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  3. I have several Sahara 2500 spinning reels and some are starting to bind up and become hard to reel under a load. I have rebuilt 2 with new drive gears, I think its only a matter of time before they start doing the same thing. The gears are aluminum and wore down. Some internet chatter would suggest that the later models have resolved a internal clearance problem. Have you had the same problems?? Should I consider replacing with later Shimano reels, or go with another brand. I try to stay in the 70-120$ range. I loved them in the beginning but just seems to be the same problem again and again. Please comment and thanks in advance.
  4. Holographic foil on some lipless blanks.

    X2 on the how to....... looks great, and I have also been trying to do the same thing with limited success.
  5. Anyone know if BTS is taking orders?

    Thanks for sharing that info, very helpful. I figure the guy has to eat and pay the bills so I'm sure he's doing what business he can to stay afloat. He just needs to take care of past orders first imo. I ordered 4 small molds back in Nov 2016. I would think he could practically do them in his sleep.
  6. Holographic foil on some lipless blanks.

    Sign me up on the how to train. I've been using foil tape and an exacto knife. Takes way too long.
  7. 3d crankbait

    If that one doesn’t work out so well, I have a split body version that I can send you to you to print out.
  8. Do it molds x2 colorant

    I agree about the 2X being difficult - as it's real hard to measure accurately - not such a big deal if you want something BLACK and don't care too much about how much goes in.... but really hard to control if you just want a "couple drops"..... J.
  9. Flying Fish mold

    No one seen these before? Guess I'm going to have to make some.
  10. Do it molds x2 colorant

    Try adding some fine black flake, so the thin appendages will still look darker.
  11. Holographic foil on some lipless blanks.

    would love to know where to or how to complete this process. I have been trying all different types paints, vinyl etc and yet to have any good results. These look fantastic!!! please share
  12. Do it molds x2 colorant

    Baitjunkys, not sure if this is the brand baitjunkys but I just ordered some medium and a few other things from you guys last night, anyways I ended up going with the do it molds essential series. I’m just praying I don’t have to use a half a bottle of blackto just get the color right, I’m using a mold with thin appendages and sometimes the black ends up looking like smoke when some parts of the mold are too thin.
  13. Pre-drilled beads

    If you are looking for quantity in metal beads, Worth has the best quality from what I have seen. If you are looking for plastic beads in small quantities you can get them from Hobby Lobby, Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabrics.
  14. swim jig heads

    I will echo everyone else's answers Trokar swim jig with a heavy hook. I also use that head for chatterbait style lure.
  15. Select Pine

    Yes it seems to be working. I painted 2 baits. One with etex and one without. The etex one is still white and the other is already turning yellow.
  16. Riverman "Floats" New Ideas with Retro Perspective

    Wow, such an informative post. With its help, i can get a high quality essay writing assistance because the research you did is amazing! thanks for being so helpful!
  17. Aluminum injection mold laminates?

    Perhaps you could make a silicon “belly mold” for the bait, pour the belly and then pop it into the mold and inject the top.... lot of mucking around.
  18. Do it molds x2 colorant

    Agree. lureworks/ispikeit hands down best value and one of the best ranges. lurecraft and mf have a strong range too, colours don’t seem as strong though particularly mf.
  19. Pre-drilled beads

    Like this? PS, welcome to TU
  20. I use the Kingsley foils off of eBay. I set my heat gun to ~350*-400*f and as soon as I feel I have hit the 325*f my foil binder needs to work I apply the foil and put it in my carpet lined vise. After it cools just a bit I open the vise and peel off the plastic. I have not seen any evidence of heat causing issues with my foil.
  21. Do it molds x2 colorant

    Lureworks is dependable on there color as well... Consistent....
  22. Do it molds x2 colorant

    Have to agree with this, they are strong but not so strong you can mix it well before using. Some x2 colors are way to thick and don’t mix well.
  23. My DIY centrifugal casting machine

    Well I have it built. It is spinning at 1200 rpms, so way too fast. The plan is now to put in a dimmer switch to adjust the speed. There is a slight wobble thanks to a slightly bent shaft. But for having no real skills when it comes to building stuff like this I am happy. The machine
  24. Do it molds x2 colorant

    When they are out of a color it doesn't show up on their web site.
  25. Select Pine

    envirotex will stop bleed on pine .
  26. Do it molds x2 colorant

    Spikeit/Lureworks colors are good strong colors.
  27. Kingsley is 250 degrees F., +/- 20 degrees. Some China foils are ~360 degrees F. I hope this helps some.
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