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  2. Every year, in the United States, we absorb over 8.6 billion gallons of bottled water. That’s about 70 billion alone bottles of water! Every year, we bandy about 90 percent of those baptize bottles into the trash, and this is a GROWING problem! Sadly, we recycle alone 9% of all the artificial articles we anytime use. Worse however, is that about all of these artificial items, which we bung into the trash, are single-use plastics pet cup, advised to be acclimated alone already afore they are befuddled into the debris area they will abide in the ambiance for hundreds, conceivably accoutrements of years, or more. There are arid islands in the average of the Pacific Ocean area plastics — bottles, straws, pens, phones, lids, computers, or you name it “Rest in Peace,” but still wreak calamity on brittle ecosystems. A few weeks ago, I was in Rockefeller Center on my cafeteria breach and was just finishing the endure bit of my late-morning algid coffee. I capital to bound pop into a abundance to aces up a shirt, so I started searching about for the abutting debris bowl to actuate of my now-useless artificial Starbucks cup. I didn’t see any, so I absolved beyond the capital to analysis out the next block. There weren’t any bins there either, so I absitively to airing to the next block. That block was bare of cans as well, and so, with a ascent faculty of panic, I started agilely walking against Fifth Avenue, badly scanning the sidewalk for a place, any abode at all, to actuate of the debris of my cher coffee in a socially adequate manner. Reader, I never begin one. Some of things we can do to cut down on our artificial use are obvious, such as bringing your own reusable grocery accoutrements to the store, or traveling with a reusable angle or spoon. Others may be as simple as bringing your own coffee mug with you to your bounded coffee boutique or brewing your own at home, or application a reusable baptize canteen to ample with tap or filtered baptize from baptize fountains or hydration stations. Abounding academy campuses and even airports accept installed filtered-water hydration stations! In fact, the endure time I flew through the Los Angeles International airport, several terminals had hydration stations. So, instead of affairs a artificial canteen of baptize as I ability accept done in the accomplished and which I saw several added humans doing, I brought an empty, reusable baptize canteen with me and adored $3.49! Am I appreciative that I placed a artificial cup beneath an abandoned midsize four-door in midtown? No. But unfortunately, locations of this city-limits are inexplicably garbage-can wastelands. It’s about as if a debris bin rapture took place, and all the godly ones happened to be amid in locations of midtown, the West Side by the High Line and alfresco any museum. It’s no admiration you see so abounding bags of overflowing debris cans on the street. It’s just an archetype of humans demography advantage of a abiding thing. As the song goes, you don’t apperceive what you’ve got till it’s gone—or until you’re admiration next to a Jetta. We, as consumers charge to be informed. We vote with our wallets and we can claiming anniversary other, organizations, and corporations to abate the use of single-use plastics. We all charge baptize for acceptable health; but artificial baptize bottles endanger our bloom and the ambiance they spoil.
  3. Do a comparison of its many advantages to that of setting up wooden garden sheds. You can find loads of choices to opt for, especially if you're hoping for a somewhat cheap pre-fabricated plastic shed.3. Garden sheds manufactured from plastic are also the right solution for those individuals who have narrowed outdoor space. They could be assuming that plastic sheds aren't as stable and efficient as those manufactured from wood or metal.. You will not have difficulty looking for your tools each time you will need them simply because you already know where they are accordingly stacked away. When you're in search of a high-quality yet cost-efficient and impressive outdoor storage shed that will not likely mess up the ambiance of your garden, a plastic shed is capable of doing many amazing things. It's an ideal storage option for plastic Dustbin those who are in a big hurry to use a heavy duty outdoor storage shed but are tight on finances. You won't need to wait any longer so as to have a safeguarded, dry and heavy-duty storage area for your equipment as well as other possessions. There are various reasons why quite a lot of people would rather obtain and use a plastic shed.5. Not only that it is designed to withstand a number of disastrous factors as it also offers designs and shapes which you can be proud of. Having an outdoor storage shed for your tools, gardening necessities and other devices will provide you with more indoor space of which you could properly use for several other purposes. So if you're still hesitant about the use of plastic garden sheds, right here are some positive aspects to look into:1. You can quickly install a plastic garden shed. Unlike when developing a wooden garden shed from scratch which usually could take a while and a good deal of your effort, plastic storage sheds could be conveniently purchased over the Internet or locally.2. You wouldn't even require some big and complex equipment. But no matter how favorable it appears to purchase and put up plastic storage sheds, it's a good idea to do an intensive research beforehand. However, please note that certain improvements have made it possible for a plastic shed to stand out from its competitors. Plastic sheds are cheaper than metal or wooden garden sheds. Even an inexperienced or amateur DIYer can efficiently set up such structure.4. You do not need to be really experienced in creating things. It's now become a favored alternative. Even so, some folks are still reluctant to acquire this type of garden shed. You only need to mindfully follow the directions provided in the assembly guide.So why have problems with keeping your equipment in your chaotic attic or letting your gardening supplies lie around almost everywhere when you can maintain an excellent plastic shed that can give you a fairly easy solution to arrange and access your belongings? Make gardening more fascinating by installing a plastic storage shed nearby. Seemingly, this kind of outdoor storage option delivers a multitude of astonishing advantages and qualities.The good thing is, increasingly more shed companies can present you with extraordinary plastic sheds.

