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  2. There’s a fine line between vents too small and vents too large. If they are too large, you will get plastic that flows out of them causing little nipples on your baits. Too small and the baits won’t fill. Mold also needs enough of them. So if you are opening up some vents to solve a problem, go slow. Remove a little material and try the mold. Wash, rinse, repeat until it shoots well without the flash....or nipples, if you will.
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  4. I was looking into the KBS since it looks so easy to use. I've heard stories of it going bad on people though. I'll try a syringe next time and see if that helps!
  5. Epoxy is not mixed by weight, But 50/50 by volume... Notice the bottles are the same quantity? Use a syringe or medicine cup and measure equally. I switched from epoxy to KBS Diamond Clear and never looked back... I keep it in a mason jar and wipe the lid clean before the top is put back on.
  6. I've been having issues with clear coat. It's not very smooth and I'm getting lots of bumps and some spots where there just isn't ant clear coat (air bubbles?). I've been using BSI 30 min Epoxy from hobby lobby and brushing it onto the bait then throwing it on the lure turner. I've been using a small scale to measure to make sure I'm mixing the right amount. Any tips on what I could do that may improve this? Is there anything I can do with the baits that I screwed up one or are they just useless at this point?
  7. I use both the thin and the medium/gap filling glues, and use an accelerator to set the gap filling CA glue when I use it to position/hold hardware (thank you Rayburn Ben).
  8. How does the body girth compare between the 3" & 3.5" Thanks guys.
  9. If you expect your lures to fall apart then yes, through wire is going to bring the fish home. What is your experience fishing for these monsters, have your lures disintegrated? Personally, I have never made a lure with a screw eye. All my lures are made with home made barrel twisted eyes. I have never had an eye failure, or a failure of any kind, catching aggressive fish up to 12Lb. If your wood is strong enough, with an eye penetration of 25mm (1") I would not anticipate any problems. Dave
  10. I thought about buying it & just adding enough color (other than the main body color) to give it a hue like black, blue, chartreuse, pink etc. I figured the baits could be cut & make a laminate with so i may try that too. How does the 3'' compare to the 3.5 as far as size goes. Most use 3.3 & 3.8 kietechs around here. I willl be fishing them in really clear water highland lakes if that makes a difference what size to get. Thanks
  11. Search title “Aluminum injection mold laminates?”. I posted a picture of how I was able to get laminates by cutting the bait, putting it back in the mold and shooting the next color. Just have to remember to cut the nose at an angle to create a ramp for the next color.
  12. G’day guys im make soft plastic with a hand pump and thinking of upgrading to a semi auto injected. Dose anyone know of a small injection machine. I will need to get it sent to Australia as well?
  13. About to start work on a combination of a diving popper and a segmented glidebait, with the objective of catching some barramundis, king mackerels or jacks. Do you think very long epoxied-in screw eyes would hold up to these target species?
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  15. Anyone have any old ones around? Im wondering what the willow leaf size was of the blade. these had much larger than normal willow blades.
  16. made from a cheap 1 mm Silicone Non Stick Kitchen Baking Sheet no sticky but may be to thick for the tail...later I will try some 500 x 500mm Clear Silicone Rubber Sheet Pad 0.3 mm from ebay.
  17. Those are made from mother of pearl. I don't believe they're made anymore but you can find them on eBay and other places from time to time. I see a listing for them right now on eBay. Look up Hildebrandt mother-of-pearl blades on eBay.I don't suppose you'll get them for cheap but if you really want to have them it's probably your best bet. Another option would be to find a similar color blade in that same style and try them or paint your own in a similar color. They will weigh a bit more but they'll probably give you the same look.
  18. Thanks and agree. I have some metal versions as well as some silicone with narrow slot. I want that wide slot. I will continue to search. Agree.
  19. You can also look under rubber grommets or silicone grommets. You will find them cheaper that way than buying something that has a name attached to it.
  20. JBuff


    By the photos those are cold cracks caused by not heating the mold first and you didn't hit the center of the gate when you first start pouring. Try heating the mold and pour until you get the pour stream and center consistent, once you have those down you can go with a cold mold. It's all about repetition
  21. Anyone know what you would call this? A grommet? Made of silicone and has a nice slot.
  22. I was wondering if theres any place you can order the pearl spinners ,that go on the creek chub beetle lures by the rear hook .any info i would appreciate.thanks .
  23. I do too. The reverse style worked best for me, but the one I had was slightly magnetic, and gave me fits trying to release the properly positioned metal part! So, I’m back to the standard one.
  24. in my experience none of the ripper molds make good laminates. i have heard (and seen i guess) that i can be done, but i was never able to do it, that 90* bend in the runner makes it difficult (though not impossible). i was looking at the ripshad from fat guys fishing, similar looking bait, and its an 8 cavity top inject, WAY more expensive thoug. i reached out for a couple samples a couple times and he said he would send some and never did, so i never went through with the order, but his molds look good!
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