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  2. ISO 3.5 inch junebug tubes

    I use Baitjunky Hard de-gassed for everything. Still playing with temps. Sent Leonard a message asking for recommendations. Haven't heard back yet.
  3. Microbaloons

    Depends on the lure. Most of the time it is tough to get a lure to float with just Alumilite White and Microballons, even with equal volume of ballons and resin. But, it can make a slight difference and then it is a problem if you don't figure that into the design. I always just figure it into my design now.
  4. Masking Around Bill

    So, I realize this might be quite a bit late, but one of my favorite ways to quickly cover a bill is to use a water balloon. You can cut the round part off the mouth of the balloon, then just stretch it down over the bill and cut to fit with a small razor. Works like a charm and saves you from having a sticky mess if your bodies are sitting taped for a long time. If you have a problem with the balloon not fitting on the bill exactly how you want, take a painters q-tip and outline where the bill meets the body in your base color - then the balloon can cover part of the body without missing paint.
  5. Glitter/Clear Coat

    I bought spray on glitter from walmart - seems to work really well but hard to control if you don't want the whole bait plastered with ultrafine glitter.
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  7. Need help homemade hand injector

    Cub48: Good point. I Will get a Good one
  8. ISO 3.5 inch junebug tubes

    I tried medium & it was a little soft for me so I mixed 50% medium & 50% hard & it's better. I'm going to try a few with straight hard next, but I just haven't got around to it yet with work, mowing hay & fishing.
  9. ISO 3.5 inch junebug tubes

    what do you guys suggest for plastic? I'm assuming super soft isn't ideal.
  10. Microbaloons

    Hello everybody, I'm new posting here but have been reading through the forums for quite a while. I've been making wood lures for a few years. They are mostly turned on a lathe out of Alaskan yellow cedar for targeting stripers in the surf. It's just something I do in my spare time to supply myself and a few friends. Lately I've been getting into making some jointed swimbaits and glide baits. They are fun to make but a bit more time consuming than say a pencil popper or spook. I've decided to try my hand at molding some lures using alumalite white with microbaloons. While watching an alumalite video they mentioned that the microbaloons will shift slightly during the open time of the casting resin. The slight shifting creates a ballast (I think that's the right term) where the blank will float with a certain side up. I know wood will also float with a particular side up but for my applications it usually isn't enough to worry about. Well that was a lot of talking before the question and sorry if it's been gone over before but I couldn't find the answer. Is the ballast created by the microbaloons enough to worry about when I'm setting up my mold or should I just forget about it? Thanks Brian
  11. Junebug / Green Glitter Help!

    LC is what I used and problem solved!
  12. Mold for heavy cover swim jig head

    If you are dead set on having what you want, and along that same line of thought with the rtv, a guy could order a blank mold from do it ( they have them available for purchase) and drill a large cavity on both sides. Then use your rtv and jig to make the impression. Probably get more than one cavity out of it. Of course, you would have to drill a sprue also. Very doable on a drill press.
  13. Needing Heads Casted

    Contact: David Aery at Hook Solutions, he may be able to help you out . 660-547-2874
  14. Balsa basswood prop template

    This may help.
  15. Junebug / Green Glitter Help!

    I have lurecraft too. Go as light or as dark as you want.
  16. Needing Heads Casted

    Hello All! I am in need of information on who here does casting. I am asking for myself and another manufacturer and I believe we have all of the molds/masters but the other manufacturer will have all of that info. Not sure what heads he has cast but mine are 3/4 to 1 1/2 ounce and most are cast with a 10" straight wire (so a larger mold is required) Thanks for any and all help! Johnny 660-412-5254
  17. Mold for heavy cover swim jig head

    I took a look at my Arkie mold and none of the cavities are large enough to accommodate the Gambler head. But, I did find the Backstroke Swim Jig Head at LPO and ordered a couple to try. they look pretty similar to the Gambler head.
  18. Createx Airbrush Thinning?

    Yes, airbrushes are very simple machines with few parts but they are precision parts so you need to take care not to damage them, especially the needle and the cone or nozzle that the needle fits into. The better airbrushes including most of the Iwatas are tuned by factory techs to spray a nice consistent pattern. If you drop and bend the tip of the needle (which is made of somewhat soft stainless steel) or split the nozzle/cone by forcing the needle into the tip too hard, you have a problem airbrush. You can order a new part of course but can you tune it so the new part will perform as well as as the original? Probably not. And those tiny precision nozzles on some of the Iwatas are quite pricey.
  19. Junebug / Green Glitter Help!

    What company black grape Les? I think I have lure craft black grape ill have to try it.
  20. Need DIY hand injector tips n trix

    I would like if anyone has made a plastic injection machine for hard plastic lures into a aluminum mold. This is for hard not the worm soft plastic. Wayne
  21. fluorescent?

    one shot sign painters enamel based. .there floro,s are excellent but pricey.
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  23. fluorescent?

    here is the email i just got from createx,i think it's a good info to share whit everyone Thank you for contacting Createx Colors. Please find attached our application guides. All fluorescent colors, including ours, are not lightfast as what makes them fluoresce, emit light , is that the pigment is decaying. Therefore, the color will eventually fade. The paint is made with a durable resin, so the coating doesn’t fial in the long-term, its just that fading is inevitiable.
  24. ISO 3.5 inch junebug tubes

    If you have an air compressor you really don't need the worm oil to remove the tube. I see that Josh is now offering a tube splitter featuring a 'smash devise'. Just ordered the ribbed 5 piece mold today. I now have all his tube molds.
  25. Need help homemade hand injector

    It is a shock the oil had leaked out i cut the end off it has a aluminum piston with an oring i work at a Chevy Dealer so mine did not cost me anything we replace them when they go bad. I used mine a long time until i bought one that was machined from Bass Tackle Molds. Get the longer one if u want to buy as like now i have 4 molds and the one i have will not shoot all 4 molds without refilling. Cub48
  26. Prepping plastic for paint?

    Mark's is a good quick and easy system. Alternatively, you could lightly sand the plastic or use a plastic/paint adhesion enhancer aerosol. JMHO, if you're dealing with acrylic latex paint over plastic, what really keeps the paint on there is the lure topcoat. If it is breached, the acrylic paint will begin to reabsorb water and will eventually push the finish off the lure. In my experience it really doesn't matter much how or even if you prep the plastic for paint as long as you remove any oil or contaminants from the surface before starting. Dipping in acetone is as good a way to do that as any.
  27. Need help homemade hand injector

    Roger Linnell: Thats to much money. The ones found on swedish sites kosts ca 80$(0.1L) - 112$(0.5L), got much better price but stil not what I wanna pay. Cub48: Thats hydraulics right? Got a few at work
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