    If you are going to use a pool to test lures, you could hang paper clips or some wire on the split rings instead of hooks. If you have a good scale that weighs fractions of an ounce, you could exactly match the weights of the hooks.
  5. Best finish coat to use over CS vinyl paint

    Any topcoat will scratch, marr, or otherwise show use when pulled over rock during a days fishing. Not a topcoat or paint out there that will stay pristine under those conditions. That said, you may be able to find something that will works better than vinyl. Most of the good jig producers around use powder paint to paint their topcoat required. Once you bake it, it’s hard as a witches heart. Very cost effective as you can paint many, many jigs with a pound of powder. Some guys even use it to paint their spinnerbaits. A little more difficult as the wire gets in the way but using a brush tap method you can get some great results. If you add eyes, you’ll want to topcoat with a clear to keep the eyes on. Several good Moisture Cure Urethanes (MCU’s) out there for this. Also the clear two part epoxies like the Devcon 2 Ton. You’ll have to find what works for you. Personally, I prefer the MCU’s for the working time. KBS Diamond Clear is a really nice MCU. Also for spinnerbaits that you are going to topcoat, you can get some nice results using an airbrush with Createx water based paints then top coated with MCU or epoxy. I’ll try to post a photo or two to show an example.
  6. First soft swimbait advice needed

    Thanks! been lurking for quite awhile
  7. Best finish coat to use over CS vinyl paint

    I've used klass Kote for years . But I do very little spraying epoxy coats . I dip or Brush where possible .
  8. Jackall Giron Swimbait

    That one is really sweet. Yum!
  9. cedar cranks

    I really like the way you faded the black stripes on the firetiger. Nice baits.
  10. Best finish coat to use over CS vinyl paint

    Can't go wrong with Devcon D2T. That's what I use when I want a good hard finish. I only use the 30 minute epoxy, not the 5 minute. I'm sure there are other top coats that will work just fine, and maybe a little easier to use, but this is what I use. Just my 2 cents.
  11. First soft swimbait advice needed

    Nolan, I like the looks of your master, that's a nice looking bait. I think you were given some good advice. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Do It Swing Jig molds

    Do It mold swing jig molds. I have the FBB-6-SWG and FBB-5-SWG. 25each. I also have about 75 wire forms for each that will be packed with the mold they fit. 25 per mold shipped or 45 shipped for both. They have been sprayed with drop out.
  13. I've been using CS one part finish on my spinnerbaits and jigs for several years now and looking for something a little stronger to finish over the CS vinyl paint that I use that won't cause yellowing/ hazing over paint job. The vinyl paint seems to work really well and flexes with the lead when heads hit rocks without cracking, but the one part coat seems to crack/peel fairly easy when jig heads are pulled over rock. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  14. Crankbait Blank Suppliers

    google at luckycastlures/ New 2017 Hybrid Wiggle Wart Blanks

    I am in northern BC so I understand your issue. Bath tub can give you an idea for shallow running baits. Deep diving I resort to driving down to the ferry terminal where they have bubblers keeping an ice free channel Often in the winter if I make a proto type it sits alone till things thaw Winter is making pre tested designs or ice fishing gear mostly
  16. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    This glide is killing me right now, but I will let you guys know how the rustoleum turns out once I use it. It might be a while though...
  17. Defective Blanks

    I don' know anyone on this forum and not sure who to ask. But I have mentioned it before. TU needs a pinned thread or threads on product reviews. Might keep things like this from happening
  18. Defective Blanks

    It's a tricky one dale, I'm all for shining a light on the good guy's, nor do I have a dog in this fight. I also get that it's good to let fellow builders know the dodgy suppliers to avoid. Just not sure this is the place to be doing it ? Is it actually allowed on here ? I'll but out on this one because I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing......
  19. Defective Blanks

    Well Gliders, you have been around for some time and you have seen what it will do. I'll agree with this I've some goofs post before they did things properly. Yet this person is setting ready to get the next person. Boy........ I wouldn't mind shaping the ax if it was me. Maybe not for me but to help the next person coming a long.

    were lucky. we test in Detroit river. gotta wash your hands after that. lol.
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  22. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    Let Mark and I know what you think.

    I also came here to TU too create a bait that looked like a gizard shad and would dive to about 30' depths. I couldn't find them in a fishing shop. I have one now and can make one after another and really don't have to test if I didn't want. This is because of the way that I produce them. If thats not innovation, I don't know what is. A lot of how I produce them is my way. The way to create the baits, many on this thread help me to understand how to. Thats not innovative, but it is appreciated and a thank you. Well quite a few thank you. I've have been around for a long time and has seen most that have been out there. Unless it was made by Egyptian, I've seen them or used them. A lot of shapes and designs just come back thru like clothing fashion. My original point was that there so many shapes you can do and still have the engine that Vman helped me to understand. Only so many you can make in a day, so many you can paint, etc. I have a few shapes that I haven't seen before. There are a few that paint original jobs for the big boys here at TU. Have fun with this hobby, make a few bucks back so you can make more. Dale

    Thanks for all the good ideas. I do have a proven design BUT there are factors in construction that I need to consider. Hard to believe but I have created a few negative thinkers that now are key chains or hang in the wall of shame. When I give or sell the baits it's a comfort level to me to say, I have tested each and every one. Now top waters and shallow diving minnow baits I have no worries. The divers are my worry.

    I got into it to give myself options, and produce a better quality bait, whether it be spinnerbaits that weren't exactly as I wanted them, discontinued stuff, color options that aren't hanging on ever shelf, maybe swim jigs with larger hooks than normal with keepers prior to them being available...wooden topwaters that actually had tournament style hooks and finishes that don't fall off after the 3 rd bass...tournament fishing drives a lot of the innovation, but again at this point I can almost produce anything I need as I need it and I LIKE THAT!, cranks are starting to take up my early mornings, rather than spend every last nickel I will figure out what I like and don't at my own pace....nothing like local flavor imo.
  26. First soft swimbait advice needed

    I'm not sure what you mean. If you're talking about casting, it's gonna be an open pour
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