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  2. good way to fill up truewire slit ?

    The two part epoxy putty that some have mentioned comes in a small (4oz?) tube and is sold in auto parts stores and hardware stores. The product is in a roll shape with one element in the center (black) and one element on the outside (grey). I use to sell te stuff. You cut off slices and then knead it until it is one color. It is fairly thick in consistency and sets up quickly. You would have to pack it into the slot, and weaker woods would not be able to handle the pressure. It does not sand as well as the wood. Bondo would be better, IMHO.
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  4. Wonder if the Fish Will Like Em

    Really wondering if the color combo will catch anything. Guess I’ll find out.
  5. YP PUM spf (3).JPG

    The Rapala lures were my inspiration for this method. Only instead of a metallic base, I wanted a holographic one.
  6. YP PUM spf (3).JPG

    This reminds me of the old school Rapala foiled lures only better executed in it's details. Very nice work.
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  8. oil compressor ?

    almost all the spray gun and the airbrush with a fan cap and large nozzle (like my new one) gives the required cfm.just to prevent guys like me are not gonna get caught without enough cfm lol
  9. oil compressor ?

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen airbrushes rated for their cfm, but it’s gotta be pretty tiny compared to most air tools. I never ever run out of psi with my Porter Cable 135 psi 6 gal unit. But I sure wouldn’t want to run it inside my house if anyone else was at home and if I lived in an apartment or condo, it would be a recipe for eviction at any time of day, inside or outside. My family also wouldn’t put up with the noise from my small Badger compressor inside the house after bedtime. Sorry but I don’t have any experience with a small QUIET unit. Several airbrush companies make quiet professional units at professional prices (high).
  10. New gallery pics

    Love the crappie Chuck!
  11. oil compressor ?

    george unfortunately i live in a must be cool when you have a big one like that,you buy the tool you want ,no need to look if you can use buy you use period
  12. oil compressor ?

    bob that's why cfm is one of the most important spec to look at.unfortunately a lot of co didn't say a single word about new one need 40 psi but as soon as the tank need to be refilled i start to miss a lot of psi during the process
  13. oil compressor ?

    I am the odd man out. I run a 7hp with 60 gallon tank. I know it sounds overkill. we use it for everything from air guns,chisels etc. branched off to my spray booth. oil compressers last years over diaphragm models. there normally quieter also.. change the oil yearly
  14. oil compressor ?

    look at that little model.unfortunately it look too nice to be available in america .you will never get 0.5 hp ,116 psi ,40 db with one without oil .
  15. oil compressor ?

    it's kind of strange to see that the oil compressor are not more popular than the oilless .they outperform the oilless one in every ways .the only cons seems to be that you have to change oil . at least if the oil filter can do his job,im not so sure about that because i can't find a single reason to not buy one maybe im missing an important info about them ?
  16. oil compressor ?

    You can do so much more with a bigger compressor! Someday I will rig one like you did, Wayne.
  17. YP PUM spf (2).JPG

    The lure is 7". The blanks are no longer available. The foil I make myself using a process I invented myself. It is very labor intensive, but it looks fantastic. The . For now I am keeping it a trade secret.
  18. WTB 5" stick mold hand pour

    Looking for a 5" senko stick mold..not injection and not open pour but closed hand pour.
  19. Straight Shakee blades vs. Bent

    I only use 1.5-2 tabs at most. Much more than that and the skirt gets a bit too full.
  20. My Trip to the ER

    OUCH! Oh CRAP!
  21. YP PUM spf (2).JPG

    Looks great! What kind of foil did you use here? Also, how long is this lure, just hard to tell.
  22. New gallery pics

    I just posted some new pics in the gallery. I welcome comments and criticism.
  23. YP PUM spf (3).JPG

  24. YP PUM spf (2).JPG

    Scale finish applied to a smooth lure.
  25. Spooky1.JPG

    This surface lure is quite transparent. Gold blue and green highlights with a very visible scale finish. This doesn't represent any particular fish.
  26. HDH Crappie8.JPG

  27. HDH Crappie5.JPG

  28. HDH Crappie4.JPG

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