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    Dave, I/we sure miss your tank and videos.
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    As stated above, it is all about vortices, more specifically the Kármán vortex street. If you go to YouTube and search for 'flat plate vortex street' you will find plenty of examples. These vids are fine for explaining what happens with a front lipped lure, but for rear lipped lures it is not the whole story. Jointed lipless lures are also driven by vortices created around the nose of the bait. So, you have an alternating vortex flow which then interacts with the rear lip. You cannot consider the vortices as independent, the water flow is a complete or closed system were the vortices work together. If the lip width is tuned to match the nose vortices then a more powerful action could be developed (theory). Here is a video of a round and square lip side-by-side. The different lips should have a slightly different oscillation speed, but you will see that the lures swim in perfect sync as the vortices interact.
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    remember you need to vent outside..we have run squirrel cage blower system for over 30 years. vented outside thru the wall. always start your blower before spraying for the draw..using volatile thinners and paints its a must. also guys remember paint rags should be placed outside to avoid combustion fires..after painting always double check before locking up....cutting/sanding wood is another safety issue..shop vacs are bad for internal sparking. be carefull. after near 40 years we have not had a phoof,and hope to never have one....safety first .
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    Ok well I got me a hood but I'm going to somehow build a booth around it, just have to figure out the material I want to use to do that. But the hood will be my ventilation ducked to the outside of my shop.
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    Great video! Thanks for sharing that!
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    But it takes longer for water based paints to dry. With lacquer I can paint a color and turn right around and paint on top of that color because it pretty much dries on contact. I paint a lot at one time for business, so I don't have time to sit there and wait on WB paints to dry.
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    Lure works sb coat ive used it on hollow swimbaits works like a champ and sticks made by spike it
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    One problem will be that a tail that large will have too much drag and kill any action from the joint..Nathan
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    I've tried several different ones , I ended up sticking with Jan's. My 2 Cents. Mike
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