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  2. HDH Walleye

    How much for this bait
  3. RCBS Pro Melt Hot Pot Problem.

    You could always cal RCBS and tell them you need a new pot and valve rod. They have always done this for me free of charge!
  4. Are you thinning the KBS 20% with Xylol/Xylene like you should be? 2 coats? Many say they don't turn their baits.... I turn them all so the coat is even w/o any pooling anywhere.
  5. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    People only hear the bad.... That is why I'm posting the good as well... I hope that they see how it works. I believe everybody deserves a second chance....
  6. Uv and glow additave

    Messed around with the UV enhancer today, think I got it dialed in, pretty neat stuff
  7. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    As stated a bad reputation here is not good for a company. Glade everything is right.
  8. Prepping plastic for paint?

    I believe ethanol and denatured alcohol are basically the same thing. The difference is that denatured alcohol has additives that make it undrinkable. How about trying methyl hydrate or crossing the border for some shopping?
  9. RCBS Pro Melt Hot Pot Problem.

    Thanks for the information guys and I appreciate it. I bought the pot from someone I know well and I remember when he purchased it. He is big on jig fishing and used it to pour bass jigs for his own personal use where he had bought a two thousand count of each size 1/0 2/0 3/0 jig hook and that's all the use the pot has had on it. I remember he always kept it on a shelf in a temp controlled garage so it hasn't been subjected to a lot of drastic temperature and humidity changes. When I cleaned the dust off it looked brand new with no peck marks around the top edge of the opening and no scratches on the base. The green paint on the base isn't even dis-colored. The arky and horse head molds he ordered with it looks like they've hardly been used. I have adjusted the flow rate from a heavy flow to a moderate flow and can tell the difference in what I'm getting but either which way I'm still getting shorts. But then again this only happened on the one particular day that I tried it out. Maybe the mold wasn't hot enough. I always pour blank shots into each cavity and then set the mold on top of the pot. But there is always the possibility the mold wasn't hot enough.
  10. LPO shoutout

    I'll fourth that. Matter of fact that reminds me I need to get a list together for winter work.
  11. Yesterday
  12. When I dip a bait and then hang it, I watch it as it drips off, and use a paper towel to remove the last few drips, so they don't cause a buildup at the tail. Since the rear hook hanger isn't at the very bottom, the wire might be creating a problem, instead of helping. Try dipping without a wire, and see how that works out.
  13. I have been using KBS to clear coat my wiggle wart blanks and I have been getting some pooling of KBS on the top of the blank, at the tail. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what remedies there may be? I am dipping and hanging the blank and also putting wire in the rear hook hangar.....
  14. Resin glide bait help

    Porkmeatballs, so much depends on shape and bohyancy versus ballast placement etc. With flat sided gliders I personally like lots of bohyancy and ballast , I like to keep ballast below centre line from tow point to tail or even lower . Sometimes this means more than 2 ballast points depending on shape and bohyancy of lure . I'm Sure if you can post pics there's guy's here with glider making experience who can help........gider
  15. Resin glide bait help

    I'm also working on a two piece sinking glide and have had the same problems as Highwayman. I got both sections to sink horizontally at the same rate, but when i try to give it a hard twitch it either turns and dives, or it does a complete barrel roll. I was thinking that maybe the weight in each section should be more spread out instead of in one spot. What do you guys think?
  16. Swimbait designing/evolution

    I have a video of my baits now. If anyone cares to see them in the water just email me at:
  17. LPO shoutout

    I agree
  18. LPO shoutout

    They are the best!
  19. Bobs Tackle Shack

    I got this email from them the other day. I do know they owe alot of people money. And I'm still waiting for another reply
  20. LPO shoutout

    Just wanted to give a big thank you to LPO for their service. They provide exactly what they advertise, and get it to you quickly. I ordered Tues. morning, and it was in my mailbox Friday afternoon. Good outfit to deal with.
  21. FG-9 and FG-12 Weedguards

    Thank You, Sir.
  22. Blank Crankbait Body Links

    Thank you.
  23. FG-9 and FG-12 Weedguards

    Cadman, I have FG-12 weed guards and they are .018 and there are 12 to 13 strands in a bundle. I believe the FG-9 has 7 strands per bundle.
  24. Everything you need

    •3/1 cavity enforcer tadpole molds- $103 shipped •1/4 cavity do it Senko mold gary yamamoto replica- $85 shipped •1/2 cavity ribbontail mold- $57 shipped •2/ 4 oz do it injectors- best offer •4 gallons of baitplastics medium plastisol- $100 shipped •20 colorants, 14 glitters, some bags, and some scents- 120 shipped almost all pretty full •1/2 quart lurecraft softener, 1 pint bait plastics softener, 1 pint bait plastics worm oil, and 1/2 quart bears baits softener- $27 shipped Text me for pictures or any questions 4807456585
  25. Multiple Airbrushes

    for bottles we use babyfood jars. use the paasche bottle siponswith extended Teflon tube into bottle. shoot 4 ounces at a time. save baby food jars guys,
  26. Blank Crankbait Body Links

    about 8-10 feet
  27. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    **** UPDATE**** I have ordered 2 more times since this post.... All is well.
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