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  2. Resin microsphere ratio

    Actually this is my first attempt at casting hard baits from resin I made one so far and it sinks like a stone.From what I seen on make lure it seems like thirty percent spheres would be a good start. I was hoping some of the experts would give a starting point so I am not waisting that much resin.
  3. Looking for info on 7" tube baits

    Made these with that .stl file i gave you the other day. Still could be thinner, probably too fat. I getting better at dipping, though.
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  5. Resin microsphere ratio

    have you tried 26lb smooth on. its a heavier urethane?
  6. Resin microsphere ratio

    does anyone have a good ratio for casting glide baits ? I am using amazing casting resin and am trying to copy a small phantom softail . I also wonder if I can get this lure to work without adding weight. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.
  7. Plastic oil removal

    Dear Jack, you could try with MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), it dries poured plastisol. It's a little bit "toxic" ... pay attention. Bye. Cami
  8. New to all this

    Thanks still really new at this
  9. Reverse Engineered

    If I blow on these things from the front or side, they spin like you'd expect. Put them in the water, and they want to hydroplane. Lots of wiggling going on, not much spinning. Has to be due to the water being so much denser than air. Rotation is being suppressed, and I'm getting lift, instead. The one with the weight on the rear was heavier, and only a little better. I wonder if this thing was supposed to be fished as just a spinner, with the real bait on the terminal end? By the way, found the lure. It's for sale on Etsy. It's called a McHarg Special Design. lure&ref=sr_gallery-1-34
  10. Envirotex lite 30 min epoxy mixing

    Damned Apple autocorrect! Lebanon should have been “Lexan”.
  11. Reverse Engineered

    New prototype. Still need to go test. I'm making them out of soda cans. Too thin, and deforming when I cast them, so I made this one double and folded the edges of one over the other. Good enough for quick testing.
  12. Reverse Engineered

    Arrrg! I didn't think to try to find out! It was just a random picture I found and liked. Now you're gonna make me have to try and find it again!
  13. Powder Paint with Badger Gun on Spoons

    Nice work cuz! I purchased the same gun to spray the spro style bucktails and the same spoons you got there. Haven't gotten around to the spoons yet. I keep getting distracted by new project ideas. I'm going to have to start writing them down and attacking them one at a time! I've been thinking of trying to powder coat some hooks, the trebles always seem to rust much quicker than single hooks.
  14. Powder Paint with Badger Gun on Spoons

    I just got the badger a week ago and was painting some blades but did a little with spoons. I haven’t had any problem with overspray to the back. I heat them from the bottom for at least 40 seconds and then hold them sideways by a pair of pliers in my State of the art paint booth (a sideways amazon box). I do all my blades with my first color and then switch jars reheat and add the second. I think the key is holding the spoon straight, having the tip of the gun screwed all the way in, and I spray relatively close to the spoon. Only a few inches away to be accurate.
  15. Plastic oil removal

    I make musky gliders with a plastic tail. I had a request for a special color tail and when I received them they were coated in oil. I tried washing off with rubbing alcohol and dawn dishwasher soap to no avail. I need to glue them on to the back of the bait and I use pro soft bait glue with accelerator. Would not stick so I tried two different types of crazy glue and still didn't work. Any suggestions to clean them so they'll stick? Or if someone can pour me some 8 inch tails like these? Much appreciated!
  16. New to all this

    Real nice work!!!!
  17. Blending powder paints question

    Powder paint is powder paint.
  18. Etex Toxic???

    I use approx. 12 gallons of etex yearly. yes wear rubber gloves. I have developed a sensitivity issue over the years. the itch will drive you crazy. ...Benadryl works to resolve itch.
  19. Hand crafted frogs

    These guys are KOOOL..condition and style is A++....thx for taking a look ....if you have any more ?'s or want more pix jlmk...
  20. New to all this

    They look amazing!
  21. Hand crafted frogs

    Hi John, nice to have a new person on the site. This would be a good case for posting a picture.
  22. 20180304_115945.jpg

  23. Glide trout

    I made this bait last October and swam it a few times before delegating it to the swimbat box. It wasn't until about two weeks ago that I remembered I had it and gave it a paint job. Played around with some acrylics around the gill and such. A simple bait with very nice action. Will glide with a turn of the handle and face nearly 180 degrees on the pause. Made from red cedar with a polycarbonate tail
  24. New to all this

    Here are some of the jigs I have done so far with air brush paint heat foil holographic and kbs dipped
  25. Reverse Engineered

    Sir. Or Your Royal Highness.
  26. Plastisol Recipe

    Personally, I think Baitjunky's right. The challenge of making my own plastisol, no matter how rewarding it might be, isn't worth the time and trouble it would take. Of course, if you can't get it where you live, then that might be another story.
  27. Hand crafted frogs

    Hello all. Thx for having me an eatate sale i purchased what appers to be hand crafted wood ,glass eyed frogs with two of them barring a mark "BB7 (and the other) BB9"...can any one assist with identifying tbese marks.....thx
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