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  2. Defective Blanks

    There are some great bait body venders on TU. Look at it this way if you have a bad taste in your mouth and feel you have done everything you could I would post a pic or two here and say the name. I have seen a few sellers who get very appreciative of you once the word is out and it carries through our community, including Facebook.

    This is something that I have thought about from the beginning, about 10-12 years old. Either the TU members that have been here or the ones that have read a post that I have made, knows that I paint to mimic a forage bait 90% of the time. I mainly design my own shapes. However we are limited to a top water, stick or swim as far as hardbaits. I believe that action (includes depth) is the primary strike factor (this includes swim baits), paint scheme is the second (this includes eyes). I have several distinctive designs. One of these I am going to design it a little smaller. This one is productive and unusual. I understand what you are saying, but to me if one catches fish I don't care if it is a work of art. My grand won first place in the National Art Competition (local), 12 and under with a bait that was shaped by her hands and painted by a 8 year old. Her and I have caught fish with it before the competition. I had to put an clear coat on it. The bait is an unique design that she helped me with. On the other hand I have made a multi jointed newt baits that looks great in the water but catches only the air. Sooo...I only concentrate on the dozen shapes that produce. My thinking is, "heck how many can I work with anyways"? Its still something I just like doing. Dale
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  5. Do-it style 9 shad 1/2 and 3/4 modifying

    The 6/0 7/0 and 8/0 is easy to bend. I cut the end finger off glove. Stick the bend and point in the glove. Put cutters on the eye and bend forward. The bottom part of the cutter goes on the shank and the top goes against the eye.
  6. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    Sorry for not answering Mark quickly, been fishing. Your right, just to get the run off at first. The dripping I allow to happen on the stand. Mark I was asking if you have seen Rustoleum Crystal or 2X Clears. I've been looking but I haven't seen any. I believe you and I are the only ones using these, but if anyone else knows any knowledge would be appreciated.

    Myself I am OCD about creating an action over pretty so guess I am an inavator lol I work long hrs stuck in trucks or equipment so my mind is non stop thinking about how to create new lures Probably have about 20 designs in my head I need to build and tinker with
  8. unpainted fishing lure bodies

    google luckycastlures/

    I think that many lure innovators here are hesitant to post their own ideas, because there are big lure companies have trolls who are constantly monitoring sites like this for new ideas they can steal.

    Great subject, I started with a 1/2" dowel put a hook on it and on the very first catch I caught a Smallmouth bass that was the start of a box full of lures that did not work, experimenting is every lure that we make more so out of wood. The plastic KOs are good some not so good, but the work is in the wooden ones, small or big like musky lures or a small popper. I really think the experimenting is in the color and I think we have painted every color that is made just different styles. Yes the lure is pretty much the same from one lure to another over the years and they are just there to mimic another fish. So where do we go now? Wayne

    I do sell my lures. The profit thing maybe not so much. Most of my "Pro Staff" is made up of 10 year old kids who come up to my table at sport shows and talk fishing. They get a lot of free lures to be field testers for me. The others are sold for $5 ( one ABE = 1 lure) But on to my point. There is nothing wrong with art but what if the thought process was out there to create something unique and innovative. Not just a shot term money making gimmick, but something with legs. Beings we are making lures from scratch anything is possible. This post was not made to make light of any ones vision of this hobby. It was made to create a thought.
  12. top water

    I think that Bob is on track there. I love to tinker, to develop the next lure, but not for acclaim, profit, sell, etc., but to fill a specific need I have if I want to catch more fish. Personally, I feel all my lures are a failure, but my fishing partners, friends, and family don't agree. My wife sold some of my lures for $50 a piece recently, and I have never ever even tried to sell a lure before. Not only was it an eye opener, but each one of them gave me anxiety attacks thinking that maybe there was something wrong. My parents love to talk about my first successful lures from 50 years ago. I MAKE LURE TO DO WHAT I CANNOT BUY. LOL Still, Rod has a point. But I think that there are a lot of people still experimenting with the next great lure. I suspect more want to make the next big money maker, not invent for the sake of inventing, and that is not a bad thing. I just wish they would test them first and not sell "Helicopter Lures or Flying Lures". Capitalism is a good thing, but it has downsides also. LOL In the case of my lures, if they add to the "body of knowledge" as Larry Dahlberg puts it, it will be family and friends that give my lures after I am dead. I won't have the will to take a chance and submit them myself. uggggg
  14. Defective Blanks

    I don’t much like defensive blank sellers. But I’d also buy a few test blanks before springing for a big buy, regardless of past experience with that seller. It’s just the nature of the beast with generic Asian blanks that the quality can vary from very good to dismal. If he knows the quality is poor, he should take it up with his supplier and not stick his customers with the baits. If he knows. And if your complaint gets no redress, well, do what you think is best.

