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    I gave the new glider a test swim today, after testing both a stock 7" S Waver in baby bass, and a 7" trout S Waver that I had sprayed with Performix Liquid Tape, to give it a softer texture ala Butch Brown's Deps Glider. Short story long, they all swam great. There was virtually no difference in action between the stock bait and the one sprayed with Liquid Tape. Although I had tried to give my 7" glide bait copy the same range of movement in it's joint, it would up with a bigger S action, and would turn 90 degrees+ on a quick pull. It was a far cry from my first attempt at a glide bait, which didn't move at all except straight ahead. I owe the success to the input from you guys in this thread. Thank you all. Here's two pics of the baits:
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    Restricting the joint is probably a bad choice of words. Any little irregularity in the joint will make it stick, even if it only sticks every 20 or 30 glides it will happen when a nice fish is eyeballing it. I've had it happen more than once. Cleaning the joint up and making sure it is free and clean, even after paint is one of those other little things I mentioned. One of the very last things I do is epoxy in the hinge pin, this way after I paint the bait, I can pull it apart and clean the screw eyes and slots. IMO, Length of glide (from side to side) is directly effected by the amount of degrees the hinge allows the head to turn. A large degree of turn from the tail will make the bait spin in a tight circle. A smaller degree of turn causes the bait to turn in a much wider circle which is what we see as a wide glide. The bait just does not have enough momentum to finish the circle. Then you pull again and it tries to make a large circle in the other direction.
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    I bought a paasche air eraser that works great- it will take the media supplied for it(3 different grades)or baking soda- does a good job- made a small blast box to use it inside of and you can screen your used media and save quite a bit- more than I figured- just try not to let the soda get too much moisture in it because it starts to ball up and chunks wont do good!!
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    Now I'll know where to send my foil when I want a 3D scale pattern. Great idea John. Ben
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    Thanks Mark, we have been doing jigs for coming up on 4 years and this place is why I was able to have an ease of learning due to Cadman and Smallmouth and a lot others. She is a stay at home Mom, and she has been wanting to play, so I am giving in.