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  2. Best Drop Shot mold?

    That would be correct
  3. small ice fishing molds?

    I don't own that particular mold but know several that do and they all say it shoots awesome, looks great and catches fish. pretty much all the molds they make will shoot great with minimal effort. keep an eye on in the new year.
  4. Best Drop Shot mold?

    Isn't Bears no longer in business?
  5. Next tool

    I have truly enjoyed all the comments on my posts so far on this site. Lots of great help and information. I am just getting into the hand carving balsa baits world and I have a band saw. My questions is what would be your next purchase as far as tools go for building lures. What would help my process and make it easier.
  6. Best Drop Shot mold?

    Bears 5" Slick Willie.
  7. big lure holder?

    This holder is set up for 2 lures. The lure in the picture is a 6 inch popper. Swivel snap wired to the L bracket on the left. Eye bolt with rubber band and snap on the right. 1 inch by 3 inch scrap wood. You can also put an eye screw on the side of one the ends to hang it vertically for drying. I recommend setting it up for 2 lures at the most as would be hard to paint lures in the middle. If the lure is 8-12 inches I only put one lure on it at a time.
  8. gold and silver paint

    No that's a totally different knot, a Trilene is a basic 2 turn clinch knot
  9. Best Lead Melt Flux?

    Ratio is not really important for jigheads...just try to keep zinc out as it can weld itself to aluminum molds and ruin them! I test all the wheelweights with an old pocket knife that's pretty sharp. if it cuts into the weight easily, its lead. if it resists I look close for an fe or FE stamp to identify it as steel, or a zn or ZN that designates the zinc. If you know anyone who casts bullets, thet can give you pointers here. The reloaders take lead alloys seriously and have elevated alloying and heat treating to a science for bullet casting. The cast bullet handbooks have a wealth of info on fluxing, alloying, and safety on lead casting
  10. small ice fishing molds?

    My ice fishing plastics came from Do-it and Jacobs baits My #1 is the Do-it Nano. The wax wiggled has been popular
  11. 3 Angling AI 2.75” double dipper molds. Shoot great. $300 for all 3, that’s $150 savings. Will need $13 for shipping. Also have s tube cutter if interested. Thanks Ryan
  12. Best Drop Shot mold?

    Wondering what everyones favorite drop shot mold is. I have a 4 inch Basstackle Treat worm mold and love it on a drop shot, but interested in another type of drop shot bait.
  13. 3 angling AI 4” stinger molds

    Up for sale 3 angling AI 4” stinger molds. Beaver style bait. They are all 3 cavity. Shoot very nicely and can be laminated. $300 plus $13 for shipping. Ryan
  14. Need Airbrush Paint Advice

    I use Createx and like them. I really like the pearls and iridescent, But...they require thinning, and different colors by different amounts. White and pearls the most. Createx white is thick and aweful to clean up. You will be using white a lot to base coat. This stuff is awesome and many use it.
  15. History of tackleunderground

    So far so good mark, watch this space.........
  16. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    Looks good vman, the music -well errr ....
  17. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    That is a slick build!
  18. gold and silver paint

    Don't they call that the Trilene Knot, too?
  19. History of tackleunderground

    Gliders, Is it true that single malt Scotch will also add years to your life?
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  21. History of tackleunderground

    P.s , made the life expectancy bit up to cheer up the old geezers ...
  22. small ice fishing molds?

    Looking for ideas for soft plastic molds that are made for ice fishing. I love using soft plastics for ice fishing crappie but they need to be small. I was considering the Bait Junkys 1" arkansas Flash. Anyone have experience with that particular mold? Also, any other recommendations for ice fishing molds would be appreciated as I plan to buy a couple different options. Thanks everyone, good knowledge in this forum!
  23. gold and silver paint

    You mean passing a line through a lure eye twice, then tying a Uni-knot? You mean that old thing I started doing in the early 80's, and taught people along the front range of Colorado to do, before you gave it a name? You mean that old thing? I never said I don't like it, just would never call it that. ROFLOL It is a good knot, it has its place. Sure not the only knot I use, but it has its place.
  24. History of tackleunderground

    I guess I am on the younger side at 36. This place has been a great place for me to shorten the learning curve when it comes to making baits. The amount of knowledge and the great members make TU an awesome place! I am still soaking up all the knowledge I can from this place.
  25. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    I am not so much concerned about shiny, but on the do-it forum a guy had posted core shot baits and he had mentioned the the core was not showing through as well due to the surface of the mold. The first thing I thought of with the core shot bait was a clear body (silver and black flake) with a flo pink core /tail and call it rainbow trout. A more subtle version could be a clear with ( blue and red flake) with a pearl gold core shot call it brown trout. But I would agree anything solid color "shine" is irrelevant
  26. Micro bubbles

    JESSE9583 I am glad everything turned out okay for you do it stands behind everything that they sell if you have a problem with it just call and they will take care of you we've had issues with vinyl paint and they sent me a replacement no questions asked and I'm sure that they would do it on if they had a bad batch of plastic just contact Jerry for any problems.
  27. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    I dont have the ES ripper yet. The high temp spray does work. I still use the ES Swimbait mold that I sprayed in the video. In all honesty, im not sure the finish actually matters that much. yes the shiny looks better, but will it catch more fish?
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