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    I just put together a video comparing salt and glass bead media as an additive in sinking stickbaits. Check it out! Let me know what you think. I've learned so much from you all here on TU. Its time I try in my feeble way to share as well!
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    Mojave Tiger shad
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    No I bought them that way. I really like the 60* hook with the Arkie. I know a few people that would rather have straight
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    I really don't know if it would or not. Your idea would probably work well. This is not my idea but something that someone else made, I used it and it worked great, so I made a couple for my self. It is just a different version of a chatter/spin combination. I like it and thought maybe someone else would too. John
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    Start reading this first. Best Lead Melt Flux?
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    Here is another version of a chatter style spinner bait. My son-in-law gave me the bottom one in the picture. He didn't know who made it. The top one is my version of it and was not hard to make. I will say that it is a pretty good bait with lots of vibration and flash. I caught several bass on it this past summer and fall. John
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