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  2. FG-9 and FG-12 Weedguards

    Thank You, Sir.
  3. Blank Crankbait Body Links

    Thank you.
  4. FG-9 and FG-12 Weedguards

    Cadman, I have FG-12 weed guards and they are .018 and there are 12 to 13 strands in a bundle. I believe the FG-9 has 7 strands per bundle.
  5. Everything you need

    •3/1 cavity enforcer tadpole molds- $103 shipped •1/4 cavity do it Senko mold gary yamamoto replica- $85 shipped •1/2 cavity ribbontail mold- $57 shipped •2/ 4 oz do it injectors- best offer •4 gallons of baitplastics medium plastisol- $100 shipped •20 colorants, 14 glitters, some bags, and some scents- 120 shipped almost all pretty full •1/2 quart lurecraft softener, 1 pint bait plastics softener, 1 pint bait plastics worm oil, and 1/2 quart bears baits softener- $27 shipped Text me for pictures or any questions 4807456585
  6. Multiple Airbrushes

    for bottles we use babyfood jars. use the paasche bottle siponswith extended Teflon tube into bottle. shoot 4 ounces at a time. save baby food jars guys,
  7. Today
  8. Blank Crankbait Body Links

    about 8-10 feet
  9. AVID BASS TACKLE... Bad biz practice

    **** UPDATE**** I have ordered 2 more times since this post.... All is well.
  10. Need help homemade hand injector

    Cub48: Ok sounds easy Thanks for your help!
  11. FG-9 and FG-12 Weedguards

    Can someone tell me how many individual strands there are in a bundle of FG-9 and FG-12 weedguards? I assume these are all .018 diameter strands? Thanks in advance
  12. Wood Densities

    AA, if you support the the mold then it would not flex as much. if there is a little misalignment it can be touched up. It is a little more work than just pulling the bait out and some clean up. I still believe that a cavity drilled into the body would eliminte buoyancy issues in resins, or a few holes. As I stated, I put in rattle chambers and I have to place more ballast in to compensate if needed, well more like if want. I like slow floating baits a lot, I have to slow them down some times.
  13. Custom molds

    Custom bait Ross is a cool guy
  14. Wood Densities

    You are talking about making a master, and yes, you could do it with wood and then split it with a fine blade. My concern is not with the master, that would be easy. My future plan would actually mold a left shell and a right shell, then join them. The joined piece would be as hollow as the injection molded versions today. But, with silicones, there is a little flex in the mold and I am not sure you would get two pieces that would always match. But, with a stiffer material like the VacMaster 50, or Platt 55 maybe, I think it could be done.
  15. ultra-molds mini shooting star

    No issues at all. No problems with corrosion either
  16. Rotisserie motor

    anyone know when rotation is 2 fast or 2 slow?
  17. Custom Buzzbait

    Did you carve the blank or mold a grassburner? Very cool!
  18. WANTED - 10 Cavity Plus Moulds

    I have 3- 10 cavity Do-It Super Fry molds to let go of
  19. Looking For Presto Pots With Stirrers

    Looking to get into production would like inquiries about presto pots with stirrers for sale Reply on here or Email Me @ To share info Thanks
  20. ultra-molds mini shooting star

    I have a Mini but i don't use salt in it I don't think it would scratch with salt but it would need cleaned and lubed up to stop corrosion . After it cools I turn the machine on and at 180f i open my valves i will blow thru each port. To clear the plastic out. Cub48
  21. Need help homemade hand injector

    I sawed the end off. U can screw the end off the rod. The piston and rod will slide out . Clean up the surface where u sawed the end off . Bevil it a little where the oring will slide in ok then find u something that will fit in the tube tight i bought a round piece of aluminum and sanded it down to a tight fit fixed the end where it fit the molds . The tip has to be a tight fit or it will suck air unless u stick the end passed the tip. Warm the injector before u shoot and u can keep shooting without cleaning. Cub48
  22. Yesterday
  23. Multiple Airbrushes

    If you are doing large amounts of baits I would suggest bottle brushes like most do. Woodie is one for example, or do assembly type work. I have three, one at .50, .30 and one that will do .33 / .21. I seem at best with three and honestly like just using two but these are bowl type, not bottles.
  24. Masking Around Bill

    I've used regular and frog tape. I really dont have much trouble unless I want to be tight to the body. I like idea Woodie and well see what it will do. Thanks
  25. CottonCandyColoredCrank.JPG

    © 2017

  26. Prepping plastic for paint?

    tks mark now is that true that denatured alcohol is ethanol ? for some strange reason in the country of sob trudeau it look like it's illegal to use denatured alcohol .doe's anyone know another source or an obscure contact to get that so useful denatured alcohol in canada??
  27. ultra-molds mini shooting star

    I had a few questions for the people that have the mini shooting star setup I was wandering if any of you add salt in your plastic while using it if so do you have any issues with it "cleaning, scratching the pots or injector, or causing any other problems" thanks
  28. Adding Pearl Colouring to Plastisol

    x2 Mica White Pearl Powder bought in a Art Craft store. Crayons pastels work fine too, I've never tried with crayon pearl tints, but I know that they are there. Bye Cami
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