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  2. Defective Blanks

    I think this is a can of worms. Yes there are sellers that don’t pay enough attention to the quality of the blanks they sell, or take a defensive attitude when a complaint comes in, or who just won’t respond to a complaint. There are buyers who paid money in good faith for blanks they can’t use because of defects. Undoubtedly, most of the posts I’ve seen concerning this problem are valid complaints. But I don’t discount the possibility that a buyer can be unrealistic about what he is buying or too quick to publicly criticize a seller without contacting him to discuss the problem and ask for redress in a polite and businesslike manner. What’s fair? Does TU and its members really want to get in the business of arbitrating disputes when we only know one side of the issue? I’ve been burned a couple of times buying blanks. It made me wary of knockoff blanks from Asian sources, so I try to vet sellers as best I can and then seek opinions on specific lure models before I order. This can be a shady corner of the marketplace, so you pays your money and takes your chances, IMO.
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  4. Defective Blanks

    Suspect you guy's are probably right, over here there's a tendancy to bite the bullet and just move on to another shop. Personally I'm straight on the case ,no qualms.....
  5. Crankbait Blank Suppliers

    I have never purchased from Dinger Baits, but I'm sure your products are good quality. I know people that have purchased from you and they all speak highly of your products. I have been selling on ebay for 20 plus years, and I'm just an old Vietnam Vet that believes in being honest and taking care of my customers, but my feedback speaks for itself.
  6. Defective Blanks

    Curt, while your here, is there any way to delete previous attachments,? With attachments full , I think there's guy's maybe not posting good ideas due to inability to illustrate ideas with odd picture. Understand if not possible......glider
  7. Defective Blanks

    Let me toss around the idea of a pinned post for crankbait blank reviews. I will get back to you on this next week. And, if for some reason I forget, please reply here and remind me!
  8. First soft swimbait advice needed

    I think Baitjunkys got caught in the trap we all have. He is such an expert injector that I think he has forgotten that some of us still open pour on occasion. ROFLOL I got caught the other way, I make my molds out of silicone and I was just thinking I could cut more air gates to allow the air to escape. LOL IF you do decide to go injection s Baitjunkys was suggesting, then PM him and he can work you through the angle adjust to allow the air to escape better.
  9. Getting a small amount of paint

    And what has this to do with getting paint out of a can?????????
  10. Defective Blanks

    This is such a tough problem, and sometimes we are inclined to be a bit too politically correct. Years ago I got a bunch of small plastic cranks to work on my airbrush painting skills, figuring I would hand them out to the kids. They looked awesome, but the factory ballast was completely off. With the suggested hooks they would roll right out of the water, but with one size heavier they would dive but would not swim or "wiggle" at all at anything less than hyper speed retrieve. I do regret not at least complaining to the company, but I just wrote it off as my stupidity. I have not purchased "blanks" again. We do need a product review thread. I will "report" Super Ron's post, and as an explanation I will state that I agree we need this option. Perhaps Kurt or Nathan will see it and agree. After all, you get product reviews from Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops. Something set up like that would be useful. PS, if I did buy blanks again, I for sure would be asking for advice from this site. I am not going to toss money into the toilet again with the last company I used, even though that was many years ago.

    Yep, have some at Lake Powell in Southern Utah this week. The problem is that they will be fishing Strippers and if they are hitting/boiling on the shad, anything will work, including a chewing gum wrapper hung off a hook. ROFLOL I hope I get some action video to at least evaluate the action.
  12. Defective Blanks

    The whole point to revealing a vendor who cannot come to grips with the fact he may have provided inferior product absolutely deserves a call out especially if he flat out refuses to discuss the matter, the simple fact he never had issues with that blank tells me he does not look at the product just counts and ships or worse and is just a middle man who does not even touch the product, this is not about degrading someone on the forum it is educating the unsuspecting that they may choose to look elsewhere so I'll digress and ask where then should this be posted as it's clear that the OP is not interested in a good ole internet donnybrook just a little consideration and discussion about a substandard product.
  13. Best finish coat to use over CS vinyl paint

    Devcon 2-Ton is really strong, clear, and is user friendly. The only downside is that it is brush on but it doesn't need a heavy coat as it is thick but goes on easy and doesn't need a drying wheel as the working time is about 12 to 15 minutes even though it says 30 minutes. When I do a large number of jig heads I'll mix in small batches to have little to no waste, what happens is that the epoxy will get so thick it is hard to put on with a brush, if you were doing something on a large scale like a repair of some sort I'd imagine you could apply it up to 30 minutes but not for the stuff we do. Now while it sets up pretty fast it isn't able to be handled for 8 hours and fully cured at 12 hours but I like to have my heads go for 24 hours before move them from my rack and 48 hours before I fish with them, that is just me as I'm sure they are good after 12 but I feel better with the 48 hour thing, an obsessive compulsive deal.
  14. Defective Blanks

    Ron, I meant in general, as a supplier, If anyone finds anything wrong with the products I supply I like to know so i can try to avoid things in the future, or change things. I appreciate the kind words. There might be a sale this weekend...
  15. Defective Blanks

    No they were not. Dinger has provided me with quality. I think of the blanks I've bought from Dinger only one took a little extra sanding to get rid of a blemish. Thanks for asking though. And expect an order from me over the weekend.

    I end up sending samples and proto types to guys that have open water. Wisconsin is pretty much frozen already where I am at.
  17. Defective Blanks

    Ron, if it were me that the lures came from, I would like to know.
  18. Crankbait Blank Suppliers

    Only people i would buy from....
  19. Getting a small amount of paint

    I always take cool ideas from a favorite resource. If interested, then look Full Posting here. I wish peace and good to everyone!
  20. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    I agree with Gliders that the twisted eye is as strong and in fact probably stronger. However, in many of the large wood plugs these are used for, The wire goes thru the center of the bait so no matter what eye you form on one end, when you push the wire thru to the other end a barrel eye is the only option I know of. The Lordship Lures You Tube videos were very good. After watching, there were other lure maker videos as well.
  21. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    Gliders thanks I am sure you are right, I tend to overthink these simple things sometimes. When I am learning about something I tend to go overboard on the work up which can paralyze me sometimes. Paralysis of analysis. Sonoman I checked out the videos, didn't actually have making a screw eye but the tail wrap video helped me to figure out how to do it. I thibnk Gliders is right that it would be overkill for minimal gain. Thanks to everyone else for sharing. Hope to make some traditional Striper plugs and a few for Musky plugs this winter.
  22. Anyone Developed a Weedless Underspin Yet?

    Here is a mod that I did to the weighted hook mold. For heavier weights, I was able to get the bottom bouncer mold to work. Not sure it it will work for your application, but I hope it leads to a solution for you.
  23. Lavender Grey Shad-Pink.JPG

    Do those ribs in the bill affect the action? The bait looks awesome by the way!!!
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  25. Best finish coat to use over CS vinyl paint

    Thanks for all your recommendations guys. I think I might try some D2t, and then go from there.
  26. I recall reading certain colors signified they were a better grade and suitable for production. Colors were Green, Red & Blue: Does anyone know which color was considered the best? Color coding is not done any more as they are all painted black.
  27. First soft swimbait advice needed

    Yes I was thinking injection. Open pour should be a breeze...

    I don’t know how BentonB does his, but as a hobby builder I keep a library of body and lip templates and a notebook recording measurements, weights of components, wood type and coating details on each new crankbait design I do. That lets me reproduce a successful crankbait and gives me a base line of detail from which to experiment to improve a design. If I want to cook up a batch I made 5 years ago, I just refer to my recipe instead of my faulty memory (which NEVER works).
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