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  2. Hmm, wonder if they still have the other one!
  3. I can’t be much help except to say I have some experience with peg boarding molds. I thought it would be a pretty good method of storage too. So I put up the pegboard, bought the 12 inch long pegs for it thinking I could put a bunch of molds on one hook. I did that only to find out more than about two to a hook will eventually sag and pull that pegboard out of shape because of the excessive weight. Then they will slide down and fall off the pegs.
  4. I went through mine and got rid of ones that I seldom use. I'm down to a couple of dozen. I have a set of shelves in the back of the garage behind my boat. I keep my molds on the top of the shelves. I took a small paint brush and labeled the end of one handle on the molds so I can just read the name of the one that I want and pull it down.
  5. you need a light dimer for that burner! but a hotplate is much easier to control the temperature
  6. Thank you Ben. That's the info I was looking for. Does the syringe that you are using have the black silicone seal?
  7. I don't use screw eyes, but I use 30 minute epoxy applied with a syringe and a large bore needle to install twisted wire ties and hangers. This takes all the guess work out of this process as far as whether or not the joint has a 100% bond between the tie and the wood. It's probably overkill, but this is just one less thing for me to worry about. As far as cleanup is concerned it's not that complicated. I keep 2 medium sized pill bottles on my workbench filled with DA. One is "dirty" alcohol and one is "clean". By doing a series of fill and purge with each bottle I'm still using the same syringe and needle I've been using for years. I wouldn't recommend using 5 minute epoxy. It can be done, but you don't have much time to clean the syringe by the time you install and align your hardware Ben.
  8. Most often an epoxy with a longer cure time is also a stronger adhesive as well
  9. Thanks cadman! Sounds like an intense system, I never considered cataloging. I like the idea of boxes with like items, I considered long peghooks with doubles and like molds too
  10. A long work time is one reason I like Rod Bond paste epoxy; its stays in gel form for at least an hour, plenty of time to install hardware and lips on a batch of baits.
  11. we start a pilot hole. put epoxy on screw eyes and install. always set screw eye with the opening forward. if the screw eye ever opens a bit your hook/fish stays pinned.
  12. I keep some of mine in a cabinet on shelves. Shelves are numbered by column and row. I then can stack about 4 molds per column. Next I have a sheet on one of the shelves that has a list of every mold I have. On this sheet, each mold has the mold model number and name along with a column number and a shelf number. If you are very meticulous on where you take them from and where you put them back, the sheet works fine. The mold will always be found where you put it back last time. I also keep all my mold model numbers on a spread sheet. The ones I use regularly, I also keep on a shelf in a box. The box has the names of the mold I have in there. Also in these boxes, I keep all my football molds together in one box, all my round molds in another and all my spinnerbait molds yet in another. This all works for me. I'll take a pic later tonight.
  13. I have invaded the small apartment we have above the garage for my painting and plastics. Not much in the way of ventilation in the winter..., open windows in the summer. My wife has allowed me this space. We have an old (nice though) entertainment center that is too small to house current size TVs, making it all but worthless. I have all of my paints, molds, and supplies not in use in this entertainment center. Lots of cardboard box "storage containers". An old cd player finishes out the setup. All my lead work is done in the garage below.
  14. Hey everyone! I've started the long process of sorting all of my various tacklemaking supplies. I've got a TON of lead molds, mostly do-it style, and I've been stumped on the best way to store them all so they're accessible and easy to identify. I've got jigs, sinkers, lures and every shape and size. Somewhere around 200 of em. I've considered square cubbies like a wine rack or apothecary cabinet, pegboard, Rubbermaid totes, stacking on shelves... Etc. and none of them seem *just right*. Google, Pinterest searches don't give much inspiration either. What does everyone do to sort and display their molds???
  15. Thanks Hillbilly. Good info.
  16. I bought the Lurecraft years ago and didnt like it. IIRC I used it and added other color(s) to tweak it. Sorry but I forgot what was wrong with it and what i added to make it better.
  17. No your not Mark. I've had methiolate & iodine used on me a bunch growing up along with coal oil on cuts.
  18. I called them & asked specifically about the 10 ouncer & Sarah walked into the shop & said they only had two. Luckily i got one of them.She did say they weren't listed on the website & sent me a link to it.
  19. ddl

    Help with KBS

    you are lucky i didn't get the same good customer service with envirotex .they literally told me to using even if it was yellow as urine.they said inside the box that you got one years to use it .but there is not date of fabrication anywhere. never again thee is nothing more frustrating to got a junk customer service .art resin cost more but its a lot better ,they got nothing to hide.you see right trough the bottle . good luck . give an update if you got a chance ,i would like to try that for plastic lure with light action that would be ruined whit thick erpoxy
  20. Last week
  21. I have a 12 ft bench in my shop/bait shack. From left to right 4 ft of it is a small wire shelf that hold all my color , flake and additives . 2 ft off free board space for general purpose. The last 6 feet is where all the majic happens. 30 inch hood vent with 2 mics with storage below for baits and curing. More than enough room to do what I want.
  22. For plastics, I use glass beads in a plastic or metal tube. If you don't want to make a rattle, they do sell them on DIY online tackle shops.
  23. does any one know about this I am really serious!
  24. Hey everyone. Just starting out making my own baits. And was wondering if you’d can post pictures of your workshop, man cave, bait making station, work bench or whatever you want to call it. Lol. Looking for ideas on how to set up and organize my work area in the garage. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I already did some searches and a lot or the post are good but outdated or don’t have pics. Thank you everyone! Can’t wait to see what ideas and tips u guys have!!!!
  25. Hillbilly voodoo


    Prototype with rough paint job ready for test troll.
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