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    I have been using super glue gel with good results on ABT Glide Bait fins and tails.
  3. Chatterbait blades...bend or no??

    Thanks guys. Ill keep bending as i have been. Thanks for the info, i appreciate it
  4. Plastic from a 5 gal bucket

    Baitjunkies sells their plastic in 1 gallon jugs and I believe it's cheaper than some of the companies that sells t in the 5 gallon jugs. I want to say it like $24.99 per gallon.
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  6. Tequila sunrise color

    For the back you need Black. For the belly you need a Hi-Lite Blue powder and a transparent red dye like LureWorks Cherry Red 120. Viola, Tequila Sunrise.

    I can understand that method as I have mine designed to be pinned or glued. I would prefer the glue if I can find something that will bond well to the soft plastisol rubber and the resin.....Thanks for your reply.
  8. floating head.JPG

    topwater floating head for use with plastic worms, twin tails, etc plan to modify to use with diving or jitterbug bill

    © kak

  9. whirligig mouse.JPG

    topwater whirligig mouse

    © kak

  10. Foiled popper diver.JPG

    foiled pvc popper diver, swims on retrieve

    © kak


    I don't do it anymore, but River2Sea pins them to their lures with two toothpick ends.
  12. Wraps / skins for big swimbaits?

    I wish I could get my wife to allow me to have facebook. Maybe I can sneak in on hers. LOL
  13. Canada spinnerbait help

    Just make sure to use a steel leader with the vibrating jig. I make my own. But, you can also cut off the snap on a standard steel leader. Then, take the snap that comes with the vibrating jig and open the top, slip it on to the loop on the steel leader, and close the top of the snap.
  14. Chatterbait blades...bend or no??

    I always bend my blades.
  15. Minnow style blank

    I bought the X80 from predator and was disappointed that it was a floater. 3.25" long with rattles. Just buy Rapalas and scuff and repaint. They should be very cheap.
  16. multi color lure.jpg

    This lure is hand made from Russian Olive wood which grows on our property in southern Idaho. The body measures approximately 2" with colorful buck tail skirts. I prefer double hooks. On the top of the lure between the eyes is an embedded Sarvarwski red crystal to let the bass know this guy is special. Fun making and creating a pleasing color pattern. Jerry R. Brink, Buhl Idaho

    © MultiColor Bass Deceiver by Jerry R. Brink

  17. Lure box and lure.jpg

    This Matching Lure Box and Bass Lure was carved from local Russian Olive wood located on our property in Buhl Idaho. Both p[ieces were hand painted with Testor enamel and coated with Flex coat Lure epoxy. Very pleased with the unique results....Jerry R. Brink, Buhl Idaho.

    © Matching Lure Box and Bass Lure, Jerry R. Brink

  18. Chatterbait blades...bend or no??

    I bend mine as they vibrate good even at a slow roll speed. I’ve caught my best fish fishing them slow and bumping cover.
  19. Plastic from a 5 gal bucket

    I have an old wire clothes hanger made into an L with a loop at the bottom. I stick it in the bucket or jug and turn on the drill.
  20. Tube tail cutter

    I don't think I make enough tubes to justify that rig! But I've watched the video of that thing in action. Awesome setup!
  21. Tequila sunrise color

    Got it. Thank you alsworms! Ima order some and try it out
  22. Tube tail cutter

    I started with the LureCraft press a long time ago. I stressed it real quick and stretched the main bolts on it. I then built one out of a 3 ton arbour press which worked great for a couple years until I got sick of working my shoulder too hard. After that I said screw it and had Leonard at BaitJunkys build me this wonderful device. 2 tubes at a time, bolts to the bench, double activation buttons for safety, runs on air. best thing since sliced bread of you start cutting a lot of tubes. I can sit and cut a couple thousand at a time in a couple hours.
  23. Powder painting pearl

    Never had trouble with pearl pp. Guess I'm lucky. Only paint that messed with me is the glow stuff. That's why I stopped using it.
  24. Tequila sunrise color

    I don't think those others would work because you want it to be an iridescent look. The blue needs to be ever so faint. With the hi-lite, it reflects off the sun and looks really nice in the water. If you've never used hi-lites, you'll be blown away by the effect. Just remember a little goes a long way.
  25. Plastic from a 5 gal bucket

    You could get a screw type lid from the hardware store and then mix with drill acachment and transfer with another plastic cup left inside the bucket of plastic. You could take it out but then you have to put it somewhere. I keep mine in a second container along with the drill attachment.
  26. crankbait templates

    Check around your town or city. There are places called "MakerSpace" clubs, they have a variety of 3d printers, along with a bunch of other cool toys, that can be rented for a nominal fee. This website will have directory of any MakerSpace that may be available in your area.
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