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    Like a lot of other TU members, I am no longer young, and neither is my back. I find myself standing when I'm lure building whenever possible, because sitting and working is painful for prolonged periods. So I have a tendency to rush whatever I need to do while sitting down. Well, a light finally went on in my "brain", and I rigged up a lure-holder on my tablesaw, spaced up to a comfortable working height. A 4X4 block, and wood clamp, and, presto, my Wart was way up and easy to work on. It was amazing to be able to take my time while I was stenciling a crank, and the bonus was I saw everything much better because the angle of the light was better, too. I'm posting this because I have been stuck in an old rut/habit that was limiting my enjoyment of my hobby, and this has reinvigorated me. So I am suggesting we all revisit how we do stuff, and see if a new way might be better.
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    Hope you don't mind. I printed the picture of your burned hand, will hang it on the wall over my work station as a reminder. Get well soon
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    Rainbowtrout swimbait poured from Resin. It´s 7,5 inches long and weights 110 grams. Here is a link to a video with swimming action.

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