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  2. Best sized wire Can you believe they have some for as large as .080" now? I have made my share of Muskie spinners and they make some big clevis sizes for them now.
  3. Spinnerbait advise

    Welcome to the forum, good to have new people. I don't know one of my spinnerbaits in the fishing box from another so I can't check them. But.... you can get a micrometer and check the wire thickness. It may be titanium instead of stainless steel or maybe a hard stainless steel instead of a soft one. It can be much more difficult to determine the material so start with the right diameter then go from there. Testing different materials can get tiresome, but I will provide a link to help find sources. As for the hook size and mold, that can always be harder. Hook sizes are easy to adjust, but if the mold is a custom mold, a proprietary mold, then things get a lot harder. You might find that only a custom mold will work. Now that I have broken the ice, I am sure others will jump in to fix my mistakes. PS, to help you on this site, hover your mouse over ACTIVITY and when the drop down menu shows then go down to search. Click on search and enter your search items. We have years of information and a lot of the time we have answered the question before. But, I don't think so this time. LOL
  4. Homemade musky lure

    Very nice!
  5. Adding salt

    But, your idea of slow is different then my idea of slow. I have not used 50 pounds in my life, not even close. When you mix only two or three cups at a time, like I do, I can prevent clumps. But, I am glad to hear how they add anti clumping agents. that makes a lot of sense to me.
  6. Indigo Dragonfly

    I knew your fly would take first place and the award is well deserved. Congratulations! -- Tom Bell
  7. Sunfish

    Congrats on your second place and the exquisite fly you have tyed. The color gradients are truly impressive. -- Tom Bell
  8. Identify this skirt color - Part 2!

    Skirts Plus said they can't do it....backed up.
  9. Do-it mold Worm nose jig w screw lock

    Well Cadman I finally found some time to pour the nose head jigs. I poured 1/8 and 3/16 jigs. I still ended up with loose heads not the screw locks. The lead head wiggles from side to side. I was very careful how I pour them and removed them from the mold. I put the hooks under a heat light to warm them as I poured, removed them by the sprue and cut the sprue of with gate cutters. And yes I'm having the most problem is with the 1/8 oz cavities since that's the size we use a lot. Looking at the mold it just seems to me that there is very little lead the by the bend of the hook. Maybe have to alter the mold a bit. Any ideas?
  10. copy machine

    wow that's some real nice work.........
  11. copy machine

  12. Adding salt

    There are small amounts of additives added like anti clumping/caking agents in the finer grinds that keep it from clumping up. something you don't have when you grind it yourself. I have ground up my fair share of several different types of salt. I always found no matter what salt I started with and no matter how small the batch was and no matter how slow I mixed it would clump up bad in the plastic. I found a gallon jug of "worm salt" in a box of bait making supplies when I bought a guy out once. It was great, mixed in the plastic just fine, dispersed great, didn't clump. Took a sample into a major salt wholesaler here and have been buying part skids of 50lb bags ever since.
  13. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Congrats to the contest winners Some great entries overall
  14. Identify this skirt color - Part 2!

    Who is backed up?
  15. Roman Made Clone (6.75", 2.4oz)

    Thanks! The glide is great, I plan on getting a swim test video up soon. With this first attempt, and it being my first resin cast bait, I was only able to ballast it with around 1/4oz of lead. I have more research to do for getting a consistent buoyancy with microspheres. That being said, I am happy with the performance but know I can improve upon it with future casts.
  16. Roman Made Clone (6.75", 2.4oz)

    looks good, how does it glide? how much ballast weight?
  17. Adding salt

    I do know that it can destroy blenders. My very ancient coffee grinder has a single spinning double winged blade that crushes, not cuts, the salt (or spices or coffee). I do a little at a time so it does not pack or get hot and melt into clumps, but...... a cheap blender I got at a thrift store got toasted when I did too much too fast. To answer the why not to, well, two things. 1) Powder salt can leave lots of white that can cloud baits. Salt flakes or small crystals won't cloud nearly as much, or so I am told. 2) Grinding salt can destroy blenders. Notice that you can buy fine salt sold as worm salt. Ever wonder how it got to be "fine"? Salt crystals grow at different rates, and are normally larger than what we buy, so, it all gets ground somewhere? Just saying.......
  18. Identify this skirt color - Part 2!

    X2 Please!!!
  19. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Some outstanding work the realism was fantasy. Great job everyone !
  20. Adding salt

    Hahaha I use a coffee grinder that my in-laws left at my house one holiday. After I realized it would grind salt, I "forgot" to return it.
  21. Clear Coating Jointed Baits

    If the joint has sharp edges I wouldn’t paint or epoxy inside the joint because epoxy cures away from an edge and the sharp edges will bang against one another when the bait is used anyway, rapidly chipping off the epoxy. The amount of gap in a joint significantly influences what kind of action the bait has. You don’t want to decrease the gap by clogging it with a topcoat. I like to wrap a rubber band around the joint hinge to protect it from topcoat and to immobilize the flexing of the bait while I apply and cure the topcoat.
  22. Spinnerbait advise

    I am new to the group and new to the lure building world so I have a few questions. I want to make a spinnerbait that mimics a War Eagle. Does anyone know what size wire they use? I purchased .35 but it seems to bend easier. What hooks do they use? I purchased 3/0 but the gap is not as wide. I am using a Do-It mold SJ-4B-A, I want to make 3/8 oz spinnerbaits. The mold calls for 2/0 or 3/0 for that weight but it seems too small. What hooks are recomended? I know I will have many more questions but thank you all for your help!
  23. cottoncordell g finish

    about rapala finish that's the rumour that i don't believe at all.if it would be that,almost everybody would using it.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Roman Made Clone (6.75", 2.4oz)

    Tried my hand at making a functional 2-piece glide bait out of resin, using the RM Negotiator as inspiration. This was a great project for me to see what I was capable of creating. Excited to see what original designs I can come up with in the future!
  26. Identify this skirt color - Part 2!

    I still have some clear tabs, but I want more. Can't find them at Please let us know where to find them. Thanks
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