    There’s nothing saying that you can’t create the next great lure and give it a beautiful paint job too. There’s a wide array of interests among TUers. My main interest is making crankbaits that catch fish for me and my friends. But others concentrate on painting crankbaits as an outlet of artistic expression. No harm there. Still others seek acclaim and profit. No harm there either. Innovation is wonderful and I admire guys who are willing to put up with the hard work and repeated failures on the pathway to success. I don’t have the time or patience for that. I just want the satisfaction of making lures with my own hands from basic materials and then confirming my efforts by catching fish with them.
  16. conversion really made a difference - #1 being useless

    Back before i made my own plastics i caught a ton of walleyes on the exact bait on the far left so I guess I wouldn't say it's useless. I do like a straight tail bait in some situations too though. Especially cold water.
  17. Help With DYI Pull Pin For Egg Sinker Mold

    For $5 I would buy the pull pin...
  18. Soft temper wire for through wire

    I make larger thru wire lures for saltwater 4 to 7 in. I use annealed 304L stainless steel wire .062 in (11-1/2 in long). These come with one end pre bent from NJ Tackle. NJ Tackle also has all the components you will need to do your job. Check out how to "Wiring A Wooden Plug" with Dave Anderson. Tip: Before you wire your first plug take a piece of the wire and practice doing tail wraps per the video. This will build your confidence and skill so when it comes time to wire your lure you get it right. Some guys use screws vs thru wire. I prefer to do thru wire because I would never want to loose a good fish because of a failed plug.
  19. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    I'm reading this as don't let the KBS drip back into the dipping jar. I haven't used Rustoleum liquid. How does it work for baits? Is it the same stuff that's in the X2 Gloss Acrylic?
  20. Basecoat

    I like rattle can primers because they have more solids than water based white, so two coats, 30 minutes apart, give me a much smoother surface to paint.

    I sometimes wonder if we the members of the group who make our lures from a solid block of wood and not purchased blanks are doing ourselves and maybe the tackle industry a disservice. Hear me out here, we have the ability to create the next great lure. Maybe if we would look more towards the innovation aspect instead of trying to create a flawless realistic paint job someone from this group might create the next big thing. The tackle industry in generations past had many lure innovations brought to the market. Some good some bad (real bad). The thing is they were trying. With the tackle industry being dominated by bigger companies buying out the smaller guys all the time, innovation has been replaced by more lure colors and slight variations of the same lures. So maybe next time we get out the scroll saw to shape a lure, stop and think. What if................................
  22. I searched and saw some topics(mostly about smaller lures), but I want some really specific answers on this one. I'm going to be making some lures through wire and I wanted to know what you guys usually use for larger lures from 6" and up. I'm going to be making these lures for saltwater, pike, musky, etc. I had originally bought a large coil from LPO( .062" diameter). I tried bending that stuff multiple times and I can't get that thing to bend correctly for anything to make line ties on the front of lures or the rear. It's really, really rigid and I've wasted a lot of it. From a lot of videos I've seen on youtube of people bending wire for line ties, the wire bends so easily! I know a lot of you order soft temper(0.41" and smaller) from McMaster-Carr, but what diameter and item number for the larger lures? I looked before and there are so many options. Thank in advance
  23. Help With DYI Pull Pin For Egg Sinker Mold

    Cadman thanks for the info. I got a new old stock mold that didn't have a pull pin (thanks for size). These will not need to be painted but it's good info if I decide to use molds that do.
  24. Defective Blanks

    I'm not going to say the company. I've had good products from them in the past and like the other companies that sell blanks, he has some that I really like and are good quality that are only available through him.
  25. Help With DYI Pull Pin For Egg Sinker Mold

    You should have gotten a pull pin with this mold if you bought it new. I use stainless steel, and I also use drop out on the pull pin. Remember if you use oil, you will have to de-grease these really well if you decide to paint them. Finally I believe the pull pin diameter is .060 on that mold
  26. Defective Blanks

    What company? I have had something similar happen, But both times I was fixed up... After some arm twisting.
  27. Defective Blanks

    Hey guys. I recently purchased some defective baits (not by choice). I bought 50 of a particular blank and over half had bills that were crooked. And even the ones with the best places bills would not tune. I sent the supplier an email explaining the defective baits. I was polite and just explained the situation and said he may want to check his stock and manufacturer. I did not ask for a refund or anything. And in the same email, asked if he had a certain blank in stock (to me this shows I want to do business with this company). 8 days later the reply came and said he was not calling me a liar but he has had no issues with that blank. What got me was the I'm not calling you a liar but. If you say you are not calling me a liar and then say but. Aren't you calling me a liar? Ok done with my rant and on to a question: Do any of you have experience with a particular style or model bait that no matter where you purchase it from they are just junk? It kinda would be nice to have a list somewhere to warn some of us of blanks not to purchase. I don't have money to just blow on junk nor do I want to paint and maybe 1 day sell junk with my name attached to it. BTW: I have sent 2 emails with pictures to the supplier and a third asking if he had received them. No word back.
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