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  2. Skimpy, just be careful that the wire is not too short. I have done some others and the blade tucked under the swimbait and did not turn with too short of a wire. Just mu two cents.
  3. Awesome!!!! I loved the fact that you epoxied the wire in before painting, now you have the powder helping the reinforce the wire, good deal right there.
  4. Today

    I got mine off Amazon which was the best price I could find at the time with free shipping. I usually dip my baits 2-3 times and they're good to go. A couple of them have a little bit of hook rash but it's no quicker than any of the commercial baits out there so I've been more than happy with its performance.
  6. solder or weld an hook?

    In the 90s you might have even had a decent epoxy. Not this 1/5 minute crap that seems to be all we can find today at the common sources. 1 & 5 minute has very specific uses, but in my experience are NOT anywhere near as strong as the old school epoxy where you clamped up the part and DID NOT TOUCH IT for 24 hours. It just occurs to me since you had low temperature failures an epoxy like Flex-Coat might give you a little more range. Also the hook flexes even at what we consider low temperatures. A straight glue up probably would not hold up as well as a wrap. I am just guessing of course. LOL.
  7. What colors are needed

    Hi everyone I am still new to painting my own crankbaits. I normally paint gizzard shad, sexy shad and other natural shad patterns. I paint for myself and for family and friends, not looking to sell them or create a business. So my question is what are the must have colors to keep on hand. I am venturing out to learn a bluegill pattern, craw pattern and possibly a crappie pattern. But I want to grow as a painter make sure I have the colors needed to accomplish and learn with.
  8. glider\swimmer

    I float test my baits to be sure the ballast is right in a 5 gallon bucket of water. You can do the same thing in the kitchen sink or bath tub.
  9. Help: Heating silicone molds for large laminates

    My only concern would be that it is a silicone mold. In the past, I have used a propane torch to heat my belly color after it has cooled and then poured my line or back color on top of it to get good seams. You could try this with either a torch, lighter or heat gun and I would try the heat gun first as it is less likely to mess up your mold than the high heat from the torch or lighter.
  10. What Is This Color

    I'm about as low tech as it gets.I've foiled stick baits and used an olive drab Sharpie (which I have a hard time finding) to get a color that looks close to that,then Devcon finish.
  11. Identify this skirt color - Part 2!

    Welcome to my world! Lol!
  12. glider\swimmer

    I took the leap of faith and mounted the hooks at the 2 1\2 and 5 1\2 marks.I put the eye screws in at an angle so they wouldn't hit the hinge screws.Unfortunately winter won't loosen it's grip on New England and I'm having a bit of a poor spell .Once I get back on my feet and the weather breaks I'll get out a progress report.Thanks for all the input.
  13. Help: Heating silicone molds for large laminates

    I have used my heat gun to get the first color ready for the second color in some of my open pour silicone molds, and also to get the top of the bait to even out after it's poured.
  14. My buddy wanted to make some underspins and liked the Swimbait Head. So we came up with a way to make underspins using the Swimbait Head without having to modifying the mold. I think they came out pretty nice ! Let me know what you think !
  15. How to wrap jigs with Guido Hibdon

    Thanks for posting! He was a huge influence in the industry and will be missed. I watched him give a seminar locally back in the early 90's here in Springfield, Dion talked also and I think Dion's oldest was just a baby yet. Dion said we'd better watch out because there was another crop of Hibons coming up, lol. He was right. In the late 2000's we had a FLW-TBF youth club that competed against other kids in the state and all three of Guido's grandsons fished it. I took each one of them out in my boat at one time or another. Each are great kids. Guido and Stella always came to the events and were just proud Grandparents. Great family!
  16. Painting dots

    Not sure of the brand of hand, I'll have to look in the shop at the bottle. I got it at Wal Mart. The bottle is a squeeze type with a flip top lid. Takes forever to use a bottle up dotting eyes.

    You are welcome JB. I just placed an order from LPO and they have KBS Diamond clear too.
  18. WTB Basstackle 5” open pour swimbait mold

    Looking to buy this mold or some samples of this mold
  19. First time rod builder, with questions.

    So your saying both MHX & CRB are ok. But go with MHX. Order of choice. #1 MHX #2 CRB #3 eZ Kit If I did go with the eZ Kit which blank(s)? What guides should I check out?
  20. Painting dots

    Haha your probably right thought. I think as fisherman we care more about what a bait looks like than they do. I doubt a trout 10 feet away from a lure in a 3mph current is thinking "are those dots hand painted?" As much as the vibration of the blade does the work. As as far as getting them to the hook. I either use hook dressing that I make from wire casing. I work at a construction company so I take some of the scrap telecom wire and strip it. Put the copper back into scrap and take the shielding and slide it on a treble hook. Or a very bright 8mm trailing bread. Both seam to work for the Browns here in Michigan
  21. Eat It !!

  22. How to wrap jigs with Guido Hibdon

    As many of you know, Guido Hibdon past away, I was and am a huge fan of his and his family, found this on you tube when I first started tying jigs. Just a small tribute to one of my fishing heros
  23. Help: Heating silicone molds for large laminates

    Never tried it, might work, but, maybe. The subject line says Silicone molds. Most silicone molds have a temperature limit about 395 deg. F +/-. Plastic converts at 350 degrees F. It can be injected down to around 300 degrees F, so...... If you are heating the mold post pour/injection, keep the temperature below 350 and use a good thermometer to verify the oven is not getting hotter. Also, silicone is not a good heat conductor so it might take some time to get it to the right temperature. Lots and lots of mights, coulds, and maybes in my response. I hope someone else can chime in on this one.
  24. cottoncordell g finish

    i think patent can't be good that long .and a patent for paint could be dodged easy.
  25. Who sells the most concentrated scent

    Thanks for the info guys, will check them out.
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