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  2. Come out to Utah and Fish for the Channel Cats at Utah Lake or Willard. You WILL catch cats on your fly. These fish are as aggressive at the walleye and Wipers here. LOL
  3. They work good for Steelhead, Salmon, trout on occasion, and many Saltwater species. But they are not the ideal solution to all problems. Because Steelhead and Salmon, at least the ocean run ones of the Pacific Northwest, do not feed once they enter the rivers, they are hitting out of anger, spite, territory, etc. Glow just offers them another reason for them to strike. I have found that night fishing for Big Browns and Bows with just a touch of glow seems to really help. Having said that, too much seems to turn them off. These are mostly feeding fish, not hitting out of anger, spite, etc., so I think that it runs them off. I have tried it for Walleye and Bass at night and find that I do much better without the glow. In fact, I do not recall catching a single Bass on glow at night and few Walleye took my streamers with glow. Not sure why, just unformed theories. I don't know if this helps of not, but this is my experience.
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  5. Need help on these skirts. I tried to find them at barlows But nada..
  6. Painting to appease fish is easy but to please fishermen that is another story. I am not to Dave’s black and white level but I believe contrast and patterns that make it pop are more important than life exact colour. When I had a trout farm I tested a lot of things with colour and patterns. My ponds were natural so they ranged from crystal clear to very little visibility depending on the time of year. I do believe in paying attention to what depth colours are effected and water clarity’s impact. I have also painted up two lures in the same pattern 1 in colour and the other in shades of grey. Depending on the conditions the grey lure will match or even beat the colour lure. I have done this for Lakers with a down rigger in crystal clear lakes and without a doubt some colours that make a difference depending on depth. That said stained or 100+ft it’s basically contrast of the pattern and the good old black or white lures shine Still try to make my lures look respectable and think the artistic talent displayed on lures looks awesome.
  7. that looks nice and you are lucky but I doubt their patent goes outside the U.S....... when you open the eye, did you have to modify the mold a bit to except the hook eye? just trying to beat the trial and error lol
  8. Poison tail works well, that’s a 5/0 gamakatsu spinnerbait hook. zman don’t appear to have extended the patent to Australia luckily.
  9. Amen. Thank goodness the fish aren't art critics!
  10. Wayne, we had scorpions in Venice, CA, when I was a kid in the '50s. Our alleys were dirt, we were barefoot, and no one went looking for them after dark. I would have loved to have had a UV flashlight back then. They help to find black widows, too. That red belly glows in UV light.
  11. chachybaby

    Molds for Sale - 3 Lot

    Price drop $90 for all three
  12. These are some swim jigs I made. The top one is the poison tail....
  13. Line thru cranks have been my thing for years now... pro: ive never lost one (snagged several, they always float back to me)... con: some design limitations (thru hole and ballast fight for space) Looking forward to getting back in the shop and carving out some smaller white bass sized, trolling cranks... not sure if ill try to stick to the line thru design or go traditional
  14. We use one of these: https://www.ebay.com/i/112321104185?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=112321104185&targetid=544246891374&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1020268&poi=&campaignid=1497773989&mkgroupid=59509629962&rlsatarget=aud-622524042918:pla-544246891374&abcId=1139476&merchantid=114605900&gclid=CjwKCAjwkenqBRBgEiwA-bZVtr9pyGvJ73E7zSvUShbch7--2Xrm-wS69fMZafef2DN0jyRdKzC3pBoCB_IQAvD_BwE
  15. You can find the information you’re looking for by doing a search. Lots of threads out there about molds, modifying, opening hooks or using figure 8 links. The poison tail has what you are looking for if you want to modify. The aluminum molds can literally be modified with a hammer, I modify mine by starting with a hammer and refining with dremel. You can’t buy the coffin style from any tackle or component supplier, you might want to try an auction site..... The other route is the D and M swim jig, you can open the eye and attach a blade very easily, comes out looking a lot like their old piranha bladed jig. .
  16. JRammit

    Back in blue

    More pics of the layout... basically a bass boat with the casting decks shrunk down to allow for more seating and make it family adaptable
  17. JRammit

    Back in blue

    It only took 38 years, but i finally made it into the boat owner club!!! Ive been MIA here for about 3 years now, mainly because i picked up a 2nd hobby (3rd if you count fishing and lure building separately)... i hit a turning point in my life and decided to start learning about the financial markets, mainly the stock market... in a way its a complementary hobby, the more time i spend learing my way around the markets today, the more time i can spend fishing and lure building tomorrow.... so that's where most of my time has gone, im into my 3rd year now and doing fairly well, well enough to sell some stocks and buy this! Its a 1995 Pro Craft fish & ski combo with a 175 Mercury outboard (only 186 hours on the motor)... just too good a deal to pass up! Now that i have access to big water, ill be fishing a local lake that has an extremely prolific white bass and hybrid striped bass population... which means my tackle box will need a makeover from all the LMB baits ive stocked it with over the years... so i guess im back, cause i got alotta new lures to make!
  18. What's the word on the hardest coating. Our saltwater fish have more pointy teeth and also I'm finding the super sharp trebbles are penetrating clear coats and once that happens it seems the clears are flaking and braking off which means they have low adhesion qualities.. these are mostly commercially available lure manufactures products. Whats the hardest clear with the best adhesive qualities? ppg auto clear (shop line 2 part clear coat) vs Diamond coat vs UV Cure Which has the best adhesion to the paint? least chipping and flaking from the hooks and teethe? Diamond coat states very flexible.. but is it also chip and tear resistant after it's penetrated with a hook point or teeth?
  19. Could a heat gun be used to heat a large wood lure hot enough. I'm talking Musky Baits... 2inch diameter, then press hot rubber pad to lure with foil... How would you do larger diameter plugs?
  20. Yesterday
  21. Adding hardener needs to be dealt with the exact same way hard pack is, Mix the heck out of it. It will blend in. Your dealing with the strongest raw product available, If you want it to be easier, just thin it down like the others do, Im assuming they are cutting it with plasticizer, Kind of defeats the purpose but... and you still will have 10x the product for the same money.
  22. Sorry I totally missed this, I use Suspendasol from Spike it, Aka lureworks.. Its not super great in the nuker, I wish they would put out a new microwave version of it tho. I had suggested to some guys mix it 50/50 with std plastisol and said it worked great
  23. Thanks. I will do some bending and practice with som SS leader.
  24. Yes I have tried them not bad but not perfect either hoping the 90# you suggested will be what I’m looking for in the 1/8 and 60# in the 1/6
  25. Mark try this...…….51 UV LED Scorpion Detector Hunter Finder Ultra Violet Blacklight Flashlight AA its on ebay If not the lure than you can go Scorpion hunting ! Wayne
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