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  2. Large 30 degree Swim Jig hook

    I don't know of any larger than 5/0. But, I would think that 5/0 would be plenty large enough for pike.
  3. Large 30 degree Swim Jig hook

    Does anyone know if there are 30 degree , preferably round bend heavy swim jig hooks in 6/0, 7/0, 8/0 sizes? I plan to try to use with the Do IT Bullet Bass Jig, larger size for Pike/Musky jigs? I see plenty of 60 degree and 90 degree hooks in these larger sizes, but I only see 28 and 30 degree hooks up to 5/0. Would prefer black nickel, but I am open to others. Any help is appreciated? Thanks in advance! Duckman
  4. Clear coat with Gorilla clear glue

    Had anyone used gorilla clear glue for clear coating baits. Got a bottle to do a couple of test on baits. Thanks for any advice or knowledge of clear coat.
  5. 20180217_185907.jpg

    100% handmade with living rubber.
  6. IMG_2077.jpg

  7. Chartreuse plastisol getting darker

    Frank has a YouTube video where he uses the griddle to keep the plastisol at a usable temp. You can also get a meat grinder from harbor freight and grind the sprue, it will heat with less time, and the heat stabilizer is a must.
  8. Plumber's Lead

    Some people ask their local mechanic to save them used tire weights.
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  10. Wanted to buy Molds or Existing Business

    Looking to purchase no longer used molds or an existing Business. Looking for frogs, mice, rats, trailer and swim bait molds. Please message me @
  11. Chartreuse plastisol getting darker

    look up frank an how he use his griddle.
  12. Sealing a chugger

    You can thin glue type epoxies like Devcon with a few drops of denatured alcohol. I don’t think thinner decoupage epoxies like Etex would need it. Just push a swab soaked in the epoxy through the hole from both ends several times and you should have good coverage.
  13. 1/2oz Classic Twin Spin

    Real nice work, smalljaw. Pretty fancy wire bending to attach the swivels, too!
  14. Chartreuse plastisol getting darker

    Short bursts of heat in the 20-30 second length along with smaller batches and heat stabilizer is all that even has a chance for me along with white.
  15. Chartreuse plastisol getting darker

    for me when i had this problem the answer was not to reheat. smaller batches and more molds. maybe add a presto pot to your setup! just keep it stirred an dont put the sprues back in the hot plastic. you have to get rid of the plastic fast. the microwave is overheating you plastic its the nature of how the microwave works.
  16. Chartreuse plastisol getting darker

    havent tried it but looks like it might work
  17. Hand Poured Veins

    cool baits i was talking about hand pour baits
  18. Chartreuse plastisol getting darker

    You'll need to add some heat stabilizer when re heating often, especially for temperamental colors like chartreuse. Most places who sell plastic will also sell stabilizer. I used to set a couple gallons aside with added stabilizer. A little goes a long way; about one ounce per gallon is all that's needed.
  19. Hand Poured Veins

    Not sure if this is what your looking for or not. But hopefully it can help.
  20. Any suggestions on how to reinforce ribbontail worms to make them "tougher" yet still remain flexible.
  21. Homemade plastisol

    Baitjunkys , I am quite aware of that but when certain chemicals in the pvc resin can add lot or a little stickiness which is variable on the company that produces it or how it was made.. Also some formulas of plastisol contain tiny droplets of lubrication (oils or glazes) that are released when it cools removing the stickiness temporarily or permanently. I know some on plastisols, but far more on organics or bioplastics.
  22. Chartreuse plastisol getting darker

    Hey folks, I am having an issue with my chartreuse-dyed plastisol getting darker as I reheat it in the microwave several time. Here's the rundown: I start of with DO-IT plastisol and dye it with DO-IT 2X chartreuse dye. I then pop it in the microwave until phase looks great! I inject my first rounds of lures and they turn out perfectly. As the plastisol cools in the Pyrex, I have to reheat to keep it from becoming to viscous for the injector to suck up. As I reheat the plastisol, no matter how careful I am with the temps, I always have the problem of the chartreuse darkening over time. It never truly burns, but the just doesn't have that chartreuse pop like the first couple shots had. I've tried adding DO-IT plastisol stabilizer but I don't think that does anything. The only thing I can do to help mitigate the issue is keep adding more dye, which helps, but does't do the whole trick. I was wondering if anyone has had this same issue and found a way to fix it? Is it the brand of plastisol I'm using? Is it simply the nature of a dynamic heating source like a microwave that is too hard to control? I would love to fix this issue if at all possible. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ya'll! Tight Lines
  23. PVC Formula #1SH

    I have a new heavy formula without salt, I want to share it with the public it's ID Number is #1SH under my book of plastic creations. But reminders that this formula theoretical and might not work as intended since I myself haven't tested it, but if you do experiment with it feel free to share or publish it no credit to me is necessary. I would recommend this for non-translucent applications and especially for bottom or deep fishing. #1SH stands for First (Numerical), Soft Plastic, Heavy (weight) Formula -65% DINP Plastecizer -13% Emulsion PVC paste resin -2% Epoxy Soybean Oil -5% Metallic Thermostabalizer -5% Dispersent -3% Glycerol or Glycerin -7% Tungsten Nano-particles or Tungsten powder 275 mesh and up (If you tested this please send feedback on how it goes.)
  24. Homemade plastisol

    Plastisol is sticky by nature, It is covered up with mineral seal oil or other like materials that exude after it is heated etc. Best thing, run with what you got, wipe them in mineral oil when you take them out of the mold, Unless of course there so sticky there sticking to the mold itself.
  25. Powder Paint Spray gun booth

    For you guys using powder paint spray guns. What are you doing to catch as much overspray as possible. thanks
  26. Super Glue

    I run the screw eye in and back out again, to cut the threads in the pilot hole. Then I coat the screw threads with gap filling super glue and run it back in. The gap filling glue gives me enough time to adjust the eye to get it aligned, and the squeeze out creates a faring that locks the eye, keeping it from unscrewing. For balsa baits, after I've done the initial in and out, I put a couple of drops of runny super glue into the hole and use a thin wire to get it down as far as I can. Then I do the same gap filling screw installation. I think the runny glue reinforces the wood around the threads in the balsa.
  27. Homemade plastisol

    I believe you need a dispersing agent in the formula, I believe it is possible that the plasticizer is not spreading throughout the formula hence some, but not total stickiness. But it can also be the chemicals in the resin that breaks apart when not mixed correctly that is causing over stickiness, so it could also be how the resin was made.
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