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  2. Supplied Air Respirator Systems

    LOL, I should have refrained from answering this question. BUT, I am not Catholic so I don't think the Vatican will come down on me if I seem to Pontificate about the subject. Just because you can smell something does not make it dangerous, at least to most of us. You smell perfume, air freshener, hand lotions, etc., etc., and they don't hurt you. Now, on the other hand, it gives my wife an allergic reaction and she has a rescue inhaler for church and when she flies, and it is soooooo fun getting on an airplane with the 3M half face mask for organic vapors. Yes, you can do it, but the looks are unreal. A doctor's prescription/note sure does help. On the other hand, my wife has no issues at all with my plastisol in the microwave. Get the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for the plastisol you use, learn what PEL (permissible exposure limit) is. After all, inhale too much water and you will drown, inhale too little and you dehydrate and die, just right and you have a humidifier. Some, and they are on this site, will preach ultra safety, and if I was doing commercial amounts I would sure have a sniffer and monitor the PEL levels. I do believe in safety, but I have learned to know what safety really is, and I attempt to not overreact. Check out the attached SDS from Alumisol and their Plastisol. I have highlighted the applicable sections in yellow. Other brands might not be the same, but all are similar. Ultimately you must decide for yourself. BUT, while you can never be too safe, you can be safer then you need to be. "Just saying" I think is the in phrase now. Good luck on your research, but I advise that you do not take what we say as though we are lawyers; WE ARE NOT! Alumisol SDS -1.pdf
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  4. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    PS, I usually use brass when I do it. It is easier to tune and easier to make.
  5. Basecoat rattle cans??

    Nope, never done LOL, but have done hardbaits. Keep the coats, usually keep them as thin as possible, close together, about 30 minutes apart, then mist them with the airbrush paint about 30 minutes after the last coat. Then you must let it dry the full 24 hours before doing the regular AB methods.
  6. Basecoat

    LOL, basecoats are not easy, and the items you basecoat can make it harder. I pour resins a lot, and the white resins help some, but the lead ballast I pour into it can migrate to the surface and makes it tough to coat. The options given above are pretty good. I also base coat with Krylon spray paint, the fusion was my favorite, but it is hard to find now. I still have issues getting it to cover the lead shot on the surface. I started doing something weird, something very weird. I rattle can a metallic Rustoleum on first, then rattle can the white Krylon over it. It takes far fewer coats now. Tell us something about what you are based coating and it will be easier.
  7. Basecoat rattle cans??

    Anybody using rattle can paint for base coat on plastic hardbaits? Want to do 20 at a time. I mostly want to do white base coat. Thanks for your wisdom.
  8. test tube tubes

    What size nails did you use?
  9. Supplied Air Respirator Systems

    I heat my plastic in a microwave. The fan on the microwave blows the fumes from the heating plastic into the room. I have a exhaust fan in the window of the room but the fumes/smell are still there to a point. I wear a 3M mask with the 6003 filter but I have a beard I don't get the best seal. Thats what has me thinking about the supplied air system with the half mask. The only thing that looks like it may be worrisome is the hose that goes to the unit. I can see where it could get in the way when walking around in the room. Im sure it is something that a person would have to get used to.
  10. reciep for steiger ice ?

    Looking for some help with making steiger ice color ? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. Basecoat

    I use Polytranspar Superhide white; lots of pigment, dries faster than normal to a smooth hard surface. Most airbrush paint brands include a highly pigmented white intended for color basecoating, with which you can basecoat with two coats of paint on wood lures. Is it a hassle? Maybe but necessary for most color schemes.
  12. Looking for molds like these.

    Is there anything else similar out there?
  13. top water

    Be aware there is a left and right blade for from and back to couneter act the toque. Avid has a blank but blades are plastic.
  14. Basecoat

    Golden's titanium white. You're welcome
  15. Basecoat

    What do you guys use for a basecoat prior to airbrushing? I'm just getting started and applying a basecoat via airbrush seems inefficient.
  16. Looking for molds like these.

    AI angling make it exclusively for u make em soft plastics in Australia.
  17. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    I do it with .54 wire for my Whopper Ploppers. I make the eye with a pair of round nose pliers, put the eye in a vice, and twist the tag end around the shaft using some needle nose vice grip pliers to hold the tag end. It's a pain.
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  19. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    I’ve made them but only with wire that I could twist with my fingers, like Malin leader wire or soft temper stainless. A barrel twist where one leg is twisted around the straight other leg does have more glue area but a regular dual twist shank epoxied into a drilled hole has never failed me and it’s easier to make. Hopefully someone who uses a barrel twist with larger hard temper wire can chime in.
  20. top water

    Also, call Lurepartsonline. I do remember the blades being available, just cannot find them. This is the closest I can find.
  21. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    My best suggestion is to hover your mouse over activity at the top right of the screen, then go to search at the bottom. Click on it and enter several options. I entered home made wire eyes and got the following. made wire eyes As for what you mean by "Barrel twist", I am not sure. But, I home twist my eyes by using a small round nose pliers, often called a jeweler's pliers, to make the round eye, then a pair of pliers to twist the rest. But, is that what you are after?
  22. Does anybody know who makes these or where i can purchase them from? Thanks.
  23. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    Anyone know how to make a Barrel twist screw eye for larger plugs? Could you share a procedure.
  24. Harder soft baits

    I had the same experience when I first started pouring. Someone here on TU suggested I hadn't gotten the plastisol to the 350 degree turn over point. I bought a digital thermometer from Harbor Freight, and, once I had gotten the plastisol to the right temp to begin with, no more sticky baits. Once it's gotten to 350 degrees, it can be reheated to 335+- and hand poured, or to 320+- to inject. The hotter the plastisol, the more it shrinks as it cools, so it takes some experimenting to find the right temps. for what you want to pour. Good luck.
  25. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    Dale, Do you dip, and, if you do, do you let the KBS drip back into the dipping jar?
  26. Painted DT16.jpg

    That puppy should really get some depth with the big bill. Color combo matches nicely.
  27. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    THAT'S IT! lol, Xylene......Suriously, the mason jars has the seals on the lids. If you keep the lip of the jar and seal clean there should be know problems. I've heard of wax paper being used for sealing, I don't use it. The trash in the bottom doesnt bother me either if it doesnt get churned up. Coming to the end of a jar and I hate to see any lost KBS......oh well, cost of using it I guess. Dale
  28. New Weed Guard Set-Up From Mark Pack

    Just thinking, I saw a patent application from the 60s that would seem to prevent every 3D eye we put on a hard bait. But, seems we don't have an issue so far. I have been doing that style of weed guard for 45 years on my bass flies, just tied the monofilament instead of using a slip piece of rubber. Patents applied for don't seem to protect, as indicated by CNC, and enforcing patents seems pretty hard as well. I am glad that for the most part I am a hobbyist. I suspect that there is a patent for how I breath air, and a lawyer willing to sue me over it. I know that someone has a patent application for just about everything else, including time travel (search it out). ROFLOL
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