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  2. Which urethane

    "AMBER ALERT" From my past experience with Min Wax "Fast Dry Polyurethane" it will provide a high gloss , up side. The finish will turn very amber in a short period of time, down side. White belly lures become tan belly lures. The amber toning is not a problem when used as a wood finish, it's intended purpose. The bottom lure had fewer coats of MinWax poly but the lip was also dipped with noticeable amber toning.
  3. Etex Toxic???

    I looked into the chemical components of the hardener which contains the harmful chemicals, unless there is a strong alkali substance, or weak acids(or acidic chemicals) that can break positive ions apart down, already in the water (they MUST be in the water before you put the Etex in it), doesn't really do damage to the environment, unless you leave it in the water for a really long time, or it gets into the fishes stomach, all the damage it will really do is kill some microbial life, and small insects but nothing really not much else.
  4. Injection Molds

    Yes, they are all still available.
  5. Do it hyper hi light

    What, how and when to use them? How much do you add and to what colors, thanks
  6. Excise Tax Issue

    Call the IRS. It took me a while to get through to somebody who could help, but then they were very helpful. A few investigative field agents may want to make that big score, but the people in the office just want to get paid. The best way to get paid for them is to make sure you know how to do your part. Like I said they were very helpful. Big scores might make a field agents career, but the vast bulk of revenue is self reported and voluntarily paid by people who just want to stay on the good side of the law.
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  8. Injection Molds

    Is anything still available
  9. Plastisol Recipe

    You cant make it cheaper then you can buy it. Unless your willing to spend several thousand on raw materials.
  10. Plastisol Recipe

    Scroll down to page 2 and look at the topics and you will see a couple of recipes
  11. Etex Toxic???

    As chemicals go, etex is the same as other epoxies. The MSDS sheet says it may cause skin irritation and you should avoid breathing it’s mist. You can develop a skin sensitivity to liquid epoxy over time. Jmho, compared to many other clearcoat products, etex seems pretty tame and I certainly wouldn’t rate it “extremely toxic”.
  12. Etex Toxic???

    Hey guys - I recently talked with a well respected guy in the lure making community, and he mentioned how etex was extremely toxic. Can anyone else back this up? I make a good number of lures each year, and each one has 5-7 coats of etex...makes me wonder...
  13. Bullet Weight Mold

    There's a seller on eBay that has them.
  14. Plastisol Recipe

    I'm sure this was asked before, but does anyone has the recipe for plastisol? I'm new on this forum and don't know where look for the same topic.
  15. Help: Heating silicone molds for large laminates

    Thank you for all of the input guys. These big molds are kicking my butt. Until I get the heat gun I'm going to try preheating my molds at 300 degrees and see if this helps. These big swimbaits have been kicking my butt. I normally pour the most beautiful lamis but this has been a chore this past week. I never liked straight lines on baits and normally let it mix a little but this is way too much mixing in the middle even when just drizzling and still getting bad creases. Hopefully preheating the mold works
  16. Excise Tax Issue

    I believe you are ok but I'd still consult a CPA or lawyer just to make sure. The reason you should be fine is because you aren't manufacturing them, most of the talk you hear about taxes has to do with us tackle makers buying our material and then making and selling our product. In your case you aren't doing anything other than supplying the design and the manufacturer is doing you a big service. As for the plastics, well since you are self manufacturing and I assume you are buying your materials wholesale without the excise tax already applied, you will most likely need to file a quarterly report. I may be wrong but if I were you I'd have both products under one LLC and then file your quarterly and you should be ok, separating them just creates another set of paperwork but this is purely speculation as I'm not familiar with creating 2 distinct brands.
  17. Swimbait mold

    That looks like a skinny dipper type lure, any mold like the BTS shown will work just as good, try Enforcer molds and Bass tackle. BTS has become very unreliable unfortunately cause they make nice molds
  18. Which urethane

    I picked up some MINWAX fast drying Polyurethane. Gave it a try on some bobbers and a scrap peice of wood to see how it will react. It is oil based. hoping to see some quality water resistance.
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