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    Thank you for all the replies. Using Dawn dish soap has givin the best results so far. Paint seems to be adhering well. It is very time consuming, but something that keeps the customers happy. Thanks again everyone!
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    It kinda looks like this post is going a bit sideways. That being said I'm human. I make mistakes, some times I can even laugh at them. Bottom line, I have ordered a lot from almost every company that's been mentioned and each has made a mistake at one time or another, it happens. They have always made it right. I believe that one's attitude also effects the out come. If I didn't order from one of them just because they made a mistake I wouldn't have anywhere to get any supplies from, which I guess the wife would like.
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    LOL, but you know we want to see how it looks in the end.
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    Thanks, I'm supposed to get 4oz in mail today to try it out.
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    Dipping is faster and better uniformed coverage. No waste. I have not had a problem with storage. You may get a skim coat on top but it is very easy to remove. Just try it!
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    1)Try moving the line tie up 1/4". 2) Use it as a jerk bait at slow speeds. 3) Recess the weight - but wait for suggestions from others about weight distribution. 4) Throw some salt over your shoulder. 5) Have another shot. I love that relief carving btw.
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    Oops that’s where I thought I was:)
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    I got a 1x4x3 just to play around with today. Our menards keeps everything inside. Moisture content is super low from what I am seeing. and it is pretty straight. so I wont complain.
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    Shellac has historically been used to combat pine resin issues prior to paint in woodworking.
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    I also use scrap. I buy superhard from Rotometals and scrap pewter(for the Tin) to make my alloys for jigs or boolits as hard as I want/need . I have the lead hardness tester from Buffalo arms so I know what I have to start with and where I end up. This tester is nice as I can test ingots, sinkers, basically anything that will fit in it, which is a lot. In my area scrap lead sells for $1 per pound but I sometimes get it for less. I always pick through the lead and only buy what I want. I leave the junk behind. Wheel weights I only use if they are free. My big pot holds 196 pounds when full of clean lead. I use my high output turkey fryer burner outside on a breezy day. Triple flux then make ingots. My last batch of lead was 756# of clean lead stripped from some electrical cable that was new. A guy bought it at auction for the solid copper core and sold me the lead for $.90 per pound. I also routinely have people trade me scrap lead for jigs or sinkers. It works out for the both of us. Though I will say Rotometals is great to deal with and is a great source of good lead. Their free shipping on orders of $99+ is also a great deal.
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    Just a quick note about Zeiner's - I have bought a lot of stuff from them and have never had a problem. Their service has always been excellent. A few weeks ago I ordered a mold through their site. A short while later, I got a call from them telling me that the mold would not be in for 2 days and asking if that was OK. I have also never had a problem with their packaging. I think that ANY of the vendors from whom we buy can screw up occasionally , whether it is Zeiner's, Barlow's, LPO, etc. I have bought from all three and have had generally good service. I understand that you can get PO'd - (as I have!!) but I would give any of these guys another chance! Pete
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    Dawn is what I meant, not dove. Old mind. LOL
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    So long as the paint has not dried and is still wet something like Acetone should work fine. If it has dried on your airbrush it may be necessary to step to something like Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) to lift it. They sell SB Coat Thinner which is ideal for clean out and clean up. Again its always best to use the thinner system that the paint is made from but if you have some other stuff in your inventory that works then go with it.
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    Barlow's is about 50 minutes from my house, which makes it "local" in the DFW area. I'm not allowed to go there without adult supervision, unless I hand over the plastic to my wife and use cash. It's REAL easy to drop $200 and walk out with a small sack. Once I've made the drive to Barlow's then Cabela's is only another few minutes down the road. I'm not allowed there without adult supervision either. My wife caught on to my primer stockpiling scheme and put an end to that.
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