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    Patrick, Definatly contact Bear. He is aware of the problem with a few of the injectors, I talked to him last week and he had told me about a couple that he had replaced due to the specs being off a little, so just let him know whats going on and i'm sure he will get you a replacement out asap.
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    Have you contacted him for his advice?
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    Welcome to TU John! It's easier and cheaper to modify your molds to fit the hooks that you like than to get custom molds made. I've modifyed molds for different brand hooks and to step up from a #2 to a 3/0 hook. Here's a quick "how to." Clamp the mold in a vise or to your work bench to secure it. Use a Sharpie to ink mold in the area that needs modifying. Lay a hook in the mold and use a scriber or awl to trace around the area that doesn't fit in the original hook cavity. Use a dremel tool with metal cutting bits (not the abrasive bits - they don't work as well with aluminum) and slowly and CAREFULLY remove the metal in the area that you marked. Check as you go to see that if the hook fits and that the mold closes completely. Good luck. Dan
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