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  • 6" Female Bluegill
    6" Female Bluegill

    I can make them available if anyone is interested.  

  • Tit wire jig03
    Tit wire jig03

    If I remember correctly, it was the .016 55lb test. 

  • IMG 20140904 114409
    IMG 20140904 114409

    Cool looking baits Bigelures. I really like the flame jobs.

  • Stunned Mullet
    Stunned Mullet

    Curt - line through just means that the line passes through the bait and ties to a free treble hook on the bottom. Great way to throw a big nice bait because after the hookset the bait slides up...

  • Stunned Mullet
    Stunned Mullet

    Thanks donak!


    Fishnart - yes I do. I started a small business a little over a year ago and keeping up with everything has been crazy. My company name is Reflexion Swimbaits an...

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