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  2. Roman Made Clone (6.75", 2.4oz)

    Tried my hand at making a functional 2-piece glide bait out of resin, using the RM Negotiator as inspiration. This was a great project for me to see what I was capable of creating. Excited to see what original designs I can come up with in the future!
  3. Identify this skirt color - Part 2!

    I still have some clear tabs, but I want more. Can't find them at Please let us know where to find them. Thanks
  4. cottoncordell g finish

    I always thought g-finish was just retroreflective paint.? And wasn’t Rapala’s finish propionate? Clemmy
  5. Adding salt

    I don't know about others, but when I tried grinding salt, I blew up 2 of my wife's blenders. To this day, she doesn't let me forget it. LOL
  6. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Congrats to everyone!!!...Some incredible work!!..Nathan
  7. foiled cranks

    Thank you Mark! The scales (or rather dimples) are done with a Dremmel. The slightest touch leaves an indent. It doesn't take very long to do at all. It's much faster than gluing down a netting material which is how I do scales on some foil baits. The scaling is more of a random texture done this way but still makes for a nice effect and reflects a lot of light.
  8. How do i make this color

    Monitors are different, but on mine it looks like minnow silver.
  9. Identify this skirt color - Part 2!

    Isn't that a stock skirts plus color? does have clear tabs as that is where I bought mine. Allen
  10. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    I had a lot of fun creating my entries. Came up blank again, but feel i made a lot of progress this past year.
  11. cottoncordell g finish

    Exactly. It is caused the same way also - by refraction. And by way of correction - that should have been "shipping terms". I highly recommend you do not sip any clear coat.
  12. Adding salt

    In one of the posting it was mentioned NOT to grind salt. Can I ask why not?
  13. Senko Formula Tips

    What I have been doing for years. EVERYTHING gets weighed, plastic, salt, colour, flake. Only way to get consistent results day after day.
  14. Skirted Inline Spinner

    This was a fun one to make. Got a new powder air brush. Painted a #3 french blade in a fire tiger patern. some gold colored beads, a 8mm chartreuse bead and then a brass skirt color with a "sexy shad" jig skirt. Think it's a good look that should work on river smallmouth pretty nice!
  15. Clear Coating Jointed Baits

    I've never clear coated a jointed bait ? Any tips , I have some LC 1.5 wake Baits I'm doing. I'm using bob smith epoxy. Thanks For Any Help. Mike
  16. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Wow! I remember the last week before the deadline had so many AMAZING entries that I thought I wouldn't stand a chance haha. Thanks TU for hosting this and helping make our work extra special and meaningful! And we'll done to EVERYONE who entered... definitely some very creative, talented, and inspiring work Dan
  17. Painting Chatter Bait Blades

    I just put them in a vise, clamp tight and bend with my thumb as far towards the vise as I can. Bends nicely and crisply. I don’t put a big bend generally so works well.
  18. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Wow! I’m pleasantly surprised..What great news..I feel honored to have won..All of of entries looked fantastic..Congratulations to all the winners and guys who placed in all the categories..Thanks to the judges for their time and giving us the opportunity to submit our work..This was super fun and im looking forward to doing it again in 2019!! Also a big Thank You! to lureparts online for providing the prizes..They are an beyond awesome company!!
  19. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    I didn't even think I would place! Wow thank you!
  20. Senko Formula Tips

    Good point Frank!
  21. Identify this skirt color - Part 2!

    They told me they're so backed up they can't do it.
  22. Identify this skirt color - Part 2!

    1000 tabs at skirts plus
  23. curt it still shows im an advertiser on my profile,could we get that off,thanx,john

    1. Curt - RI

      Curt - RI

      @Bogbaits Should be all set now!

    2. Bogbaits


      thanx again


  24. Senko Formula Tips

    Trying to get accurate weight to some people is a real nesesity. So tell me why everyone tells you teaspoons heaping or not but is every teaspoon the same, I think not. You all seem to have a great scale but no one weighs the salt or media and it would not matter what salt or media you use. I would think this would be the way to go to get more accurate formulas. Heck for that matter when using such small amounts weigh the plastic and all. There would be some differences is molds but way more accurate if you want the weight so close to the original. Then just work with other additives the get the wiggle right. Just the thought I had while reading this.
  25. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    What a great surprise! I did not expect to be a winner, there was a lot of great entries! Thank you to everyone involved in making this contest happen
  26. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    As always this contest really gets all of our juices flowing,Ive never seen such artistic craftsman ship anywhere,thanx for another Awesome contest!!!
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