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    Looks like the molds are history...probably due to this tread...no longer on their product list.
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    signed....... I Facbooked and tweeted it too. Doing my part.
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    Oh I have def sent in a few emails. Here are the reasons for the bill that I can find. http://www.georgesmithmaine.com/articles/georges-outdoor-news/february/2013/ifw-committee-debates-rubber-worms
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    There is an article in Bassmaster magazine about the proposed ban. Below is an excerpt from the article by Editor James Hall. "On Jan. 17, 2013 Rep. Paul Davis introduced legislation (H.P. 37/L.D. 42) that would prohibit the use of all rubber lures for recreational fishing. Yep, you can no longer cast your favorite soft plastic bait on a shaky head, Texas rig or drop shot...if the legislation passes. And so you know, the word "rubber" is undefined. So, you could use a biodegradable bait (such as Gulp) that appears to be rubber and still get ticketed." If "rubber" is undefined it could also include other baits with "rubber" used in their construction or attached as enhancements. Skirts on spinnerbaits and jigs could also be included in the "rubber" ban. Do we really want to allow this to happen? Ben
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