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  2. 5 inch bug molds rat frog mold

    5 inch bug molds 0ne 4 cavity mold 20.00 2 2 cavity molds 10 each basstackle 305 rat frog mold 3.5 inch new 59 sell for 40.00 for more info
  3. 6 inch Fat Senko Mold lizard mold grub mold

    6 inch fat senko mold 50.00 4.5 inch lizzy lizard mold 30.00 I have 2 and then a small grub mold 3 inch open pour mold for 15.00 paypal friends and family contact for more info
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  5. Making A Jerkbait Part 1 & 2

    G'day guys, I finally finished up a little jerkbait project I've been working on for quite some time. Here are part 1 and 2. Since the lure will be sent overseas to Australia to be tested on Barramundi, part three will be filmed by a good friend of mine to record the results with this lure. Let me know what you think!
  6. Best Keitech swimbait mold

    How are the open pour ones from lure parts online?
  7. Who's making a good injector now?

    I just unpacked my mold. taped the spru and filled half with water but the tails were mostly empty and i was ia 5oz of water. So a solid 10 oz might work but more than likely me a little short. Ill call bass tackle tommorrow and see if they will make one a little bigger 11-12oz
  8. Tackle Show Opinions

    I know of at least one site that tried that. It folded because there weren't enough builders who wanted to sell online, and not enough web traffic to the site to sell what was there. They eventually gave the site away, and it was renamed, but it didn't do any better. I think word of mouth doesn't work on the internet, unless it's on a social media website. We all love what we do, and we come here to learn and to share with other like-minded people, but I don't think the majority of members here are interested in pursuing bait building as a paying venture.
  9. Who's making a good injector now?

    I'm looking at making an all teflon injector in a few months, I just need to shoot some worms now for a trip to Florida
  10. Who's making a good injector now?

    I love my 6 oz. basstackle, but i'm gonna buy a 9 oz. too.
  11. Who's making a good injector now?

    Oh yeah. 6 oz. will probably do it.
  12. Anyone know what happened to bearsbaits?

    First the floods and now this....they got kicked while they were down never had a negative experience from them. I had to find another company forplastic. But that's hardly important I guess, I have them all in my thoughts and wish them only good. Cancer sucks.
  13. BTS 3" Soft Stick Molds

    Yes, still have them all.
  14. Who's making a good injector now?

    The Basstackle injector is a good one might look at the twin setup it will run u about 200.00 i think in the 6 oz injector . It might save u money in the long run. I have a injector 4 oz i bought the mixing block but they won't sell me the rest of the setup so i have spent about a 100.00 and will have to spend 200.00 more if i get the twin. I have ordered a twin setup off ebay it has not come in yet i will let u know how well it is made when i get it been almost a month may of blowed another 100.00 and still not have what i want. LOL Cub48
  15. spinnerbait blades

    I have dealt with Barlows for years, and have always been treated fairly. They have great customer service.
  16. Who's making a good injector now?

    10oz. should be enough to fill it. We have some 20 cavity 8" worm custom bookshelf molds & it takes around 13-14oz. to fill. Don't know the diameter of the worms your shooting but it shouldn't take much over 1/2 of what it takes to shoot 20 8" worms.
  17. spinnerbait blades

    Matt and Jon own the place, I think. Nice guys that have earned my loyalty by their participation here and competitive pricing. Great customer service, IMO.
  18. Yesterday
  19. 4.5 inch rippin frog molds 7 inch swimbait

    4.5 inch ripping frog molds 2 cavity I have 2 molds 50 each also basstackle 690 swimbait mold 7 inch sells for 119 will take 90 paypal friends and family for info
  20. Tackle Show Opinions

    To be honest, I have wondered about a group of niche builders getting together and starting a web site to sell their baits. The cost of the web site is minimal, and if responses and reviews were not allowed a moderator would not be needed, so ........ Just brain storming. Just thinking with my fingers.
  21. spinnerbait blades

    Matt at Barlows was quick to respond and im returning the order for a full refund. Thanks guys!
  22. Coolest Weekend this year

    That is one lure I wish you had taken a picture of and posted on this site. Better yet, with the kid and you and the lure. Some rules are meant to be broken, and this is one of those times. This is a 5 Star act.
  23. Who's making a good injector now?

    I don't think they call yours a "hand inject mold". LOL Looks like you must have a shooting star or something like it????
  24. spinnerbait blades

    Hey guys here is a picture of the blade. Its Premium Gold Willow Blade smooth Finish size 5.5
  25. dragonfly nymph mold rattle snake molds

    I have a basstackle dragon fly nymph mold 3 cavity 1.25 inch sells new for 49 will take 30.00 als0 some very cool snake molds I have a 2 cavity 6 inch mold for 30.00 and a 4 cavity 6 inch mold for 50 also have 3 molds that are 8inch 4 cavity snake molds for 75 each then I have 6 of the 8 inch rattle snakes in a 2 cavity mold,40 each for those ,these were some of my best selling snakes,check out the pic,you can insert a glass rattle in the tail for a cool bait
  26. 5 inch Popper Frog molds

    5 inch popper frog molds,very unique items I have 6 moldswill take 35 each also a 2 cavity high rock molds frog 4.5 inch very nice will take 50 for that, 2 cavity 6 inch curly tail worm mold 50 for that paypal friends and family
  27. Enforcer Bait Molds

    Enforcer Molds 4.5 inch 4 cavity frog mold new 129 Ill take 90.00 free shipping paypal friends and family contact also enforcer mini frog mold with arms 20.00 enforcer 4 inch frog with swimming arms 25.00 enforcer 6 cavity 2 inch minnow mold 25.00 enforcer 6 inch finesse worm 2 cavity new 39 will take 25.00 also enforcer large curly tail grubmold single cavity 6/7/8 long awesome bait new they sell for 39 ill take 25 I have 3 molds also 6.5 inch flippin snake molds 2 cavity Ill take 30 each I have 3 paypal friends and family
  28. spinnerbait blades

    Hawg Hooker, PM me your contact info and we'll figure out what you've got and how to make it right. Excluding Hildebrandt, we don't carry any willow blades that run $66/50 count. -Matt Barlow
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