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  • Faded Trout
    Faded Trout

    Thanks Guys!

  • Garfish model "ISIS"
    Garfish model "ISIS"

    Thank you. This is one of my best models :)

  • Garfish model "ISIS"
    Garfish model "ISIS"

    I doubt you`ll find another lure like those on here.




     Paint jobs match the lure body well.

  • Dark Flasher Glider by Eric Ross
    Dark Flasher Glider by Eric Ross

    Pattern not overly done.

    Big Blue eye.



  • Stick Mold w/V-Tail Problems
    Stick Mold w/V-Tail Problems

    I had the same problems with the Bears model.  I bought the tall mold and the stik fish mold and struggled to get a good shot when trying to inject with or without a tail in the mold. ...

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