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  2. Chatter bait jig selection

    Does the one with the split ring wobble harder?
  3. Custom molds

    But price will care based on size and simplicity
  4. Will the KBS thinner work with their Diamond Coat?
  5. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    I agree that people/companies who don't do what they say they'll do should be called out. I just think it's important to acknowledge those who do correct their mistakes, so others can learn from them.
  6. Today
  7. Resin glide bait help

    I've found a modified V profile, with a 7/8" back and shoulders, tapered down to 5/8" at the belly, plus flat sides, allows me build swim baits and glide baits that don't roll, because there is less buoyant material down at the belly. I keep my ballast as low as possible, too.
  8. Wood Densities

    I finished up my first glider out w.r.c a couple days ago. Tried it yesterday. Man. That thing glides like a dream. Hopefully the next one will do the same. lol
  9. Drum Mixing

    Trolling motor
  10. Custom molds

    WOW< $ 146.. now thats a great price !!
  11. tiny spoons

    Wrong section, try wire baits
  12. Custom molds

    Not true I got quoted 146 for a 5 cavity fluke mold from
  13. Adding Pearl Colouring to Plastisol

    Yes I think Ladies make up (eye shadow) is your best bet.
  14. Custom molds

    Most US companies charge $500+ for a simple mold
  15. Custom molds

    He has to make mine first LOL
  16. 7088D33D-D1B4-488F-9B42-82C2226E5B59.jpeg

    Here’s a few that I made for a friend in Carp/Golden Shiner.
  17. Can you identify this mold

    X2 on Baitjunky's .
  18. Chatter bait jig selection

    Been lurking. Here is one of the baits that I make for myself and really close friends.
  19. Can you identify this mold

    Ultra Molds sells the exact same mold (it was basically their design as Bear started selling their molds first) If you want a better trick worm style mold take a look at BaitJunkys while you're at it
  20. Wood Densities

    Bet you didn't know Balsa is a hard wood
  21. Blank Flicker Shads/Minnows

    Predator has a smooth one (middle). And Predator Live Target shad is one of my fav cranks
  22. Hand Built Boats

    Thanks. I don't know why one set of pictures remain. Photobucket has deleted all of mine (and others) and will not post them unless you upgrade to $$$ plan. I have not found a new free site to use. When I do I may try to repost some of the pictures. beekeeper
  23. Resin glide bait help

    I put about 50% microballoons in the bait and placed the weight flush against the bottom (well below the center line). It still does a barrel roll/dive bombs on the hard twitch.
  24. Can you identify this mold

    I dont think so i think ive found it its a bears 6 inch flat belly finesse worm mold by chance anyone want to sell me theirs Ill pay top dollar
  25. Yesterday
  26. Trfishin

    Wanting to buy some of these Bears baits craw claw grub molds. They are 3" curly tail grub with crawdad claws on the body. Please let me know if you have any for sale or know anyone that has some to sell. Thank You
  27. Custom molds

    Check with Josh from AI molds
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