as well.
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  4. Triple injector too, spendy though!
  5. was looking for a recipe for the color chartreuse went through the cook book and did a search too if any one could help me it would be appreciated thanks
  6. I built it myself, This one is a Corian base. Just 1/2" PVC pipe and 8mm x 22mm skateboard bearings. The shaft is glued into the base but the T and 90 are left unglued so you can turn it to any position while you paint. The T has been cut off on two ends so the bearings seat into the T Also heated the t just enough to get bearings to pop into it. The Excell brand knife holder has to be sanded just a little on the knurling so it slides into bearings. Only took a couple of hours to make them. I like the way it works.
  7. I use a paper clip bent straight with a small kink to keep the weight from sliding off,then bend the top in a hook shape to hang in my toaster oven. I prep a bunch with the clips, hold them by the top hook,then heat and dip in my powder paint and hang in oven. Have 100% success with no issues. I do the same process with all wire through lead baits. Paper clips are about $2 a box and I use them for multiple shop tasks including cleaning out hook eyes prior to baking.
  8. Rpc

    Soft plastic molds

    Thanks mark I’ll do some digging!
  9. You know I don't really see the point in any of this. I wish some of us would have gotten the bright idea to try and build something to help us fish at night. Not all of us have the best memories of fishing at night, right? Would you happen to have any idea on some glow in the dark fishing lures? Or even any comments on the product? I read up about these "glow in the dark fishing lures" at http://huntingfishingplus.com/best-glow-in-the-dark-fishing-lures/. There I got the explanation I needed to fish at night using a glow in the dark lure. I did know about these lures for a while now. I got the idea from my neighbour across the street. Fishings seems to be the only thing he finds interesting. He would give me long lectures on all the fishing tips needed. He is using a Shrimp Sabiki by JSHANMEI. He even tried to teach me how to make one. If you're into this sort of thing there is a video guide on how to create this lure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXmsdAODXYE. Quite frankly, it blew me away. It was like I thought I knew all there is to know about fishing and then I get put to the test and bam, turns out I don't know as much as I thought I did. I didn't even know that with different lure colours you get different results for fishing. I'm definitely going to try out everything I read up and try it out this weekend. If anything I can come back and keep you updated. Hope you found something interesting in what I had to say.
  10. Luredbaitz - I am so sorry about that. The message was to be quite the opposite, that you do not need to consider yourself 'smart' in order to come up with something original. Simply understanding what shapes the water is making when it passes a plate or surface is sufficient. Perhaps I should do one of those 'Ted-ed' lectures on YouTube Knife carving is an invaluable skill in this game. Welcome Dublin. Dave
  11. If I was you I would more than likely go for the john boat. Then again it does really depend on your skill level.
  12. I'll second Bob Lalonde at https://www.cncmolds.com/webstore/ I have two of His molds and am happy with them.
  13. Well, looks like I'm starting to fall in love with a new series, thanks.
  14. Reading your post is like reading something out of NASA. I swear you would be amazing at giving speeches. I guess now I have more passion to try and create my perfect lures. I was never really the best at it. For some odd reason, I am more skilled in knife carving.
  15. Did you actually build this yourself? Any place where this can be bought? Looks super handy.
  16. Wife: I'm pregnant, what do you want it to be? Husband: A joke

  17. You need a dual injector. Basically, it's two individual injectors bolted together with a single handle, and a blending block that sits on top of the mold, to direct the two different colors of plastic down into the mold side by side, without mixing. Do a search here to find more about dual injectors.
  18. Need some advice. A week ago I got the idea to start pouring baits. I’ve been working with wood for a while but i want to get into soft plastics. I’ve been doing tons of research and I think I’ve got most of it figured out I just wanted some clarification on mold design before I jump into it. I’d like to be able to pour my baits in layers of different colors, this would be easy to achieve with an open pour mold. I was wanting to do injection for better quality but not exactly sure how you could pour in layers. You could have the injection tube in the top of the bait but then it’s a guessing game on when to stop pouring between layers because you can’t demold to see where your at. Let me know if I’m right in my thinking and any advice would be appreciated. If there’s away to accomplish this with injection molds I just haven’t found the right thread or YouTube video to show me how yet haha.
  19. They look black stainless to me, easy to shoot him a message...
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  21. Try Wolf manufacturing terminal tackle .
  22. Can someone tell me where I can find 6mm oval black nickel or black stainless split rings. I am not looking for shiny stainless. I have recently purchased 4,000 black nickel circle rings from a Chinese supplier and I need 2,000 more in oval same color. I have searched for days and contacted many suppliers and have came up blank. I don’t understand why it’s this difficult to find this specific ring
  23. Are they black nickel or a black stainless color, you can never tell online
  24. As I’m reheating to smooth out the paint, I tilt the wire so the body slides down slightly from the bent end of the wire then dip it into a bowl of water to cool it down. When cooled I pull the body off the wire. After I paint several bodies I cure them in the toaster oven. I can usually paint 3- 7 bodies using one wire (heating the wire and wiping the excess paint off and/or cutting the wire This techinique does go through the SS wires but they’re cheap.
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