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  2. IMG_20180221_211609707.jpg

    A few crankbaits I've been working on. I still need to work on lowering the air pressure before spraying the kill spot and gills.
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  5. IMG_20180221_204613470.jpg

    I finished a spinnerbait mold last night. It is 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2oz cavities.
  6. something brighter than alu tape?

    heat transfer foil! Its used on Tshirts and such. Harder to use than alum tape but when done right end product is much better and tons of color options. I havce tried with just warming the lure but results were not good. now just spray some adhesive on the bait let tack apply the foil and use like an eraser or something to rub it down REALLY REALLY well.
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  8. Stupid and Easy

    sometimes a picture will explain in detail.
  9. Flicker Shad

    looking at buying a bunch of flicker shad blanks and wondering what size eye a #5 takes
  10. JItterbug Frog.JPG

    There is no doubt that puppy will catch some fish...... That certainly is an original design. Well done.
  11. Newbie questions

    Sound advice thanks !!
  12. Newbie questions

    Hey thanks everyone for the input I'm ordering everything to get started next week so in a month or so should be all setup to get started and hopefully have some cool things by the time the ice is melted and get the boat in the water. Les rod building is my next adventure too. Not that I don't have enough rods already lol 20 gal of plastics is allot of baits , I fugure once I get dialed in I should break even on plastic cost in the long run. Now if I could just figure out how to make the Stanley frog double hooks I would be a happy camper. !! Thanks again for all the input!!
  13. Stupid and Easy

    Do you have a link from their website so I can take a look?
  14. How do you paint this pattern

    Google: Metallic Random Mesh Rolls Metallic Silver One of the links:
  15. Where to find bandit 100 series crankbaits

    I bought some of those as I thought they might be the closest thing to a Bandit 100. Not happy with them at all. The lip is very narrow...doesn't flare out at all. Action is minimal. Body is about the same length as a 100 but it's not as deep and narrower from just behind the head to tail.
  16. Stupid and Easy

    I have used those with good results but I powdercoated them. Allen
  17. Buzzbait frog

    Buzzbait of its own kind, shaped from solid pine and hand painted. The buck tail hairs around the hooks add a touch to represent feet and the turbo buzz blade makes a beautiful wake to attract the big catch. The hooks are positioned upward to minimize hooking weeds.
  18. something brighter than alu tape?

    Just the burnishing process will increase the luster but that leaves it far short. The picture above is from jrhopkins and I believe he uses Mother's aluminum polish. I have used various polishes including some designed for plastics with good results. Here is an old jerk bait I did that was burnished with a wooden dowel (photo prior to cleaning with rubbing alcohol to remove some adhesive that squeezer out at seams and a gray residue that forms during burnishing). Definitely not as shiny/reflective if not polished. Some foil tapes are slightly better than others (but only tried a few different ones).
  19. something brighter than alu tape?

    This is with top coat , the silver has Perl silver as a base coat, the perch I glued on to a clear blank. Oddly I like the splotchy it brings out some of the texture
  20. Tube tail cutter

    New to tube dipping and tail cutting..looking forward to seeing all the various cutters out there..
  21. Wraps / skins for big swimbaits?

    I have used the Jig Skinz Pro and the foil Jig Skinz on 6-12" Slammer type baits and other big jointed baits. I have done about a dozen so far. I do apply D2T for a clear coat after the skin is put on. On jointed baits with V cut joints, I have found it best to use a skin a 1-2 inches longer than the bait. I cut the skin into sections with each skin section slightly longer than each section of the bait. I make each skin section slightly longer than the bait section in case it shifts a bit when it shrinks. You can trim any extra with a razor knife after shrinking. I do the back (tail) section first. This way you can tuck that piece of the skin inside of the V cut of the section in front of the one you are covering . This way you can get coverage right up to the joint. Then, I work forward putting on a section of the skin one at a time. If you can, install the diving lip after the skin. Cutting a hole in the skin for the lip can be tough on a large bait. I cut the lip slot in the bait before skinning. You can cut out the skin covering the lip slot with an small razor knife. Skinz don't shrink completely even around the circumference of the bait. Sometimes it can be really noticeable at the eyes which can distort. Before dipping the front section of the skin, I have been hitting the the back (top) with a heat gun. This way only the top part of the skin will shrink reducing the chances the eyes will distort. After heating the back (top), I let it cool for a minute before dipping in the water. On a real big bait, I have used a couple of inches from the end of one skin to do the tail section of the bait. Then, I finish the bait with a full skin of the same color. You can use the remainder of the first skin on a smaller bait.
  22. Newbie questions

    I pour in my pole style garage all the time. I made a work bench 8' long & have my microwave, colorant, salt etc on it. I have my molds (over 20) in a cheap Lowes chest type tool box with pliers, parts for making a rigs & other miscellanious items in other drawers under the bench. I also have my left over sprue in coffee & creamer cans that have the colors written in permanent marker under the bench & have plenty of room. I have nails with very small heads nailed into the posts & purling boards & hang all of my plastics on them sticking the still connected sprue on them so they'll hang straight & have no problems whatsoever doing it the way i do. When i cut tube tails i just sit my press on the workbench & have at it. I've done 20 gallon of plastic in the last year & it has worked great for me. One thing i'm thinking i'm going to do is if i can find some used counter top that someone has torn out & use it to make another bench completely down another wall so i can also possibly get into rod building too. Very little room is needed for this hobby, but a man can always use more too. lol As far as a learning curve you'll get it down pretty quickly & don't hesitate to ask for help as there are some great folks here that know their stuff & will walk you through anything that comes up. Welcome aboard.
  23. something brighter than alu tape?

    that pict worth a lot to prove me one thing i'll try alu's exactly what i am looking you think it become more reflective when we rub it? because i think the one i have seen at homehardware was not that shinny .i guess the alu tape stick enough?don't need to add any other kind of glue right?
  24. something brighter than alu tape?

    Going to be subjective as what do you mean by brighter. More reflective? In my opinion the aluminum foil duct tape is by far the best option available to the average guy. Cost, ease of use and results when done correctly are far better than anything else I have observed in person or on sites. jrhopkins has posted some pics showing the foil after polishing I have several of the decofoil transfer sheet colors and they give good results but think the foil still wins. Lure prep becomes a lot more important with thin foils don't cover much in regards to improperly sanded/sealed baits and very prone to get incomplete transfer of the foil so "splotchy" results. Only way to really get much better is spend the money and send your baits out to be vacuum depositon, vacuum metalizing, or whatever the current trendy term is.
  25. something brighter than alu tape?

    Yes, I have some silver decofoil that I use. I use a 3M contact adhesive, spray it on the lure, let it get super tacky, then place the dull side on the lure and press it down. I work the material very well to make sure as much as I can get will stick. I then pull the plastic off. The deco foil is much thinner then foil, in fact even with the plastic on still it is thinner. But, the foil is stronger. I top coat with AlumiUV so it is really tough. Epoxy or Etex would work very well also. Never had the problem yet. I am still looking for the holy grail of reflective coatings. The thing will happen, in time.
  26. something brighter than alu tape?

    aulrich do you have pics somewhere ?
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  28. Plastic from a 5 gal bucket

    Will do.
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