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  2. I appreciate it Hillbilly my old baseball coach is a fly fishing guide around here, he's teaching me how to tie these big feather jigs based on your info. I will send you the pics of the Giant Smallmouth I'll be yanking off the ledges. Thanks again bud
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  4. I suspect Apdriver is spot on. Ck out Engineered Angler on YouTube https://youtu.be/4rW1mJk51fc
  5. I am a rookie. I do see what y'all are talking about with it'
  6. ddl


    awesome.one of the best carnivorous lure ever made. look like a flat fish . how long ? do you got a video of the action ?
  7. The top two & the t-handled tools like a homemade pair of thread chasers & a pair of helicoil insertion tools.
  8. Yep that thought crossed my mind also.
  9. OK. Here we go. 1 - Click "Edit" immediately under your post. 2 - Click the actual photo. It will turn blue. 3 - Hit the Delete key on your keyboard, or right-click on the photo with your mouse, and click on "Delete". 4 - Click "Save" at the bottom of your post. That's it. The photo should now be deleted.
  10. There's something else you can do with them. I'd tell you but I don't wast to get a cease and desist from the folks at the Z place. LOL
  11. I'm attaching this so I can create steps for deleting it.
  12. @Curt - RIYour a good man thanks for investing your time to maintain things around here May I suggest if possible add an erase function so members that exceed their limit of pics can clear out some old ones if one exists and I am just not tech savvy enough let me know how
  13. The Fly tying books are both from the early 1950's the one on the left is in pretty good shape. The box set is from the from 1971 and basically new, seems like they were never out of the Box Sleeve and opened. I thought they were interesting and wanted to share
  14. Glad to hear it!! I made a change to the settings that is site-wide, not just for one or two specific members.
  15. There is the last steps a little late but there you go lol
  16. Let’s see if this works
  17. @Hillbilly voodoo Please try again and let me know if it works for you now.
  18. @Curt - RI just tried again and it says I can only upload 1.6mb. When looking at my attachments in my profile it says I am at 96% Thanks for the response
  19. @Hillbilly voodoo Can you tell me specifically what message you're receiving?
  20. I do once in a while, but I'm normally to lazy and just toss them. LOL
  21. If you can post a video of a lure with the rolling action you are looking for it would be helpful. if it’s what I am thinking I have a few sitting in my lure room I built that do exactly what you are looking for. It has very little wiggle but tips heavy side to side.
  22. Matzuo was purchased by Zebco so I don't know how available hooks will be by them. I understand that they are more available in the Asian market, and to a lesser extent in the European market, but in the US they seem to be pretty sparse.
  23. OK, I think that you want action around the longitudinal axis, a roll, instead of action left and right, a wiggle. That is how I read your post, but if I am right, what you ask is going to be a challenge for sure. Making a lure that has some roll along with a primary wiggle action is fairly common and is done by moving the ballets slightly higher in the bait. Making a lure that rolls one way, then back the other way, is not something I have seen before. First, I propose that you want a near neutral balance and density. If the bait moves through the water nose high or low, it will wiggle, not just roll. If your bait sinks nose high or low, it will try to self correct, and it will wiggle, not just roll. Next, making a lure that simply rolls is easy, making a lure that rolls part way, then rolls back the other way, then self corrects and rolls again to the first direction may be a real challenge. I will give it some thought, but at this point in time, I really need to hear back from you to see if I am understanding your goal.
  24. I agree with Bryan. One thing you may try is to block off the sprue by shooting it and removing the first bait. Just cut the runner below the first cavity and re-insert the last two cavities. Now the first cavity will Laminate correctly. You. Still must orient your. Injector correctly.
  25. OK, there wasn't much input from me or maybe I didn't use the proper words (sorry, english is not my native language ) I've been doing quite a few hard baits which work fine, usually 3D designing it, then printing the master, sanding it if needed, pouring the mold then last step PU resin. All good so far, my crankbaits are wobbling just fine, the jointed lures are having the S movement so I think I'm doing it right But for this kind of "rolling" action I've been trying a few with no success. So I only wanted to ask for some advice about the bibs (angle, size) and weights (how many of them, position). I know it depends also on the shape and size of the lure so this is what I am trying to achieve: After casting the PU resin for the prototype, I found (hopefully) the proper bib for it. A bit of weight where the black point is and for fast retrieval is seems to have nice rolling action. But I am not that confident because I tried it in calm water with no current. Front view: So...should I take care of some other aspects to make this work fine on the river? Thanks in advance! JB
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