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    The water vis is the same here. So for me i like Baby bass or pearl white belly/ ayu back.
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    Simple pattern Ben, black with orange belly.
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    The only thing Ben's been doing is beating his chest over what I'm not quite sure the original poster asked about heat curing Createx paint I tried to explain that it's not quite curing that is being done in tackle making but setting the paint between coats the reason I sent him to the technical data sheets were for him to understand the difference of the two but for some reason Ben went on a one man mission to discredit what was being offered. You win it's now time to come down from your soap box the fight is over. Everybody have a great new years!
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    Just a little minnow , this imitation do the job on seabass overhere. make me think of a little mackrel

    © eric

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    I make or have made a lot of the machines I use to build lures. Some noteables are: A mini wood lathe from an old sewing machine An epoxy mixer using some PVC parts and a BBQ Rotisserie motor An epoxy drier using a Ronco Showtime rotisserie and a powder coat fluid bed using assorted air fittings and PVC pipe Some, like the lathe, while they worked well, have been since replaced. Others, like the driers and mixer, etc I still use nearly every day. I am far too cheap to spend the silly money these places charge for their stuff when I am more than capable of building my own lol.
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    for either your self or customers(for those of you that sell jigs) and what kind of swim jig do you like best, I know the Snootie jig is very popular (I know I like it) I was curious thank you
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    Get Worth or Lakeland spinner blades, I prefer Worth myself. Metal beads or oval plastic beads will work, you just have to make sure they have the appropriate size hole in them. Worth ball bearing swivels, these you can get with or without split rings and they have their own light wire split ring so you can get the rings at the same time as the swivel. For the clevis I would suggest getting the stirrup clevis and they can be had at any vendor, quality is pretty good with all of them. The buzzbait rivets are available at all the vendors, just go with your favorite.
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    It would make it easier. The band is used to hold the skirt in place. After you do your tying just above the band , just snip it off.
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    Hopping, dragging, stroking, deadsticking, swimming - you name it and there's guys doing it with a jig. Basically, any retrieve you use with a worm or other plastic can be used on a jig, so there's no wrong way to fish it - except the one the bass won't bite today. I fish 3/4 oz football jigs in deep water 15-35 ft. Usually with a skirt and a Netbait Paca Chunk Jr or a Zoom Superchunk Jr. I use short hops and pauses to keep in contact with the bottom before trying other retrieves. For shallow wood cover, lighter jigs with more streamlined shapes do better and don't get hung up as much. Flip it in there, let it drop through the cover to the bottom, then hop it once or twice before retrieving it and making a new pitch. When bass are hunkered down in heavy cover, nothing gets to them and gets their attention faster than a jig.
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