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  2. i have 8 of the do it croaker 4 inch frog molds,read the ads,its there

  3. Boss powder paints

    Jason, Actually, it doesn't matter at all how the jig gets to temperature, only that it gets hot enough. Sometimes, if the jig is not clean, the scale will prevent proper adhesion. In the end, I do pretty much as Mark does and the Protec I also use works great. I have a couple of other brands, but they are not sold now.
  4. Hunting for a specific mold

    Hey guys I am looking for a specific mold. Simply it's a 1/2 oz jig head, not a round or football style and not an arkie. No indentions to put eyes in. The jig was made by the now (out of business) Knuckle Down Lures. If it's a Do-it mold, I can't find it. I'm willing to have a mold made. I looked on CNC molds but they will not copy a jig head if it's a current production model. And I get that. That would be wrong anyway. If it's in production I would just buy one. So if you guys come up with any ideas, let me know. Thanks Ron
  5. Boss powder paints

    I use Protec powder. I use a heat gun to get my jigs hot enough to dip in the powder to coat them, and then, when they've cooled enough to handle, I put them in my toaster oven and set it for 350 degrees. I let them cook for thirty minutes from the time I first turn the oven on, no preheat, and then, after the thirty minutes, I turn the oven off, wedge open the door slightly with a piece of aluminum scrap, and let them cool for another thirty minutes. The heads are hard, and I never have any chips.
  6. tuning balsa crank bait

    Try .032 Stainless Steel Safety Wire from Grainger. It’s a soft annealled wire which is is easy to bend, but not flimsy. Ive tried many wire sizes and types and often had the same problem you had with wire that is too stiff. Many guys prefer .035 wire, but I make wire harnesses for my baits which are placed between two halves of balsa. The smaller diameter wire allows for seamless mating of the two halves. I’ve never had or heard of any issues with the wire in my baits. I have also used it for twisted line and hook eyes epoxied into one piece balsa baits with no problems.
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  8. Exhaust

    I built a three-sided box plus a top out of thin plywood that sits on top of a work bench. Installed a bathroom exhaust fan in the top. I ran the vent hose to a piece of wood that is sized so I can just open a window and place the wood in the opening. It just vents outside then. I'm not sure how thoroughly it works. My microwave for plastic melting fits inside and I can also put my lead pot inside.
  9. lurecolourstudio

    Hope it gets brought back online. Jonas is a super guy to work with and his stuff is top notch quality.
  10. do it 3.5 and 4.5 inch bigfoot frog molds and belly mold

    Are there any 3.5 or 4 croaker molds?
  11. Avid bass tackle

    Ordered a few blanks from there recently. No issues.
  12. Boss powder paints

    Hey guys i have a question about Boss powder paints....I purchased a few different colors for use on some jigs. I did a few test runs with the powder and found out that the paint chipped of the jigs very easily after a short time on the water. I used a heat gun for the initial application the baked in a toaster oven. I noticed on there web site after the fact that they recommend preheating the jigs in the toaster oven for 10 min at various temps.depending on the powder... then dipping them into the powder paint, and returning them to the toaster oven to finish. Does anyone have any feedback on best process for these powders? Thank you guys! Jason
  13. tuning balsa crank bait

    I use brass for a lot of my work, and any brass will be OK. But, for soft tempered stainless, let me offer the following excellent suggestion. Following this link and then looking or searching for the annealed wire should do it for you. PS, glad to have you on the site. We look forward to hearing from you.
  14. tuning balsa crank bait

    I am new to trying to make balsa crank baits and have used this forum extensively for info. When trying to tune my baits I damaged the lure because my twisted wire line tie is too rigid. Have read from this forum to use soft tempered stainless wire or dowels. I am glueing in some dowels as I write but can anyone tell me where to get soft tempered wire? Thanks! .
  15. Yesterday
  16. Best Keitech swimbait mold

    Just got the ES ripper and boy I'm digging it, I've yet to pour but I have other ES molds so I expect it to do well. I have a single cavity one from Bass that works great but it is a single and better priced than the ripper aluminum from do it, I got a 4.8 from them as well i am looking forward to pouring this bait,
  17. Printed Bags

    Is there a website am also looking to upgrade to pre printed barrier laminate bags. Would appreciate all the info i can get.
  18. lurecolourstudio

    I was wondering the same thing... closed for Christmas, then the whole site shut down.
  19. Yellow Perch

    Thank you Sir.
  20. Solvent

    So you are trying to clean your shooting star with this solvent?
  21. Crankbait Help

    I use egg sinkers and split shot, pinched onto my trebles, to determine how much ballast my lures need. I like my divers to hand down head first, with a steeper angle on the deeper divers. My maximum angle of hand down is 45 degrees+-. Like Anglinarcher said, I think the ballast point should be somewhere between the front and middle belly hangers, so I would add ballast to both of those hooks until I got the angle I wanted, and then weigh that ballast and add it between those two spots. I think right below your gill lines would be the best location, but, since you have two identical lures, you can try different locations to see which one works best for you.
  22. Solvent

    Thanks, guys. I’m familiar with MEK and was reluctant to have it around due to the low flashpoint. I went to the lead tech at our linings division and he suggested a product by VersaFlex called Dzolv. Flashpoint above 200, organic with no solvent smell. He told me to heat the pot(s) to 140 and flush with that. I have a gallon, will try it and report back.
  23. lurecolourstudio

    Anyone know what happened to his site. It's not up any more?
  24. Croaker frog molds 4 inch

    and ill take 50 for both lizard molds
  25. Croaker frog molds 4 inch

  26. Printed Bags

    New Packaging from China which is being delivered on Monday. took 5000 bags to start of with first Price $0.088 each Plate cost $70 x 4
  27. 6 inch Fat Senko Mold lizard mold grub mold

    Take $40 for both lizards?
  28. Croaker frog molds 4 inch

    These are single cavity on the croaked I assume?
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