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    I have 3 molds ordered myself after buying several molds to find something extremely close that worked like these baits do as far as action goes & was totally unsuccessfull. These particular ones are the only style of these baits myself & several buddys use. After reading several pages of reviews from their previous customers i took a chance. Guess i'll form my own opinion after this deal is done as to wether it was worth it or not after recieving them.
  3. 3D printing?

    So should be possible for someone who knows what they are doing with all this fancy computer stuff Playing with the idea of getting someone to make me a smaller and larger master of one of my lures so I can make molds No doubt I need to pay someone this crazy technology stuff is too complicated for me. All that CAD stuff you mentioned was basically an alien language to me lol Just wanting to know its possible before I start bugging people. Don’t want to get the “you want what look” if I start trying to get it done
  4. Discontinued skirt

    Check with Skirtsplus as I think they make the skirts for Janns. Allen
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  6. Crankbait lips

    Places to get deep diving Crankbait lips? Not the typical lureparts, Barlow, Netcraft. I'm needing lips with the round shaft on the end and has the line tie in the Lip. I usually get from lureparts but they stay out of stock a lot, so I'm trying to find a backup suppliers.
  7. cotton candy sinkos a success

    I noticed that, too. Geez......hard to believe 2003 was THAT long ago!
  8. Glue For Weed Guards?

    Thanks cadman. I am new too lure making but I am getting off to rocky start. I was looking at the teflon pins. Do you know of anything similar that can be purchased locally. I intend to make the most custom jigs I can. I am purchasing the jigs without gaurds. So I need the pins for that. And then I can add the custom guards. Packaging is also an issue im running into. What do you use?

    Thats why a lot of people order from them because patent laws dont apply overseas. If you look in the desription it will tell you what bait they used as a prototype. They are not exact copies but very close. They do have some of there own designs but most people are attracted to the clones.
  10. Bumble Bee Spinnerbaits

    Bill, This thread is 11 years old, I don't think these guys are even on this site anymore

    Well I guess I’ll just have to sit back and wait anxiously. Hasn’t anyone else noticed there molds look awefully similar(;to some very popular baits
  12. Glue For Weed Guards?

    Wild Batey, Welcome to Tackle Underground. Devcon 2 ton is a 2 part epoxy which has to be mixed. It comes in 2 syringes. If you use this for weedguards, you can probably easily do 500 + weedguards,
  13. Flying Fish mold

    I don't think I have ever seen a soft plastic Flying Fish now that you mention it. Normally it is hard plastic to keep the fins in place. If you can make it work, this might be a first.
  14. cotton candy sinkos a success

    16 years later, that is one of the best yet...
  15. 3D printing?

    In theory, the external components can be mapped using a CNC with a mapping probe instead of a cutter. This process actually records in CAD. In theory, a laser 3D scan can also map the external components, but translating it to CAD language from spacial coordinates would require a pretty good program. So, in theory, yes, but the process of finding the hardware and programs would be well beyond me.

    I have ordered from them several times. It usually takes a good 5 or 6 weeks for me to receive my molds. They have always been good molds and , usually get back with you if you e-mail them, about anything.

    I ordered from them on 30 Nov. i recieved order confirmation but no shipping notification. My bank statement was charged about 98 cents more than was on the invoice i assume because the exchange rate. I still have not recieved mine but research done prior to ordering suggested 6-12 weeks so I expected a wait. Sorry not much help to you. I can only comment from what others have said and where i am in the process. I can update when they arrive. Good luck to you
  18. 3D printing?

    Ok this maybe a dumb ? But I have no clue with 3D printing Is it possible to scan an actual lure and 3D print a smaller or larger version?
  19. Yesterday

    It takes a while to receive molds from them usually.

    So I recently purchas d a mold from bait yesterday at $128 total, there website said they are from the Ukraine, but my credit card payment was to the Netherlands. I have received an email saying my order has been submitted but has not been shipped. Has anyone here ordered from there and if so how is the customer service and are they a trustworthy company and are there products what they say they are.
  22. Glue For Weed Guards?

    Hey Jigman, what type of super glue, and on average how many jigs can you get out off one thing of super glue??
  23. Glue For Weed Guards?

    Cadman, How many jigs will the normal bottles of devcon epoxy do? Trying to figure out pricing thanks
  24. Discontinued skirt

    I’m trying to find a skirt that is discontinued. It was a turbo flare skirt sold on netcraft. The color was American Shad
  25. cotton candy sinkos a success

    Bumble Bee Baits was created by Bill Huntley , he sold it around 85 and the guy that bought it went out 2 years later. I work for Mr.Huntley.
  26. Chopper blade

    Bob, bought it from Mr. Huntley.
  27. My DIY centrifugal casting machine

    Quick followup: I looked at the details of the motor I used. It will be difficult to put a dimmer switch on since it is a single phace capacitor start motor. That being said I can control the rpm's with the drive pulley size and add an idler pulley to maintain tension.
  28. Flying Fish mold

    Not sure what size you are looking for. Jacobs make a 2" crappie lure that might be what you are looking for. this is the only mold of that style I have seen. If you are looking for a large saltwater style lure I am of no help at all.
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