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  2. If it's too soft you can always add a little hardener to it
  3. Basseducer

    Lead Molds and Hooks

    I want to thank everyone for your kind words and the wonderful response to my equipment sale. However I think it has run it's course. I will start moving items to Ebay around the first of the month so if you been hesitating on pulling the trigger this is the time. Thanks
  4. Basseducer

    Lead Molds and Hooks

    bassin33ntn. Yes it is still available
  5. Basseducer

    Lead Molds and Hooks

    Cubbie4457, where do I send the pic
  6. Forgot to add that the heads are dipped to hold the eyes. As said above dipped at 340 degree plastic
  7. Fatman

    Various molds

    You show a lot of spinner blades what sizes are they and how much?? You also show nickle and brass slide weights - what size and how much?? Thanks
  8. I use a Panasonic GH4, and it is rigged basically like a cinema camera. So it's huge and heavy. I also use vintage Canon FD lenses. I want these to be like mini documentary films. There are plenty of people doing watch-me-go- fishing videos. Part of me wants to show what's possible instead of just a vlog-type video. I really hate GoPro and other action cameras to tell you the truth. I can never get the look I want because everything is preset. No log or cinema-like picture profiles so that I can color grade in post production to make it look exactly like I want. I'm trying to achieve much of that old school 16mm film look. What I would want in a second camera is something I could use on a monopod, but you do give me an idea for getting more shots. While it's slow just get more shots. Throw on the 135mm lens and get some wildlife
  9. Most youtube anglers opt for the GoPro chest rig for outward shots. However, I can see you have a different shooting style rather than that blogging/selfy style. It probably wouldn't work so well when sitting down either. But you could get that perspective using technology. As a software and hardware developer, I can't help but ponder over wirelessly controlled pan/tilt ideas for a small camera like a GoPro. I'm not sure what camera you currently use. But it would essentially be a 12v motorized camera mounted on a box. The housing box clamps onto a pole, which clamps onto the back of your boat and you'd control it with a remote. As a tackle maker, I would consider making and shipping you the box that clamps onto a pole in turn for advertising of my tackle shop. It would quite an undertaking, but nothing I'm confused about or haven't done before. If that is something of interest to you, contact me at dev@mg.ritchietackle.com
  10. I have some soft formula from Dead on and it's soft. I've only made a few 4 inch worms and I like it.
  11. Pete - Maybe 240 - 300 is a little optimistic. Five up/down cycles per second is going to set up a formidable vibration. A realistic possibility would be to set up an equal and opposite force to balance out the vibration, a bit like noise canceling technology, but, straight away the design more than doubles in complexity. If the vibration canceling worked, then 300 would be a low number. I wish I had an NC machine designer living around the corner. Dave
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  13. Who has used the super soft plastisol from baitplastics... The old hijacker fliptail worm seems to be made from a very soft plastic..Was going to make a worm mold and try it..Just wondering if it will be to soft???
  14. We usually steer people to either cncmolds.com or pouritmold.com. Both have consistently delivered for our customers. Thanks, and good fishing! Matt
  15. Beautiful lures! You really do have this stuff mastered. Would those work up here in the US, or would they swim upside down?
  16. contact. handlebarz musky lures. his ties are legendary. tell him George sent you.
  17. The top pick is clear coated with sb clear . No technically you don’t have to clear with sb clear and it holds up ok however I do give it a coat of clear to make it hold up better . The bottom pic are dipped in plastisol . When i mix powders in with sb clear I don’t clear over it . It holds up fine. Another side note:-) you can also add Color for plastisol to sb clear to get colors sb does not make ( see second pic) those are colors I made. What I generally do when I dip baits is get the plastic to about 340 then dip . The plastic is about as thin as it will get. I also agree I don’t like super thick baits but sometimes the fish like it! :-)
  18. Thanks! I'll be testing and tuning them as soon as the ice melts and I can get out on the boat. The prototype one I made last year worked great, with a nice wobble. Hopefully these all do the same!
  19. Yeah, I gotta get back to finishing this boat. Keep watch for "Sugar, Fly" It a film series where I will finish this boat while fighting diabetes.
  20. Thx! A second camera would be nice, especially to get wildlife shots. at the moment it would be very difficult to work two cameras. Almost need a second boat with a camera man in it.
  21. So is it necessary to sb clear coat after painting or only if you us the powders? One thing I don't like about the Clearasol is that it adds another layer of plastic and the lures get kind of thick. Yours look good.
  22. Bringing a thought to life in all it`s final detail ends up in a finished product to be proud of. Life like...….well done.
  23. Now that`s a good looking frog! Eye appeal plus fish appeal. That`s a production bait. Very nice.
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