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    Took my "Crackle method" a step further and made this!

    © Lure Me In Custom Painted Crankbaits

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    Hmmm I reached my limit after one but this hobby is addictive. As long as there is wood in that blue box, I plan to keep going. Did I mention I like sardines, hormel chili with no beans and an occasion salmon patty isn't a bad thing either.
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    JRammit Honestly , shooting and posting the video required a great deal of effort even with all this modern equipment but your right; seeing really shortens the learning curve. To that end, I really appreciate feedback . Sharing experience and knowledge is what TU and life is all about. A couple things I learned my from making myself shoot this video. One , how to download pictures and video directly to my computer from phone. I have always sent picture to my mail and video directly to you tube in the past . This time i downloaded the video from my phone to my computer . I had to visit samsung website to dowload a program that allowed me to do it but it was free. I was going to edit this footage but really no time for that at the moment. Another reason is it is much quicker to upload video from computer to youtube than it is to upload it directly from phone. So going forward i will be doing all my vids in this new to me way. Second , I learned I need to hold my cell phone sideways for a wider shot . I did not like this narrow format . Finally, I learned i need to mount the phone in some way . Not sure how yet but it needs to be done. It will make a better experience for myself and the viewer. Your in the right place to shorten your build time. The only reason I am able to make and test a lure in such a short time is because all the knowledge I gained from the great people here at TU. I have learned almost everything i know about lure building here. Everything from carving from Lincoya and super glue sealing from Vodkaman to hand painting and basic lure design from diemai. I am more than happy to give back. Look forward to seeing your baits sometime soon. Best of luck! Vic
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    Flat sided cranks have more side-to-side resistance and a tighter wobble, while rounded cranks tend to have less side resistance, so wider wobble. There are various ways to round a body. Through experience, I've found that is is almost impossible for me to round over a bait all by eye and get it symmetrical, especially in a wood that has any visible grain structure. And symmetry is critical. Some guys do a top template to guide how the bait will be tapered. Then they cut facets at the corners of the square blank to make it octagonal, then round those over to a cylinder cross-section. That's basically what I do. In the long run, it's worth going to the trouble to do templates and mark your cuts. Even with the marks, you still have to eyeball it to feather out the facet cuts in the nose and tail of the bait.
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    What kind of epoxy are you heating for 10 minutes and then mixing for 3 minutes? It must be something like Etex because if you tried mixing any of the 30 minute brand epoxies like that you would never get it out of the mixing container much less on the bait. Ben
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    I heat my epoxy for 10 minutes and then mix it SLOWLY for 3 minutes. Mix too quickly and you get lots of bubbles. I know it's really exciting to want to touch your lure as soon as it's hard but try not to. The epoxy won't be FULLY cured for a MINIMUM of 48 hours, and if handled too much the heat from your hands could leave fingerprints in the topcoat if you're playing with it before it has fully set up. Just a few more tips thrown in there
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    Check out my link in sig.
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    Thanks Ben. Good point Mark. I have added the file to MediaFire, so you don't have to give up your email addy. Simply click this link and download anonymously. If you do try out the tools, please provide some feedback, either by posting here or PM me – thanks. Dave
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    Thanks; but I've been making baits (starting with wire baits to soft and hard) since 1988. You learn a lot by trial and error as well as crusing here on TU. All you need is a curious mind and ambition.
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    wholy shiz, I had no idea I was interacting with geniuses on here. Those are beautiful man. I'm jealous. You are in fact Yoda, and I am yet just a young jedi smallmouth warrior. Thanks again for sharing.
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    This is what they can come out like.
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    Working on it and trying to watch the nascar race,hope i don't burn the plastic...lol
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