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  2. How much floater to add to frogs?

    Aircaraft spruce cheapest place to buy it.
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  4. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    Hmmmm. Super Glue. Back when I was building some model airplanes out of foam (at age 75 or so)...there was two types of Super Glue. One would erode the foam completely. The other, special stuff which was more expensive, was "Foam Safe". The cut side of the PVC molding that I am using looks like thick foam. PVC is a different material than the true foam that I used on the planes...but...just wondering if Super Glue affects it in any way. Screws ordered. Rich
  5. Protech Curing

    thanks for the info guys, i went on amazon and bought a thermometer. I will check out the heat problem, if it is too in-consistent i will be buying a new toaster oven as the one i have is relatively old.
  6. How do you paint this pattern

    It looks to me like a light green crackle paint over white and blue areas, followed by stenciled black craw sections.
  7. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    Rich, when I run the screw eye back in, after it's been coated with super glue, the squeeze out of glue forms a kind of a faring around the eye. I leave that to lock the screw eye in place. I've never had a screw eye move, or unscrew.
  8. Protech Curing

    Being that your using a fluid bed I'm assuming the paint isn't on too heavy. If you get a simple oven thermometer and check the toaster oven, I'll bet that is where your issue is. My brand new toaster oven set to 350 degrees was actually 410 degrees, the one I had befor that wasn't as bad but at 350 it was actually at 385, toaster ovens are notorious for this issue, even expensive models only have an approximate temp based on dial setting. If your oven is old older it could be worse, get an oven thermometer, most are less than $10 and leave it in the oven for 30 minutes and check the temp, if the heating elements are off note the temp and wait until they come back on and then watch, I'll bet you will get a shock at how high that temp goes. I got one for $70 that has sealed elements so that high temp spike doesn't happen, my old oven had high and low spots, the back 4" of the oven were unusable because the temp would spike to 430 degrees and this was with the oven regulated with an oven thermometer, the very front would only get to 318 degrees so I could only cure 25 jigs per batch. So when you are going to cure your heads, get an oven thermometer, that is where the problem is.
  9. Baits not smooth Pretty good value.
  10. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    Never mind. After looking at the picture, I see that the threads go all of the way up. I just ordered the two inch size and I can cut them down as needed. thanks.
  11. IMG_20180217_204415.jpg

    My fire tiger jerk/glidebait by ESOX AMMO CUSTOM MUSKY LURES
  12. IMG_20180217_204915.jpg

    Leopard jerk/glidebait by ESOX AMMO CUSTOM MUSKY LURES
  13. IMG_20180217_204552.jpg

    Shad jerk/glidebait by ESOX AMMO CUSTOM MUSKY LURES
  14. IMG_20180217_204758.jpg

    Sucker jerk/glidebait by ESOX AMMO CUSTOM MUSKY LURES
  15. IMG_20180217_204352.jpg

    Perch jerk/glidebait by ESOX AMMO CUSTOM MUSKY LURES
  16. Spro LJ KO with CB Lip

    This one has a very thick strong bill, but sorry I dont remember where I got it.
  17. Spro LJ KO with CB Lip

    Ah OK. Dinger Flicker shad has that. I have not fished one yet.
  18. How much floater to add to frogs?

    Alumalite is what I used.
  19. Does anyone know how you go about painting this pattern? I'm assuming its done using either/both a stencil or netting. Thanks.
  20. Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    Actually, I got better result when I went with a lighter wire so I could make good eye bends. Or...with heavier wire I would do a partial bend until the wire touches the main wire ( like many of us do to put the swivel on for the blade for a spinner bait . I took one I made out to the garage and put some flipping braid on the clip and I could not get the bend to fail (although I ruined some clips!) The blade attaches at the bottom of the bend (then finish the bend) and rides at the top of the bend so I don't think the end of the bend ever gets enough force to bend or let the blade slip out.
  21. Baits not smooth

    Preheating will expand the bubbles earlier but won’t remove them from the surface. Makes it longer to demold with the same result. Removing the air in the mold first is the answer. The vacumn and chamber seems expensive but when you have one it is priceless.
  22. Where to find bandit 100 series crankbaits

    this close enough?
  23. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    Mark, when I go to that site, it lists about five choices. From 3/4 inch to over 2 inches. What length did you use, please? My lure height is about 2 inches. Do you bury the eyehook as deep as you can? thanks
  24. Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    Do you pre bend the .051 wire?
  25. Baits not smooth

    Would preheating the mold help?
  26. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?
  27. Baits not smooth

    I think you will find. The 1000s of air bubbles in your mold are expanding when you drop 350 degree plastic in them.
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