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    Denatured alcohol. However I personally don't advise it as I believe it will weaken the epoxy. You can also heat the mixed epoxy a bit and it will flow more freely, however when you heat it, it accelerates the curing process. I apply it on as is. You realistically can only do maybe (10) 1/2 oz baits if you are really fast and have the system down.
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    Dave, why didn't you mention this in your first post? The original poster, J Lure, was asking for recommendations and if you have a number to China I'm sure we would all love to have it.
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    To do my final shaping I use sandpaper glued inside various things such as sections of pill bottles, PVC pipe in different diameters, etc. I also use a pencil to mark a line down the side of the body so I'll know how much sanding to do. Once the line disappears I know the bait has reached a full contour on that side. This helps me keep the bait symmetrical. Ben
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