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  2. Using KBS Diamond clear and just let drip no turning, no problems. Wayne
  3. While I am spraying my lures after each color I have a bucket of hot to warm water with some soap added and blow the brush in and out of the water till clean, then using a little of brush cleaner and spray it till empty. I take apart the brushes when I start to have the slightest problem, just don't want to fight it and screw up a paint job. It takes no time at all to do. Like mark said when you think it is blowing good clean it and then see the results, you will be happy you did it . Wayne
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  5. I tear my gun down and clean it completely between each color. But I am shooting lacquer. I don't want any chance of colors being mixed. Skeeter
  6. Mark , you need me to test a plopper while you heal , Laughing , Those look Great. Mike
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  8. Since you're the one who turned me on to Airbrush Restorer, I'll give the acetone backflush a try. Thanks.
  9. After doing the initial cleaning with water I always flush and back flush with acetone. Maybe once a year I will clean with airbrush restorer but have never encountered the kind of crud your talking about. Acetone is your friend. Ben
  10. When I'm done cleaning and back flushing.... I shoot 1 cup of xylol/xylene through my brush..., Then soapy water, then water... I never break down my brush's... I'll take the needle out once and a while and wipe them down with xylol/xylene...
  11. This is a confession. I am lazy. I thought I had a really good air brush cleaning system that was fast and easy. I typically backflush my air brush with clean water after each color during each painting session. I do a final backflush when I'm done for the day, using first Windex and then water/dish washing liquid soapy water, wipe down the needle, and then shoot some more soapy water through the brush before I hang it up until the next time. I only paint once a month or so, whenever I get the urge to make a bait, so my air brush sits in my hot garage a lot. I've never had it work so well that painting wasn't a struggle. After having to paint with high pressure only in my last painting session, I decided to do a thorough cleaning. Last night I shot and backflushed some Createx Airbrush Restorer, and then broke the air brush down completely and soaked the parts overnight in the Restorer. This morning I went back down into the garage to finish the cleaning and reassemble the air brush. As I removed each part from the Restorer, I used Q-tips and a fine wire to clean each individual part, blowing air through each part as I went along. I have never been this thorough in my cleaning process. Wow! The amount of old paint I removed with the thorough cleaning process was amazing. It was like blowing your nose when that sinus problem finally clears up. I have never seen that much old paint in my brush before, but, then again, I've never been that thorough before. I won't make that mistake again. The air brush shoots so well now, with a full spread spray instead of one side or the other being heavier, I'm inspired to paint again soon. And I just broke down my other Iwata HP-C brush and put it in the Restorer to soak until tomorrow. So "don't neglect your earmuffs, Mr. Longbottom". This may be old news to you guys, but it was a real eye opener for me.
  12. it is a good air brush, good starter for sure.
  13. The powder sprayer looks like it works pretty slick. I looked into the "tapping method" as well and I will try that for some of the fine detail work. I'm doing something similar to what Tally is doing only trying to use less paint. The salt and pepper shaker just sparked an idea. Once the main colour is painted, maybe I will try and add some fleck with a secondary colour using a shaker. Thanks for all the info!
  14. Check out the Angling A.I. 5.75. 4 cavity jerk bait mold. It may be what you are hunting.
  15. Hello! Let me start by saying I really admire what everyone here does. I have been doing quite a bit of research before diving it but finally decided to give it a go. I am not looking to sell and make a lot of money or anything along those lines, maybe years from now when I have experience. This is going to just be for myself as a hobby and a slow process. Over time I want to accumulate the tools needed to actually make my own baits from wood. But that is for another day when I can afford all of the tools. I've decided to jump into air brushing baits to start. I think this will be a perfect hobby for fall and especially winter. My overall budget to go All In and get going is about $400-$500. I am leaning to purchasing this kit on Amazon - https://smile.amazon.com/Eclipse-Airbrush-Master-Compressor-Cleaning/dp/B001BO4X8Y?pf_rd_p=387d50eb-83f8-4221-a708-8a1575a4a151&pd_rd_wg=ifSi6&pf_rd_r=MGMWE8AJQS7HK2YB4B3T&ref_=pd_gw_cr_simh&pd_rd_w=SfPnF&pd_rd_r=fb2ee916-940c-48e6-9731-4bcca8780c5f It seems like a solid starter kit to get me going so I can learn the ins and outs. I was then going to purchase a bunch of the cheapest knock off lures I could find, again all for practice. I know that I am going to be bad for awhile until I get some experience. Anyone have thoughts on this kit? I know it has an IWATA Eclipse which I've read on here is an excellent brush for the money. Is there anything else I should purchase to get started or should this kit hold me over for now? Anything I should look into in the near future? Thank you so much!
  16. Applied with a brush and hung to dry.
  17. I use Dick Nite MCU over baits painted with acrylic latex (various brands) and don’t have wrinkling. You didn’t give details on how exactly you apply the MCU, which may be the root of the problem. I have dipped but usually now brush MCU on. I use a 1/2” brush to quickly flood coat the lures, then hang them to let excess MCU drip off the tails. I usually go with a single coat of Dick Nite. When I first started using MCU I rotated the lures while drying because that’s what I was used to doing with epoxy. Big mistake. It allowed MCU to pool on the lure for too long, which caused wrinkling. Just hanging them up is the way to go, IMO.
  18. Check to see if Curt has one at enforcer molds/ I have a couple of his single cavity 4 inchers & they work great.
  19. salt & pepper shaker works well sometimes.
  20. Last week
  21. long time lurker here and ive made some nice baits since. i ran out of the epoxy i was using and decided to try an mcu. used dick nites s81. so i know its something im doing because i tested the mcu on jigs i painted with createx. i didnt use any pearl colors. moving forward i am using blank hard plastics and painted similar designs with similar colors, using createx pearls. i have wrinkles in all of them, i allowed them to dry for 24hrs, another for 48 hrs and the last one for a week before applying mcu. they all have wrinkles, and its only when i use pearls. i did see someone mention putting a gloss top on and that did not work. im out of ideas. is it the pearl colors?
  22. Epoxy paint holds up well. I bought 75 spinnerbait bodies from the mod of this site. All are red epoxy. It is incredibly difficult to get it off to use a different color.
  23. The RCBS Pro Melt Pot that I've been using for a couple years now handles the 5lb bars from Roto Metals without having to break them down. I still had to break down some larger lead block I received. Sold off all my Lee pots. If my RCBS pot ever has a problem I'll pay the extra for another one. No more Lee pots for me.
  24. I've tried to use the tap brush method, and even dropped a pinch of powder paint over the heated spinnerbait head. I learned pretty quickly I'm not Smalljaw or Cadman. Grrr!!! I use Rustoleum Etching primer (thank you Ted) on my spinnerbait heads, and then paint them with Createx and an artist's brush, heat setting each color before I add the next. I found I have much better control doing it that way, and get decent results. I top coat with clear nail polish, and it holds up really well.
  25. One more time, you make it look easy. A word of warning. Don't try and use Glo Nation powder instead of power paint. You'll melt the lead before you get the Glo paint to stick. Don't ask me how I know. Hahaha
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